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In the absence, or incapacity of Las Casas and Alvarado, Estrada and Albornoz were named as replacements. Salazar and Almindez sought refuge in the Franciscan convent.

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Polorized, Salazar proponents assembled before Cortes arrived. They consisted of clergymen, friends, servants, family, and some followers, alongside those who wanted to reinstate Estrada. Orantes entered the city in secret and made contact with members of the opposition. At daybreak on January 28, two hundred Spaniards rushed the convent.

Armed supporters of Salazar, were intent on murdering Estrada, and were ready for a fight. Sadly, Salazar confronted the group alongside other noblemen, and relented.

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Cortes supporters had succeeded in getting the ayuntamiento to execute the orders of Cortes. They then assembled to the left of the convent. Salazar was arrested and caged in public display in the Zocalo, that same day. Almindez was also arrested in Tlaxcala and brought back to the city. Thereafter, Cortes returned briefly to his post on June 25, Salazar and Almindez did not.

Salazar was freed after a few months, exiled to Spain, and banned from returning to New Spain. Salazar escaped execution due to his status. In June a new administration was formed.


Despite the court intrigue, and plots, Salazar returned to the Spanish court, was reappointed, and returned to New Spain in He completed his position as factor in New Spain without issue. Salazar behaved as if nothing had happened.

Encountering Illness in Colonial Mexico

Dubbed "el gordo" behind his back, he was overly courteous and courtly. A sinister persona, he left politics thereafter, and lived comfortably until his death probably in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hidden categories: Articles with Spanish-language external links Year of birth unknown. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

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