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Foreign direct investment in Latin America and the Caribbean | VOXLACEA

The global number of FDI projects increased by 5. Only new investment projects and significant expansions of existing projects are included. The data presented includes FDI projects that have either been announced or opened by a company. The data on capital investment and job creation is based on the total investment the company is making at the time of the project announcement or opening.

Profile of China’s Global FDI

As companies can raise capital locally, phase their investment over a period of time, and can channel their investment through different countries for tax efficiency the data used in this report is different to the official data on FDI flows. The data shown includes estimates for capital investment and job creation derived from algorithms patent pending when a company does not release the information. The World Bank, UNCTAD, Economist Intelligence Unit and over governments around the world as well as major corporations use our data as the primarily source of intelligence on greenfield investment trends.

Specialising in all areas relating to foreign direct investment and investment promotion, the full suite of services includes: location advertising to generate brand awareness; industry-leading intelligence tools to develop FDI strategies and identify potential investors; and tailored FDI events and investor roundtables to meet target companies and generate business leads.

The newspaper, printed at 22 print sites across the globe, has a global print circulation of , ABC, March Its comprehensive location data series covers the main cost and quality competitiveness indicators for over locations around the world. Click here to find out more about fDi Benchmark.

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We use cookies for a number of reasons, such as keeping FT Sites reliable and secure, personalising content and ads, providing social media features and to analyse how our Sites are used. Sorry, you appear to have JavaScript disabled. Please enable JavaScript to use this tool. Internet Explorer 7 or 8 Click the Tools menu. Select Internet Options. Click the Security tab. Factors keeping South America as an attractive target for FDI are its wealth in oil, gas and minerals, and its fast-expanding middle class that draws market-seeking investment, the report says.


However, that total remains higher than the level reached before the global financial crisis. Developing-country-based transnational corporations TNCs continued to increase their acquisitions in — they climbed by 26 per cent. These acquisitions mainly involved intraregional sources firms based in such countries as Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia , while developed-country TNCs sold more assets than they acquired.

CKC Speaker Series: "Chinese Engagement with Latin America" Ms. Margaret Myers

Increasing acquisitions abroad by Latin American TNCs is a trend that began in , reached its peak in , and was halted by the global financial crisis before resuming in Buoyant conditions at home, cash-rich balance sheets, and saturated domestic markets have encouraged these TNCs to seek new opportunities abroad, the report notes. At present, these acquisitions are mostly in Latin America and developed countries, more or less in equal measure.

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  • The World Investment Report says that FDI into South America remains focused on the extractive industries, with foreign companies playing the dominant role except in the case of Brazil. FDI in this sector is growing important in some countries, the report says.

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    For example in Colombia, the share of the extractive industry in FDI stock stood at 26 per cent in , however this industry attracted 53 per cent of total FDI flows between and In Chile, the share of the extractive industry in FDI stock increased from 27 to 39 per cent between and , while in Peru, it increased from 14 per cent in to 27 per cent in Only Argentina witnessed a decline in the share of the extractive industry in total FDI stock during the second half of the s, from 40 per cent in to 31 per cent in