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Winning or losing an art prize will have little bearing on judgements made by art historians of the future. For this reason, as I convey my congratulations to the winners of the Premio Arte Laguna painting prize, I am also keen to address the thousands in the running who did not receive an accolade on this occasion. If there are winners, there must be losers and this is the way the world works - not so much a bad thing. Whether or not you hold out hope for winning another time, at least you took initiative now, you wanted your work to be seen and it is precisely this communicative impulse that defines our understanding of art.

Art prizes provide a vital medium through which you can transmit your heartfelt messages, and who knows how they might ring bells for those, especially us judges, lucky enough to receive them? In short, be of good courage and please join me in thanking Premio Arte Laguna for providing such an opportunity. Secondo le leggi, euforiche e in prospettiva, che questa repubblica della pittura richiedeva. The Republic of Painting Arte Laguna Prize is for a critic a wide and diverse opportunity to test the degree of advancement, thoughtfulness and pervasiveness of an artistic means of expression: in my case, painting.

We think of painting, and I can say we rightly do after this first-hand experience, as the most widespread and shared artistic expression, and therefore the most layered, but also inevitably the most complex one, in relation to the task of defining it in its "contemporaneity": a huge palimpsest of memory and sensitivity, on the one hand, and a challenge to the possible re-writing, to the refined re-invention of intellectual codes and formal data, when not found, on the other. Observing almost two thousand artists who have decided to paint today, and the over five thousand paintings made by these artists, who deserve my thanks, involves a fruitful plunge into the contradictory energy of an expressive medium that is astounding in its ability to attract and, at the same time, in the inherent difficulty of interpreting and stimulating it, once again, from the inside: abstraction and figuration, geometric-analytical lines and re-expressionisms, pop imagery and conceptual condensation, photographic-cinematographicsocial media matrix as well as the intimate relationship with the syntagms of sign, shape, and color.

Everything coexists with its opposite, and next to its counterpart on these canvases. How to choose, what to be amazed of, which questions to ask yourself, which direction to take According to the euphoric and prospective laws that this Republic of painting demanded. Contemporary photography emerges as a path through its contradictory relationship with the world and with the sense of reality. Art, architecture, landscape, journalism, documentary, advertisement are just some aspects of the photographic languages inside this discipline.

The kaleidoscopic complexity of this medium has strongly changed people's self-perception and their own perception of reality. So, how has photographic art changed? And how did it contribute to the transformation of the world of art in the age of social networks, wide-ranging webs and global participation? Nowadays the distinctiveness of photography is contaminated with other media, by updating itself and renewing its status, pushing boundaries and challenging the commonplace. Rather than 'photography', we should talk about 'photographic images', in order to define a term which goes beyond impressed paper.

This peculiarity is able to express today the complexity of contemporary languages. The photography as it used to be considered till a decade ago, conceived as a rectangular piece of paper with an image printed on it through a chemical process, is dying out. The photographic image, as a universal language, survives and it will keep on having a privileged relationship with reality. The complexity of the liquid age we are living in is perfectly reflected in contemporary photography, composed by the visual appearance of the world. By expressing this complexity, photography should be able to convey a direct experience with floating and elusive subjects, provided we know how to recognize them.

The selected authors for this exhibition have been able to capture the world from their privileged position, an observatory which expands towards the city and the society, in order to encompass a place, a time, a network of cultural relationships through images and visions. Created from an idea of Arte Laguna Studio and Cultural Association MoCA, Arte Laguna Prize, a contest dedicated to visual arts, has been offering since concrete opportunities to talents, by promoting and spreading contemporary art, and emerging as an interpreter of the contemporary Zeitgeist.

Arte Laguna Prize has grown over time, building year after year relationships with international jurors chosen among directors of museums and foundations, curators and art critics changing at every edition, with the goal to select the finalists whose works are exhibited at Venice Arsenale, a prestigious showcase for contemporary art.

Arte Laguna Prize has built a strong network of collaborations with Foundations, Museums, Galleries, Art Residencies and companies, turning them into concrete opportunities of growth and of launch of the professional career of artists. In this way, a system of relationships made of people and ideas has been created, an open system that is always looking towards new horizons. La Galleria art re. ART re. Since the very beginning the gallery worked mostly with those artists, who had already became classics of the local art-scene, whose works had been parts of the museum collections in Russia and abroad.

