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2. Intellectual Development

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  • Wings of Nestor (The Solus Series Book 3);
  • Dark Eye of the Jaguar;
  • The Young Pitcher (Illustrated) (Action Classics Book 18).
  • Confessions of a Predatory Lender.

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New York: Oneworld Publications, Vivian Rohrl, M. The Anthropology of Peace. See especially: Kehoe, Alice. Carrithers, Michael. Howell, Signe, and Roy Willis. Societies at Peace: Anthropological Perspectives. An edited collection of scholarly essays by anthropologists about the peaceful societies they have studied. A worthwhile read for anyone interested in the variations among societies at peace. Quoted in Khan, Lerche, Charles O, editor. Oxford: George Ronald, Briggs, Jean. Never in Anger: Portrait of an Eskimo Family. Cambridge, Mass. Press, An engaging ethnography of an Inuit community in northern Canada, filled with interesting details about the lives of the people.

Briggs describes, with warmth and sensitivity, their social life, their style of child rearing, and their attempts to include her in their community. The author brings herself into the story in order to develop a sophisticated ethnography wrapped inside a page-turning travel account about people who cannot tolerate displays of anger. Dentan, Robert Knox. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Written for undergraduate anthropology students, this slender, gracefully written volume explores the practices and beliefs of a society that cherishes its peacefulness.

The work includes a lot of vital information about the Semai such as their responses to their natural environment, their agricultural practices, their thoughts about health, disease, death, and more. An inspiring, pioneering work of ethnographic scholarship focusing on the peacefulness of a society, this book makes compelling reading. Fernea, Robert A. Nubians in Egypt: Peaceful People. Austin: University of Texas Press, A large-format volume with many stunning photos by Georg Gerster, this work emphasizes the practical reasons the Nubians were peaceful.

Fernea does not claim that they were always nonviolent, but he shows how important the effective sharing of economic resources can be in fostering a stable, peaceful social system. Conflict resolution techniques that head off violence and the strong sense these people have of their own peacefulness also highlight this important and readable work.

Fry, eds. Chapters on the Paliyans, the Nubians, the Semai, and the Zapotec of La Paz, plus numerous others, highlight this edited collection of essays by anthropologists about the styles of conflict resolution in various peaceful societies. Very effective introductory and concluding material by the two editors, as well as suggested study questions after each chapter, distinguish this work and make it appropriate for use in undergraduate peace studies courses.

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Munch, a sociologist, followed up on the story with a visit to the island so he could describe the ways these atomistic, anarchistic, highly peaceful people have coped with these stresses. Norberg-Hodge, Helena. Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books, She sympathetically describes the peaceful beliefs of their Tibetan Buddhism, and she lets their joie de vivre lighten the arid landscape. But Norberg-Hodge also allows the dark sides of the picture to emerge, particularly the deleterious effects of rapid development on a traditional society.

An eloquently-written, effective book that should captivate most readers. Sponsel, Leslie E. The Anthropology of Peace and Nonviolence. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner, A work comparable to Howell and Willis, and Kemp and Fry, this volume contains a rich mixture of essays on the Semai, the Zapotec of La Paz, and others. These essays should help convince skeptics that the study of anthropology, particularly of peaceful societies, can provide a vital contribution to peace studies, and vice versa. Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall. Madrid: Editorial Coloquio. Walford, David, and Ralf Meerbote, trs.

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Kant in Translation

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Gentile, Giovanni, and Giuseppe Lombardo Radice, trs. Critica della ragion pura. Bari: G. Amano, Teiyu, tr. Two vols. Heijll, Richard, tr. Lund: Gleerup. Cervini, Maria Luisa, tr. Nuova versione di estratti con introduzione e note di M. Luica Cervini. Smith, Norman Kemp, tr.

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Translation into Italian; see the 1st edition. Review : Friedrich Pfurtscheller, Kant-Studien Ribas, Pedro, tr. Madrid: Alfaguara. Giannara, Anastousiou, tr. Athens: Ekdoseis Papazese. Papuaschwili, Schalwa, tr. Preface by Guram Tewsadse. Tbilissi: Quizia. Delamarre, A. Based on the translation by Jules Barni. Paris: Gallimard. Introduction over the life and work of Kant by M. Translation into Portuguese, based on the Weischedel German edition. Later editions: , , , , Schwarz, Wolfgang, tr. Aalen: Scientia Verlag. Porto, , p. Published by Ed. Alianza About this Item: Ed.

Alianza, Condition: Muy buen estado general. Castellano pp. Marca de biblioteca en la cubierta. Seller Inventory FIL Published by Espasa-Calpe, Madrid From: Libreria Raices Alicante, Spain. About this Item: Espasa-Calpe, Madrid, Condition: Normal. Published by Alianza About this Item: Alianza, Tapa blanda. Condition: Como nuevo. Dust Jacket Condition: Como nuevo. Seller Inventory L Published by Editorial Austral. About this Item: Editorial Austral.

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