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Elegy and Iambus, Volume I, volume 1, Theognis, The Elegiac Poems of Theognis

Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jun 08, Bridgett Strawbrich rated it it was amazing. We really liked this one because Ben likes to turn the pages himself but he's not old enough to be precise about which page he turns to. He liked that no matter where he turned there was a small story and mama never made him go back to the next page. Feb 14, Kimberly Sabatini rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-book. Love this so much--one of my go-to gifts for new babies. Jan 29, Lynn Davidson rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed , picture-books. Wonderfully sweet little poems in easy-to-read, flowing rhyme for children.

All about what the world is like for babies. Fun illustrations. Oct 07, Geena Gurman rated it liked it. The reading level of the book is very simple, so it would be good for preschoolers or kindergarteners to start recognizing words. The poems are about the day of a young child and what they might be doing, seeing, or feeling. Following a multiethnic cast of little ones through their day and highlighting highchairs, strollers and other important objects in their lives, Oliver pens a set of poems tailor-made for tiny ears and minds.

Varied rhythm and rhyme schemes enrich a baby's exploration of sound at the time when his or her developing mind needs it most. DePaola's round-faced babes, colored with delicate shading and cozy acrylics, wrap readers in warmth, while the square frames and initial letters mimic childhood blocks, bringing a touch of comfort and nostalgia to the package.

A tenderly crafted collection that captures the joyous individual moments of infant discoveries. In his distinctively serene illustrations, dePaola portrays children with rounded faces and smiling eyes as they navigate their environments and engage in familiar activities. Each scene is encapsulated within a tidy box, contributing to the overall ambiance of security and comfort, while creating the impression of framed photographs of milestone moments.

Response to Two Professional Reviews : Both of these reviews talk about the twenty-three simple poems that this book is comprised of. Although both reviews make it seem as if this book is only for infants and toddlers, I disagree because I think it can be used for kindergarten-aged children who are starting to recognize letters and simple words. I do agree with both reviews about the books illustrations.

These illustrations are of babies and children with bright faces and soft colors- perfect for children reading the book to stay engaged. Evaluation of Literary Elements : The literary elements throughout this book of poems are all very child friendly especially for younger children. The setting of the book is wherever the young child in the poems is whether it's outside on the playground or inside eating.

The illustrations show this setting and all use very light colors because they are of babies and toddlers. The characterization of the children in the story is relatable for young students who might be reading the book. Consideration of Instructional Application : Although many people think this book of poems is solely for parents to read to their infants, I think the reading level can be used for early elementary students.

The poems are about babies and very young children, but I think I would be able to use this in a kindergarten classroom for students who are starting to recognize sounds and letters. Jan 31, Zina rated it really liked it Shelves: kid-lit. I really enjoyed reading these poems. The book is big and colorful and funny! Its a book full of poems from a babies perspective. Overall its an easy read not very many "big" words, so some children may be able to read it by themselves and It's a good read.

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View 1 comment. May 05, Cara Wilson rated it it was amazing. These are small poems that keep children entertained at such a young age. This would be a great read for when children are just starting to talk and trying to form new words in their heads and mouths.

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These poems also pertain to the children a lot. I think this book is actually great for all ages even though the NCTE website says this is for Preschool children. I say this because if you are a teacher, this book would be great to introduce different kinds of poems and serve as a source when guiding the children to write their own poems. I will be buying this book and reading it to my baby girl when she arrives. Dec 07, Maria Shuffit rated it it was ok.

A cute collection of poems spoken from the point of view of a little tot. I thought there was a good range of different rhyme schemes and liked that it covered a lot of little curiosities, like a poem about dogs, another one about belly buttons, another about bath time, etc. The illustrations were nice and I appreciated that they were very inclusive, showing babies and families of various ethnic backgrounds. Not a book that I liked well enough to add to my personal collection, but might be perfe A cute collection of poems spoken from the point of view of a little tot.

Not a book that I liked well enough to add to my personal collection, but might be perfect for another parent wanting to read to their little one! Jul 13, Lisa rated it it was ok Shelves: f-and-g , requested. This is a great idea but we ended up being disappointed by it. The illustrations were warm but a bit saccharine and the poems were lacking.

Jul 03, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: poetry-books. This is a good book to introduce young children to poetry. It talks about different things that babies or toddlers do during the day. It is good to start making inferences about what they are talking about. It is a great book for young children. I liked the images that it had for each poem.

Oct 11, Marissa rated it really liked it. I like this book primarily because it's a collection of short poems related to being a baby that use simple words. The poems are entertaining, you can read only one or two at a time, and it's a good introduction to hearing different forms of spoken language.