Since the magistral strategy of development is co-operating with artists included in the international context of contemporary art as well as providing start-ups for young artists and curators, and participation in significant exhibitions, international festivals, art fairs and collaborating with different art institutions. In 3 years she managed to build a place for contemporary art as well as a community of artists and scientists around the gallery. Today Galerie Charlot is internationally recognized as a key place for contemporary digital creation. Emerging talents as well as internationally established artists are presented every year in seven exhibitions in the Parisian space and in different international art fairs.

Ponendosi come obiettivo principale la partecipazione a fiere d'arte, la galleria cerca di creare un solido network internazionale di arte contemporanea e di difendere i suoi artisti all'estero. La galleria pubblica anche monografie contenenti testi di curatori e critici internazionali. Founded in , the former Ara gallery expanded its activities in order to forge new strategies towards more emerging artists and strong proposals, presenting in , a new space and a new project. Taking participation in art fairs as a main goal, the gallery tries to map a solid international network of the contemporary art scene and to defend its artists abroad.

The diversity of the spaces allows it to present a programme that is diverse and consistent, that may hold different supports and spatial solutions. The gallery also publishes designed monographs holding texts by international curators and critics. The gallery has been supporting and promoting the work of a successful generation of artists, some of them have been working with us for more than 15 years. Arte Laguna makes possible to every artist everywhere to be seen by a group of experts and to show the artwork in such an historical place as Venice.

Such diversity and cross interaction is a fruitful way to see at the same time which are the main concerns of a wide range of artists from around the world. Exhibit showcases contemporary art from India and the subcontinent, creating a platform for new thoughts and ideas. The emphasis of the exhibition space is on new media, and it structures as a place for creative endeavour, aesthetic exploration and furthering visual dialogue.

Our aim is to discover and encourage new and emerging talent. Exhibit also organizes seminars, lectures, discussions, and talks that contextualize art within critical discourse. Exhibit is located in the heart of Lado Sarai, in the capital city of New Delhi. The space is envisioned by Rasika Kajaria, an avid admirer and art collector. Exhibit is delighted to partner with Arte Laguna to present the winner of the Prize in India. La simbiosi tra passato e futuro e il forte radicamento nel territorio, hanno portato abate Zanetti a farsi promotrice del Premio murano.

The Glass School Abate Zanetti of Murano is now an outstanding center for the production, research and experimentation on the themes of the artistic avant-gardes and glass design. It is rooted in an ancient glass-making institution, the Drawing School for Glass-Makers founded in In the wake of this heritage we find the collaboration with Arte Laguna: a return to the origins from the drawing to the finished work.

Two souls: the educational one, expressed through the conception and coordination of activities with a innovative content, and the one related to production with glass manufacturing techniques, including furnace, lampworking, fusing and grinding. The symbiosis between the past and the future and the solid bond with the territory where it was founded, has led Abate Zanetti to be at the forefront of the Murano Prize. In the last years Miramarmi's first production site has got a new look, by turning into a loft open to creativity, thanks to a reconversion of its locations, which however still retain the industrial character that makes them so fascinating.

With the Arte Laguna Prize in the last two years we have been able to create a fruitful interaction between art and business, between creative genius and the materiality of marble through a residency that allows artists to approach a new reality and at the same provides the loft Miramarmi with a magical, unexpected, and relaxing atmosphere. During my visits to the loft after a work day I can finally relax, I can, at least for a while, feel the same emotions the artists have felt.

It is a completely different world from mine, where reaction times have to be quick and calculated, where stress is a daily companion. By spending time with these artists, by watching them create, by talking with them, I have come to realize that the way I live my life is possibly not the best one. I risultati saranno esposti nel castello Schloss almoshof. Links between the cities of Nuremberg and Venice have existed since the Middle Ages. In , a Nuremberg artist will participate in the exhibition of Arte Laguna Prize. In return, an artist from Venice will live and work in Nuremberg; the results will be exhibited in Schloss Almoshof.

