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Preview — Love's Destiny by Elizabeth Meyette. When Emily Wentworth's father dies at sea, her father's friend-and Emily's appointed guardian-Jonathon Brentwood arrives at her home in London to take her with him to the colonies. Emily, just 17, has decided that she is fully capable of taking care of herself and sets out to prove that to her new guardian. Emily's one chance to remain in London is to marry, but when the o When Emily Wentworth's father dies at sea, her father's friend-and Emily's appointed guardian-Jonathon Brentwood arrives at her home in London to take her with him to the colonies.

Emily's one chance to remain in London is to marry, but when the opportunity arises, she knows she would rather follow Jonathon across an ocean to a land in upheaval than to stay safely in London. But Jonathon's involvement in patriot activity against England disturbs-and threatens-Emily, a loyal subject of the king. The colonial rebellion is the backdrop for misunderstanding, fear, mistrust, and danger. Will love's destiny ensure that Emily and Jonathon stay together, even in the face of death?

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Get A Copy. Published June 4th by Crimson Romance first published June 1st More Details Edition Language. Brentwood Saga 1. Other Editions 7. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Love's Destiny , please sign up. Lists with This Book.

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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jun 03, Hj Smith rated it it was amazing. How do I like this book? Let me count the ways. It is a most pleasant read. Nothing is contrived. The characters are easy to take into your life. The characters have distinctive voices. The author has done her research.

The authentic and realistic 18th Century setting creates texture and is part of the story, not just scenery. The plot flows naturally from the choices, conflicts, and personalities of the characters. The o How do I like this book? The outcome is satisfying and believable yet not predictable. All the elements that make a good story are present in abundance: action, suspense and resolution, humor, mystery, adventure, horror, dread, loss, sorrow, genuine affection, credible and animated dialogue.

I, for one, hope that Ms. Meyette is busy writing a sequel—or a series of sequels—because I need to know what happens next. Without giving away the plot: there is someone who cannot remain undiscovered for long, and questions about complications in childbirth whisper in my ear. There may be more to Deidre than meets the eye, and Michael Dennings is certainly in a precarious position.

I want to know what happens to the slaves who remain and to those who have left.

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Jun 20, Pam B Morris added it. The two temperamental and passionate main characters struggle to find common ground where love and loyalty meet during the chaos of the Revolutionary War. This conflict puts Jonathan, who is colonial to the core, and Emily, a diehard Tory, on opposite political sides.

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Will passion be enough to bridge this seemingly uncompromising gap? Review by Pam B. Morris www. Jul 01, Peggy Bird rated it really liked it. In this lovely historical romance, two people are caught up in the American Revolution at the same time they are falling in love. It all begins when their father dies at sea and Emily and Andrew Wentworth discover he has named a guardian for them whose control over their lives includes transplanting them from their home in England to the colony of Virginia.

Captain Jonathon Brentwood thinks he's gotten stuck with a couple of young children to take care of. He's as surprised as Emily and Andrew a In this lovely historical romance, two people are caught up in the American Revolution at the same time they are falling in love. He's as surprised as Emily and Andrew are by the reality of the obligation. Against the backdrop of the beginning of the Revolution, Emily and Jonathon fall in love and marry.

But when her husband and brother join the rebel colonists, Emily remains a steadfast Tory. Set in colonial Williamsburg, "Love's Destiny" portrays both a love story and a story of divided loyalties and tumultuous times. And does both well. Jun 06, Ann Butzler rated it it was amazing. Great story! I was hooked on the first page and could not put this book down. The author's characters came alive to me and I needed to know what was going to happen next. She balances the historic story of what was going on as Americans were preparing for the revolution against Great Britain and the story of the developing relationship between Emily and Jonathon.

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Add some interesting surprises along the way and these combine to make a great book. I want more and am ready for Elizabeth Meyette's Great story! I want more and am ready for Elizabeth Meyette's next book. Aug 04, Jackie rated it really liked it. The most abrupt ending ever. I kept thinking there were pages that were missing. With that being said, I did enjoy the story and the characters. It was well written and gasp!

I never noticed any spelling errors something I often find in books and it drives me batty! I certainly hope that there will be a sequel to this story! View 2 comments. Jun 09, T rated it it was amazing. My favorite piece of history is the American Revolution and this historical romance did it justice. I lived and breathed this story and, just as Emily did, fell in love with both Virginia and Captain Brentwood. From beginning to end this was a delightful, engaging, romantic read. Sep 02, Deborah Cordes rated it it was amazing. This is a wonderful novel! Meyette's story centers around the time period just prior to and during the beginning of the American Revolution.

Her heroine, Emily, is a beautiful and feisty young Londoner on the brink of womanhood. Em, as she is called, is dealing with a double tragedy in her life; the loss of both of her parents. Enter Jonathon Brentwood, an American sea captain, chosen by her father as guardian to Emily and her younger brother, Andrew. Brentwood is handsome and dashing, aroun This is a wonderful novel!

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Brentwood is handsome and dashing, around ten years older than Em, and quite vexing because of his devilish manner. To make matters worse, he lives in Virginia, where he plans to take Emily and her brother. But trouble is brewing in the colonies, and Em is loyal to king and country. How will she deal with the rebellion in America?

And what about Jonathon? Em senses she is destined to love him, and yet, perhaps, also spurn him, because of his belief in the American cause. Meyette seamlessly weaves the events of history into this tale of love, loss, and redemption. I highly recommend Love's Destiny, and I can't wait for the sequel. Sep 10, Diane Jewkes rated it really liked it. We read so much about politics dividing households, especially during an election year and think it's a new thing. Our customers are our top priority!

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