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Step 1: Getting Started

Not Helpful 9 Helpful It is just how they are colored. You should draw and color yours whatever shade of green or color you want it to be. Not Helpful 8 Helpful Go to the bottom of the article and post a picture, and then everybody can see it that looks at the article.

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Not Helpful 12 Helpful Not Helpful 22 Helpful Unanswered Questions. How do I make the turtle look like it is swimming? Answer this question Flag as Flag as Can you make a step by step for just the shell? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Things You'll Need Paper.

Sea Turtles

By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Edit Related wikiHows. Article Summary X To draw a cartoon turtle, draw an oval, with a flatter oval slightly underneath of it. Did this summary help you? Made Recently View more 31 total. Add a photo Upload error. The different species and subpopulations are listed from data deficient and least concern to critically endangered.

Boxing Up Your Tortoise

Turn out lights visible from the beach. Artificial lights confuse hatchlings trying to make their way to the moonlight reflecting on the ocean and discourage females from nesting. Follow posted signs to stay away from nesting areas. Reduce or eliminate pesticide and herbicide use. Watch out for sea turtles while boating. Sea turtles are found in all warm and temperate waters throughout the world and migrate hundreds of miles between nesting and feeding grounds. Most sea turtles undergo long migrations, some as far as miles, between their feeding grounds and the beaches where they nest.

Since male and juvenile sea turtles do not return to shore once they hatch and reach the ocean, populations are extremely hard to count. Sea turtles spend most of their lives in the water, where little information can be gathered on their behavior.

How to turn Letter "T" into a Cartoon TURTLE ! Fun with Alphabets Drawing for kids

Most knowledge of sea turtle behavior is obtained by observing females and hatchlings on beaches during nesting season. Sea turtles return to the same nesting grounds at which they were born.

Pets latest

Climate change poses an extraordinary risk by skewing the ratio of males to females. Mating Season: March-October, depending on the species. Gestation: weeks. Clutch size: Between eggs, depending on the species. Sea turtle diets depend on the species, but some common foods include jellyfish, seaweed, crabs, shrimp, sponges, snails, algae and mollusks. Your adoption supports our work to protect vital coastal nesting habitat, educate coastal homeowners about their impacts, and work in the courts to defend and enforce the laws that protect sea turtles.

Thank you!

Main navigation Our Work. Conserving Imperiled Species. Advocating for International Species.

How to Draw a Cat - Step by Step Cat Drawing Instructions (Cute Cartoon Cat) - Easy Peasy and Fun

Protecting Habitat. Promoting Coexistence. Defending Conservation Laws. Innovating for Wildlife Conservation. Combating Climate Change. Fighting Invasive Species. Speaking for Wildlife. Where We Work.

A Tortoise’s Guide to Blogging

Take Action. Add Your Voice. Attend an Event. Become an Activist. Hold Congress Accountable.

Get Email Alerts. Become a Defender. These creatures date back to the time of the dinosaurs, over million years ago — woah! This super-tough casing acts like a shield to protect them from predators — some turtles can even tuck their head up inside their shell for extra protection! Great for teachers, homeschoolers and parents alike! Contrary to popular belief, a turtle cannot come out of its shell.

What a turtle eats depends on the environment it lives in. Some turtles are carnivores meat eaters , others are herbivores plant eaters and some are omnivores a mixture of the two!