This co-operation bears witness to a new quality of city friendship between Nuremberg and Venice. L'attuale posizionamento strategico dell'azienda e l'apertura a orizzonti internazionali ci consentono di essere partecipi dell'enorme successo che riscuote all'estero il made in Italy. Mongodi Group is among the Italian companies that have been able to globalize their business, by activating production centers in Europe, the U. The current strategic positioning of the company and the opening to international horizons allow us to take part in the huge success that Made in Italy is enjoying abroad.

Its purpose is to divulgate the value of the Italian lifestyle and Made in Italy through initiatives relating to the world of art, winemaking and design, by starting collaborations with Italian and international furniture companies especially in Chicago, and by organizing exhibitions and events that are able to combine the company's three main areas of interest. One of the long-term partnerships is the one established with the Arte Laguna Prize, with which for three years we have realized an art residency in Mumbai, India, home to one of our production units.

The Prize, thanks to its artistic direction, the quality of the selected artists and to its location, the Arsenal of Venice, has by now become an integral part of Mongodi Group's cultural project. La Fonderia ha avviato un nuovo programma di sviluppo che prevede eventi, workshop, partnership, sperimentazioni. The contemporary art festival ART STAYS known as the most important summer events in Europe, keeps on being the strategic center for contemporary art system between Central Europe and the international culture.

In it has hosted artists from all over the world, creating and promoting a comprehensive dialogue among the contemporary arts in the historic city of Ptuj. For the well-established collaboration with the Arte Laguna Prize, it has been decided to offer two prizes this year. The selected artists will be invited to a residence at Art Stays participating and creating a new platform dedicated to dialogues about art, new ideas and projects.

The Artistic Foundry Battaglia produces sculptures in bronze using the technique of lost-wax casting, and since it has been a landmark manufacturing centre for the artists. We approach one of the oldest sculptural traditions in the ever-changing world of materials and technology, of conservation and the production of manufactured goods in copper alloys, mingling the nobility of the past with the curiosity that is essential to constant evolution, in collaboration with contemporary artists from around the world.

The Foundry has launched a new development program that includes events, workshops, partnerships and experimentations. Over the years and editions, more than eighty countries, five hundred artists and two hundred international curators have been involved. Il secondo anno di collaborazione tra Sakshi Gallery e il Premio arte Laguna rafforza il loro impegno e la loro collaborazione. Sakshi Gallery is one of the premier galleries of India. It has over the last 30 years, endeavored to develop a strong program, working closely with important Indian and international artists as well as introducing many emerging ones.

It has held exhibitions of Indian art all over the world and has introduced to the Indian audience work of illustrious international artists such as El Anatsui, Gregory Crewdson and Julian Opie. The second year of collaboration between Sakshi Gallery and Arte Laguna Prize marks the reinforcement of their commitment and partnership. The Romanian Institute for Culture and Humanistic Research of Venice is continuing the traditional collaboration with Arte Laguna Prize that has grown and develop together with our Institute.

The Romanian Institute of Venice — founded in — has as its goal the dissemination of the Romanian art and culture in Italy and Venice, that is being a cultural "bridge". We hope that our partnership will continue, now and in the future, just as a bridge for Romanian artists for all the artists that participate.

Zentrifuge e. Dal al l'associazione Zentrifuge e. From to the association Zentrifuge e. Gli artisti sono selezionati per questo prestigioso programma attraverso le candidature di esperti, le stesse richieste degli artisti e le loro reciproche segnalazioni, le proposte di fondazioni, e un processo pubblico di valutazione. Quest'anno stiamo collaborando con l'italiano Premio arte Laguna introducendo un giovane artista contemporaneo cinese, che ritrae particolari caratteristiche della giovane generazione, nella mostra dei Finalisti dell'ottava edizione del Premio arte Laguna.

