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He said if hunters can lure out of the park and kill even Cecil - legendary in Zimbabwe, known for his majestic black mane - "it does not bode well" for other lions. That's why even though hunting isn't the main cause for the lions' decline, it splits the conservation community more than any other factor, Pimm said. Some see it as a way to provide money for conservation - just as duck hunters do in the United States - while other see it as ineffectual, too costly and even unethical. A decade ago, top lion researcher Craig Packer and his team came up with a way to allow limited trophy hunting of lions and not hurt their dwindling numbers.

If only certain, older, unattached lions, identifiable by nose color, were hunted in specific ways, the practice could be sustainable. His team even published a guide on telling the age of a lion by nose color to help trophy hunters go after lions in a sustainable way. It's very cynical and very corrupt.

Bauer takes a more nuanced position on trophy hunting.

As Cameroon's jungle shrinks, pygmies' lifestyle is under threat

In theory, Bauer said, "there's a lot of habitat in Africa where lions exist because of trophy hunting. But Bauer added, "it's very often poorly managed as in the case of Cecil where a lion gets lured out of the habitat.

The Shrinking Jungle

This type of mismanagement happens much more than hits the news. Bauer and his Oxford colleague Claudio Sillero said as bad as trophy hunting can be - estimates of lions killed each year range from to more than 1, - habitat loss and conflicts between lions and locals over livestock and agriculture are bigger problems. There used to be a giant band across Africa from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean where lions could roam and people were few, but that's changed. Wars in the region have hurt too, Pimm said. King of a shrinking jungle: Lions threatened long before Cecil In this image taken from a November video made available by Paula French, a well-known, protected lion known as Cecil strolls around in Hwange National Park, in Hwange, Zimbabwe.

When humans and lions clash, the king of the jungle usually loses. Related Stories Authorities contacted by representative of U. Trophy hunting big business in Africa despite threats to vulnerable species.

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Report Error. Top Video false. Southern California left shaken by powerful earthquake. Trump's Fourth of July spectacle sparks controversy. New report highlights key climate change threats to Canada. Don't Miss false. Canadians chowing down at U. More News from Sci-Tech. In jungles, everywhere is special. Host to a staggering array of species, they are the oldest and most diverse ecosystems on our planet.

A myriad of micro-worlds, our jungles contain a bewildering diversity of life, all intricately linked. Life here has evolved to fit every niche, but due to deforestation they're disappearing faster than anywhere on earth. And once we lose any part of our jungles, we may lose species forever. People around the world are adding their voice to call for urgent action to help our planet.

Costa Rica uses fossil fuel taxes to pay landowners to preserve and regrow forests and jungles. And it's still increasing. Go on an interactive journey across our astonishing planet.

Is the Brazilian Amazon shrinking faster? | Public Radio International

Help us inspire the next generation to connect with nature and safeguard our planet. One Planet The habitats that make up our planet are connected and reliant upon each other.

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The astonishing diversity of life on earth depends on these global connections. Frozen Worlds Our poles are some of the earth's last remaining wildernesses. And yet just as we are beginning to understand these extraordinary places, they are changing fast. Jungles In jungles, everywhere is special.

Forests We are uniquely reliant on trees — without them, life as we know it would not exist.

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Life in our grasslands depends on space.