Aug 06, Sara rated it really liked it Shelves: kids , current-fiction , dolly-parton-s-imagination-library , My daughter loves this book of poems. She really interacts with it. There is a peekaboo poems and when I read it to her, she plays peekaboo along with the poem. Really lovely. It got bent up a little in the mail, but it's still in good condition. Apr 27, Leslie rated it really liked it Shelves: gift-books , non-fiction.

I love this book of poems for babies! It's a great introduction to poetry and the illustrations are Tomie dePaola at his best. A great baby gift. Dec 31, Jennifer Wilson rated it really liked it. Number two saves lives on the streets of this city with his soft, warm mouth.

Number three never saw the bike turning right on the day we found bees. Number four was left behind and always wondered who she belonged to. Number five found….

Stillbirth/Miscarriage Poems

My great Uncle Phil will offer me a glass. For once my mother will sit in silence — but not out of spite. Born from the belly of a Christmas cracker Stomach ripped apart and I fireworked into her world my birth announced by a muted crash and a sombre joke. I remained a closed up tinted truth lodged sub-sofa for five dark and lights. She found me, her warm hand scooped me up and pocketed me into…. We add Tyvek wings — of course he must fly. We intend him to be tear-resistant, water-proof. We check his spine and cross spar, the bridle with its anchor points. Secure enough, light and strong for support in winds that could swivel or shatter him.

We paste on a beak and feathers with spray and…. Fair folk, wherefore toil yow to harvest… Posted in Poems 2 years ago by Judith Rawnsley. You are… Posted in Poems 2 years ago by Anna Roderick. And it was known if even one got through those gates made by the welding of two mountains it would be a signal of end times… Posted in Poems 2 years ago by Tim Dooley. The bad sister gathers the withered bits: a pelvic fin, a vertebral segment, the delicate inner skin, displays them on her vanity: their bones gleam like… Posted in Poems 2 years ago by Elisabeth Sennitt Clough.

Posted in Poems 2 years ago by Magret Peper. Posted in Poems 2 years ago by Skendha Singh. The sickness… Posted in Poems 2 years ago by Lauren Mason.

Shake and Move Children's song - Body Parts - Patty Shukla

The Long View, Arnside The tide was in then out again. The vapour they exuded could easily have been children paddling, crouching, digging, growing… Posted in Poems 2 years ago by Rod Riesco. I sink to the bar, forget what to order while the Friday night dehydrated potted plants wait with sucked teeth, and I want nothing more than to eat all the crisps or marinate in a warm pint of ale and lick my failed ambition… Posted in Poems 2 years ago by Sophie Fenella.

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And let me tell you something… Posted in Poems 2 years ago by Carla Jones. The hound first knew his fledgling When he could finally be on the road While his empire expanded "I used to hope for the best" Titan tells us. Now I just have to find a way To use up that time. I speak only to the Landlord And his tenants. I only blame myself for the sickness. All I know is where I've come from At least, I think so I hope so.

Wet, heavy conditions expected tomorrow. So, with everything said, I wish you peace and love. Love is waiting. Jolan Lade May Breathing air. I look and my brain is swelling I listen and my ears are bleeding I feel Im desovling. Looking at the dark cornors Listening to the white noise Makes a gray world. R Nov Hey girl Why you sitting alone? What is bothering you so much? Why you wanna be alone? K Nov To be a human and to drift in and out of here does not seem plausible. Somewhere between my birth and death, memories continue to be made and fade.

I want to be free. To live a life in valleys, to sit in grass, to wade along the shoreline. Kathryn Rose Mar Sweet face, Soft ears. Her eyes pierced me. Soft giggles. Everywhere she went, She left a little piece of herself Behind. Tanya Feb 7. The Curves. Tickle them hard to make them peck, They touch your heart with their sound, Nibbling your ears in between, The motion generates friction, Friction generates heat, So icy sweet is her music, All over, you script success.

I talk of my guitar here. I now possess 2 guitars. Madeleine Jan Kiss me asleep with your obsidian lips. Protect my ears from the cacophony nights would bring. Fill the void between heartbeats that skip. Take me into the lull, and into the siren song that you sing. Adilson Smith Nov Full body symphony. I would say I love you with all my heart. But that's not quite right. For I love you with far much more Than just that one part. For instance, I love you with my lips: They pucker lovingly like filled balloons Rising skyward in a knot.

I love you also With my eyes. Like a ruly clerk, They sieve your frame with careful affection, Vitalized by every detail. My ears, too, are full of love. I can feel them during the night; Thumping with blood As you rise and decline Asleep in my nook. There are many others. My eyebrows, so enlivened, Agitate my face And my toes, so excited, Tense in my shoes As though afraid of getting wet.

My arms plot in the dark -- They long to swim around your waist And link us back to breast.