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But uptake from subscribers was lackluster. Seeso was shuttered late last summer.

How TMZ's high prince of sleaze became the King of Hollywood

More recently, there have been rumblings about NBCU developing a streaming service that would offer viewers a kind of points system for watching episodes of NBCU TV shows with some advertising included. The importance of offering users the ability to custom-tailor their viewing experience is vital. Hulu has been an important training ground for its parent companies: Disney, Comcast, 21st Century Fox and Time Warner.

Hulu has been a source of friction at times among its partners as they pursued different approaches to streaming. The service has been growing fast, rising to 20 million subscribers as of May, up from 17 million at the end of last year. Hulu is expected to become another DTC avenue for Disney, providing an established foundation for a service focused on more adult-themed programming.

Ben Affleck on ‘Sleazy’ Harvey Weinstein, His Groping Allegation – Variety

It always comes back to things that are driven by giving the customer more choice and more options. All of these changes at all of these media companies are phenomenal to watch, as a competitor and as a fan of the product. Starting July 4, MoviePass will be out of commission for the next several weeks — at least — with the struggling theater-subscription service provider saying it needs to fix technical issues and finish work on a new version of its app. There was also a hint that the money-losing MoviePass business is running low on [ In response, Netflix said that going forward, all new shows it commissions with ratings of [ With sports dominating the most-watched telecasts on broadcast TV in , its value to TV networks in guaranteeing a live audience is unparalleled.

People are still watching sports despite the decline in overall live viewing. But an exclusive study conducted for Variety by Prodege, a leading market research panel, found that being able to gamble [ UPDATED: Instagram users across the globe reported problems sharing to and accessing the Facebook-owned photo and video service on mobile apps and the web on Wednesday — an outage that continued for much of the day.

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Instagram began having issues since a. ET, with most of the user reports concentrated in the Northeast U. Like many YouTubers, Lauren Riihimaki — better known to millions of fans as LaurDIY — began her creator career unintentionally: She started posting crafty, do-it-yourself videos as a hobby in Fast-forward to today, and her popular how-to tutorials and vlogs have been viewed more than 1.

LaurDIY has blossomed into [ According to the announcement, Tidal members can dive deep into the credits on most releases, ranging from unheralded background singers and lyricists to producers and mixing engineers. It is nowhere close to earning the kind of money to launch a franchise, which is what its financiers certainly had in mind.

Hollywood Stopped Casting These Actors In 2018 And Here's Why

The film itself is a mess, but McConaughey is not the problem, turning the character of Walter, an evil sorcerer, into more of a sleazy dude-bro. Then again, in such a convoluted film, what would? In fact, in each of his flops, McConaughey is the best part. With a paunch and artificial bald cap, his performance in Gold was derided as a pale imitation of Christian Bale in the superior American Hustle, but McConaughey achieves a palpable desperation as the second-rate prospector who hits it big. In The Sea of Trees, a maudlin art film about a man who plans to kill himself in a Japanese forest, he plays against type as a buttoned-up, ineffectual college professor, a normal guy who, after losing his wife, becomes racked with grief and guilt.

His box-office cold streak can most likely be explained by a poor eye for material. The Dark Tower was a long-awaited adaptation of a revered series of books, and Gold was written and directed by Oscar winner Stephen Gaghan Traffic and based on a remarkable true story. But it feels like his decision-making process stopped there. McConaughey is a heady guy, but perhaps not a particularly thorough one. He may be more attracted to the idea behind a film, without worrying about that little thing called a script. That is the image that his friends and employees talk about.

But it also masks some of the naked hostility that Levin inspires in others. One Hollywood insider contacted by the Observer called him a "slimeball" and refused to discuss him further. Yet that he has enemies should not be a surprise. Levin has never shied away from running a hard-hitting story, especially one that catches a celebrity in a bad light.

But despite criticism of TMZ's content, he has a set of principles and rules that are familiar to any other newsroom. Stories run by TMZ may not be pleasant, or even justifiable in the public interest, but they always seem to be true. No wonder that TMZ has risen and risen on the back of its scoops.

The site broke Gibson's antisemitic rant during his drink-driving arrest, the death of Heath Ledger, the numerous travails of Britney Spears, the beating of singer Rihanna by her boyfriend and — most famously of all — the death of Michael Jackson. The latter was perhaps the biggest exclusive in TMZ's history as the website was cited as a source by news organisations around the world.

That success prompted one commentator to marvel at Levin's success.

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That "something" though does not so much happen behind a curtain as out on the streets and over the ether of the world's internet servers. For Levin's TMZ is a creation of the internet and the spread of video functions on mobile phones.

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While Levin and TMZ work in a framework of old news journalism for their sources, they put out and get information in an entirely new way. The site is updated constantly, feeding its readers tips and stories almost as quickly as they come in. The site is full of vidoes, taking advantage of its staff, freelancers, tourists and just about anyone with a camera phone who happens to spot a famous face.

TMZ is the main beneficiary of a technological culture which makes doing anything private almost impossible. Especially if you are an A-list star or a Z-list wannabe. I always tell famous people that they have to be ready the second they walk out of their house," said Murphy. But TMZ is not just the end point of that profound technological change. It is also the beneficiary of a cultural shift.

The definition of celebrity has changed. No longer are celebrities confined to the wealthy and talented stars of film and television. So has YouTube. Now a homemade video can make stars out of virtually anyone if it goes viral and is seen by millions of people on the internet. Such fame may be fleeting but that does not matter. Celebrity moves as fast as TMZ's website is updated.

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Celebrity has also spread into other areas of life, especially politics. Barack Obama's campaign for president showed how a politician could become a rock star. Numerous scandals revealed how a video on YouTube could destroy a career.