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Plugin not supported. Rate this movie. Add to lists. Original title What a Cartoon! Register so you can access movie recommendations tailored to your movie taste. Register so you can check out ratings by your friends, family members, and like-minded members of the FA community. Do you want to report a spoiler, error or omission? Please send us a message. Holding hands, arms crossed like three harpy cygnets from some perverted Petipa ballet, they slither. Mina watches warily. Lucy beckons her to join this bacchanal. Not me! Lucy is gossiping in the corner with some of the Gypsy girls.

I make my way over. I find vampires alluring — I find most men alluring! I want him to make me into whatever he wants. But Dracula has other plans.

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Finally, I work up the nerve to approach the Count. A sudden lazy whirling of a parasol drifts closer and closer. One of the tumbleweeds comes back. A spotlight shines on it. Tip your waitress! Good niiiiight! A cop car pulls up and a Camera crew and SWAT team jump out and raid one of the more run down trailers.

After a few minutes a man holding a beer and not wearing a shirt is pulled out and placed in the car. Strange thing his face was pixelated. Young Mystics. Several of them have red hair, and one of the red-haired ones is holding a large keg.

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A mullet-bearing cheerleader, bedecked in purple and black, snickers at the incoming Mystics. I cannot allow this to come to pass! A couple of the residents look at their broken watches and rush to a cellar just in time to avoid the weekly tornado that rushes thru and destroys most of the trailer park.

Anne Rice - Short Story - Interlude with the Vampire - Armand's | Vampiros

Glowing red, cooking something even as we speak. Smells like bran muffins. He realizes that the only way to stop the hooligans is to pull the pin on his explosive crueller and toss it. A single tear tracks down his furry cheek. A severe, rather plump woman with bright blue hair and horn rimmed tortoishell glasses dressed in the garb of a cook. In one hand she holds a large spatula. She also is wearing a most awfully bright orange dress that clashes horribly with her hair, and stiletto boots. The Mystics with the redhead holding the keg give a screech.

The other cop gets to the carnage, pops open the oven and sniffs. A flightly female Mystic rushes in after the orange clad woman. The man, along with the Harley, begins to shrink until suddenly, with a poof and a little flap of guppy wings, the apparition materializes into — Rondeau LeBeau. Jaxx , abruptly sitting on the ground, frowns up at Rondaeu. The amazing Rondeau, as young and boomboom chick as ever, is bursting out of a bottle green leather version of the full motorcycle gear — jacket, pants, boots, and a cute little hat.

Jaxx rises.

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Suddenly, a group of 12 creatures that appear like birthday candles appear, each holding spears. Their heads are lit.

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You will come with us to the ceremonial arena. The Birthdayonians file into the back seat one by one. The Green Demon, aka Rondeau, slams on the gas, as the car rumbles down the road and into the air, to the sound of zydeco music. Right about now, a large, purple-winged green-eyed cat upon which sits a 26 year old Kip with a large bass guitar and flaming green hair, flaps lazily over the car. Rondeau takes the dessert off her lap and hands it over to Jaxx. A big mouth appears and spits the wick out again. It took me days to get that lit. Rondeau emits a booming, oinking laugh, and sends the car into a few spirals and loops, the speed growing….

Beside the car suddenly appear a little wafting bunch of little slugs, green, slurbly and wrinkled. Rondeau is suddenly dressed like the Mad Hatter, but all in green. The candles run for a long wooden chest. Resplendent in bright green robes and a March Hare costume descends Balthazar, riding on a large pink porker. The Board. The candles all kneel. It is ready. Rondeau lights and smokes a big stogie, stepping out of the way. I knew you very briefly.

Go with my blessing. Balthazar flips back a loosely dangling paw of the March Hare costume. Bend over.

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  • Rondeau speaks, in a rather non-Ronny voice. Now be a good boy and do what the man says, stick-up-the-butt. The candles surround Jaxx and point their spears at him.