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A Moment of ClarityIn a small town, in the smallest county in the Florida panhandle, a twenty five year old cold case murder is re-opened. A new female police officer visits a seniors' residence to find out that the prime A Moment of Horror.

Basic, Nevada. In a flash of anger, Lenore Swensen kills her grandmother. Filled with revulsion Filled with revulsion by her actions, she chooses to try and get away with the murder. After eluding the eye of the authorities and driven by her guilt, Lenore Captured Moments. All but three of the stories in this collection are set in San Francisco or Chief Meditations: Revelation for Inspiration. Chief Meditations are revelatory quotes from Dr. LeMarcus Hudson. Each thought provoking quote is Each thought provoking quote is set-up to challenge your mind, body and soul with a versatile application to every area of your life.

The Christian base channels a creative arrangement First Journey: After the Shut Down. Flynn's series of Flynn's series of novels depicting life in the small surviving Corbett, Oregon, colony following the abrupt catastrophic worldwide collapse of civilization. It is set mid-winter during the fourth They choose a specific technique called the breath. They commit themselves to practicing this breath, in silence, for the next 2 minutes accepting all of the sensations that they are experiencing.

They inhale for a slow count of 7 full seconds and exhale for an even slower count of 11 seconds.

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They repeat this cycle of breath for the entire two minutes without trying to solve their problem or think about what they need to do next. After a few inhalations and exhalations, they begin to feel a slightly calmer state starting to reveal itself. Cortisol is a hormone in our body that is activated when we are stressed. It serves an important purpose to us, but when too much cortisol is released, it can impact our ability to think and respond rationally to stressful situations that arise.

After the 2 minutes of focused breath work, the reality is that the photocopier issue has not been resolved. Person B still needs to figure out what to do next, however, they are in a much calmer and more rationale state in order to problem solve and identify actionable next steps. Mindfulness and breath work are not about solving difficult problems that we experience or making stress and anxiety suddenly go away.

Mindfulness and breath work can be used as our anchor points to better deal with difficult emotions when confronted with challenging experiences in our lives. Mindfulness and breath work can be practiced and over time we can improve on our ability to apply these skills and techniques in our personal and professional lives. Are you the first person described in this story or the second person? However, practicing mindfulness with regularity is a great way to learn to respond differently.

The breath described in this blog post is just one of many breath techniques that can be applied in our life. The point is that nobody consciously chooses to be the first person described in this story. Nobody consciously sets out to have a terrible day and to seek out stressful situations. However, every one of us does have the ability to prepare ourselves for days and situations such as this. We can choose to be more mindful and to practice specific techniques and skills that can be improved on in order to allow us to respond more rationally to these experiences.

Living more mindfully can change our for the better if we are willing to take the plunge and try it out. Andy Vasily You can follow Andy on Twitter andyvasily.

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This not only impacts the quality of their life but the quality of what they can provide others. With one simple decision, today, you can change all that. Whether you realize it or not, this gift impacts everything you do, every action you take, every conversation you have, and every person you meet.

People often put everything else ahead of their health and well-being only to be not as effective at life. We take care of our children, spouses, employment, pets, finances, friendships, homes, cars, and lawns but often pay little mind to our bodies and health. If you want to be more effective, loving, productive and useful, you must begin today by putting yourself at the top of the list. The case for wellness in a purposeful life cannot be overstated.

Realizing that everything flows back to how we feel can change your life in an instant. There is no denying that maintaining health and wellness can seem overwhelming and that it is a daily practice, but once we raise our level of living, living raises us. Once you get on the front end of things, life flows. What once seemed like a chore is accomplished with vigor.

The end of the day no longer brings exhaustion but a rested, peaceful feeling of accomplishment and balance. More gets done and less energy is expended. What used to be tiring is now energizing.

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What a relief. You can be on that track. It is a choice. Change your mind, change your life. The greatest gift is one of health, wellness, energy, and vitality that you give yourself. That individual will not be realized to your fullest potential if the needs of your mind and body are ignored. You are inherently well-equipped for every wellness challenge that lies ahead. With a clear destination, a lighted path and the proper tools for the trip, you will match your journey with eagerness and a new outlook which will empower your way.

Here's to changing your life forever. Inspiration today comes from the English poet David Whyte. Enough Enough. These few words are enough. If not these words, this breath. If not this breath, this sitting here. This opening to the life we have refused again and again until now. Do you ever ask yourself when is it enough? Why is that when I find myself arguing with my loved ones, why do I still feel the need to get the last word in? Will I ever be satisfied with enough?

If we are to live authentically, what we bring to the world is enough. At least reflect on our 'enoughs' and be satisfied when we've done enough to make a difference to ourselves and to others. Conscious breathing is my anchor. Thousands of opportunities per day to focus on our breathing, if even for just a few minutes, but how often do we actually spend any time at all paying attention to the breath? There are countless breath techniques out there that can be put into practice in our lives.

We will be sharing a number of these techniques and strategies on this blog over the next few weeks. However, as a basic starting point, a great breath awareness practice that you can put into action right away is this: Simply set aside just minutes to find a quiet place and to consciously pay attention to each breath.

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In particular, the inhale and exhale. Strive to inhale as deeply as you can and count the seconds that pass. You can download and listen to this calming technique whenever you would like to feel inspired and uplift your vibe. This quick heart-centered breathing technique can be used to reduce nervousness before beginning a new task, dealing with stressful situations or if you just need a moment to pause and take a break from your daily activities.

When you are ready, find a comfortable position and close your eyes.

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Focus your attention on your breathing. Let your breath flow naturally in and out. Allowing yourself to let go and completely relax. As you breathe in and out through your heart, think of someone or something in your life that you are grateful for.

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As you recall this person or place that makes you feel happy, allow this feeling of gratitude and appreciation to flow throughout your entire being and into every cell of your body. On your final inhale, think about this moment and know that you can access this place of calmness within you whenever you need it. I hope you enjoyed this meditation and have a wonderful day. If you are interested in experiencing a guided meditation, you may contact me via phone at or email at susan inspireyourjourney. I would be happy to talk with you about the benefits of meditation and I can always customize a meditation to suit your particular needs.

Email: susan inspireyourjourney.

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Keys for a Successful Meditation Time Management — Setting aside time for your meditation is one of the most important aspects of this practice. This is nothing personal, but simply a reflection of our human nature. I recommend that you start with 5 minutes of mediation and slowly work towards longer periods of time.

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