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Ranga Rao , K. Parthasarathy , and S. Srinivasa Varadhan in Indian Statistical Institute during In , after his doctorate, Varadarajan went to Princeton University as a post-doctoral fellow and in the Fall of he went to the University of Washington, Seattle where he spent the academic year, followed by a year at the Courant Institute at NYU, after which he returned to the Indian Statistical Institute in [6].

Varadarajan was a member of the Institute for Advanced Study during the periods September until December and January until June [7].

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Varadarajan's early work, including his doctoral thesis, was in the area of probability theory. He then moved into representation theory where he has done some of his best known work. In the s, he wrote a series of papers with Donald Babbitt on the theory of differential equations with irregular singularities. His latest work has been in supersymmetry.

Parthasarathy and R. Ranga Rao in , [9] the Trombi—Varadarajan theorem [10] in and the Enright—Varadarajan modules [11] in He was awarded the Onsager Medal in for his work. Two of the greatest figures in its history are Mackey and Harish-Chandra.

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Their work to use the words of Weyl affords shade to large parts of present day mathematics and high energy physics. It is to their memory that this volume is lovingly dedicated. The essays in this volume are like a stroll through a garden of ideas of this rich subject: quantum algebras, super geometry, unitary supersymmetries, differential equations, non-archimedean physics, are a few of the topics encountered along the way.

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The author, whose mathematical education evolved out of his interactions with Mackey and Harish-Chandra, concludes this volume with brief portraits of their work, embedded in the context of personal reminiscences. This is a collection of essays based on lectures that author has given on various occasions on foundation of quantum theory, symmetries and representation theory, and the quantum theory of the superworld created by physicists.

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    Veeravalli S. Varadarajan

    Fokas A. Surfaces on Lie groups, on Lie algebras, and their integrability. A formula for constructing infinitely many surfaces on Lie algebras and integrable equations, Selecta Math. Freed D.

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    A39 Supersymmetric extensions of Schrodinger-invariance - Henkel, Malte et al. Jackiw R..