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Author: Rebecca Boone. Claude de Seyssel's important political treatise, The Monarchy of France illuminates the link between warfare, the state, and the social order in the Renaissance. Raised and educated in Turin, Seyssel entered the service of the French king to facilitate the French invasion of Italy.

His wide experience as a jurist, royal counselor, diplomat, propagandist, translator, historian, and prelate informed his unique political perspective. As a witness to the failures of the French in the Italian Wars, he maintained that successful conquest and occupation resulted from superior discipline and order as well as from the elimination of social conflict.

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In his view, a state with a well-ordered system of law and a wide base of popular support was best-suited to conquer and maintain an empire. His application of Italian political language to French society and government produced a vision of war, politics, and society with radical implications for French history.

Editors: Nadine Akkerman and Birgit Houben.

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The Politics of Female Households is the first collection that seeks to integrate ladies-in-waiting into the master narrative of early modern court studies. The cultural agency of ladies-in-waiting is viewed in the reflection of portraiture, pamphlets and masques: their political dealings and patronage are revealed through analysis of letters, family networks, career patterns, gift exchange and household structures, as well as their activities in the fields of intelligence-gathering and espionage.

By concentrating on a previously neglected area of female agency, this collection demonstrates clearly that the political climate of Europe was often shaped outside the male-dominated institutions of government and administration.

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Wolfson, Fabian Persson, and Jeroen Duindam. Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement. Powered by: PubFactory. Sign in to annotate. Delete Cancel Save. Cancel Save. His Queen was safely delivered of a daughter; but this event produced no perceptible effect on the state of public feeling in England.

Manuel de l'étranger à Dijon/Texte entier

Serve your creator in the days of your youth. Consider virtue as the greatest ornament of your sex. Follow close the great pattern of it, your mother, who has been, no less than myself, over-clouded with calumny. But time, the mother of truth, will, I hope, at last make her virtues shine as bright as the sun.

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Her death has filled all France with sighs, groans and tears. Richard Hill came straight from the earl of Godolphin's I asked him why he thought so.

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He said it had been happy if it had been her brother; for then the queen might have sent for her and married her to prince George, who could have no pretensions during her own life; which would have pleased every honest man in the kingdom, and made an end of all disputes for the future. The princess had become her friend and only consolation.

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Germains, to the regret of many in England, even of those who were unfriendly to her brother's claims. She received a very high character from those who had an opportunity of appreciating it, and was a princess justly esteemed for her wit, and all those qualities worthy of her high birth.

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Germains, Engraved by Bernard Lens, n. Espaces de noms Article Discussion. Portrait par Alexis Simon Belle , Jacques II roi d'Angleterre. Henry Stuart Lord Darnley — Mary Stuart — Charles I er roi d'Angleterre — Frederic II de Danemark — Anne de Danemark — Jacques II roi d'Angleterre —