Inoltre, dopo la mostra nella prestigiosa sede dell'arsenale di Venezia, i video dei 10 artisti finalisti del Premio arte Laguna verranno mostrati anche nella mostra di art nova a Pechino. I giovani artisti sono il nostro futuro. Un ecosistema pluralistico e attivo per coltivare giovani talenti serve uno scopo importante nel favorire lo sviluppo dell'arte. Vorremmo ringraziare tutti per l'attenzione e il sostegno che hanno fornito a questi giovani artisti e alla piattaforma art nova Art Nova is a high-end art platform that discovers and promotes young artists.

Artists are selected for this distinguished program through expert nominations, the artists' own applications and mutual recommendations, the recommendations of foundations, and a public evaluation process. The final shortlist of young artists are invited to participate in the annual art activities of Art Nova , which include exhibitions and forums both in China and abroad, as well as a multi-channel artist promotion program.

Art Nova continues to cultivate a diverse community and resources for artists, curators, academics and collectors, while also providing a high-end art platform that helps young artists achieve their dreams. Art Nova is today recognized both inside and outside the arts industry the leading platform for promoting young artists. We tell the story of all this in a series of images, we comment on it in postcards to be spread on the web and in a photographic ebook for a fundraising campaign. Le due donne intelligenti e dolci che ho davanti a me con le loro figlie, e che posso osservare nel dialogo con le loro bambine, sono due mamme spettacolari.

A casa loro io mi sento a casa, so di essere contornato da attenzione e cura, sento intera la dimensione di protezione e di educazione che risiede nel. E mentre vivono una meravigliosa dimensione di condivisione e di famiglia nelle loro case. Lo Stato che dovrebbe tutelare costituzionalmente queste bambine nella loro dimensione di famiglia e che invece si dimostra stato assente e patrigno e le obbliga ad emigrare per vedere riconosciuta la loro condizione di figlie delle loro due mamme.

Abbiamo veramente fallito il progetto di questo paese. Care Chiara e Roberta, al vostro fianco nelle vostre e nostre battaglie io ci sono. Bound to Cum Was I t ied? Doubling can have the effect of touching the emotional experience, of feeling understood, of reinforcing an identity effect. The role change allows the protagonist to experience what an antagonist is going through in the therapeutic work. Together, the interest of this role taking will be decided.

Psychodramatic games allow us to experience from within what has been played in a scene in the history of the past or present protagonist s. The seminar will provide an opportunity to experience these different aspects of individual and couple therapy. It will be in French with simultaneous translation into English. The laboratory used active methods of group work and psychodrama and playback theater methodologies with the aim of promoting encounter and communication experiences among participants able to overcome linguistic and cultural differences. Some universal symbolic elements have served as a reference to connect stories and experiences lived by different people in different cultural contexts, connected to each other as experiences of the common history of every human being, small particles of the greatest universal human history.

The music, the movement and the dance offered a great support to the activities of the laboratory and allowed to realize a theatrical performance that debuted at MIToS the Italian Meeting of Teatro Sociale in Lucca and which was repeated at the Teatro Bolognini of Pistoia in the initiatives of Pistoia Capital of Culture In the theatrical performance the stories of some refugees with the live accompaniment of the Connexions band were staged, a multi-ethnic musical group that was formed during the workshop.

The Connexions band has performed some concerts for the Municipality of Pistoia and still performs musical performances in the territorial area to connect, socialize, raise citizenship awareness on issues related to immigration and as part of the integration activities of the SPRAR project, has obtained funding which allowed them to record their repertoire in a musical CD. In the laboratory, activated within the community, the psychodrama methodologies were the foundation of group work: they offered participants a good base of knowledge and mutual trust.

The theater of spontaneity was instead the area through which the group of participants was able to experiment and rediscover their creativity to design and create a theatrical performance that represented the conclusive action of the laboratory. The theatrical performance was represented in two public theatrical spaces under the patronage and co-promotion of the Municipality of Pistoia. It was also a recovery with the camera to be able to look at it from an external point of view, see yourself from outside while living, making a video that was screened before the final theatrical performance was staged.

Workshop esperienziale sul ruolo professionale. Musica improvvisata ed esplorazione del movimento spontaneo. Tali elementi saranno i nuclei di lavoro del workshop, che si propone di accrescere la consapevolezza dei processi somatici di base in gioco nella relazione di cura, di declinare il proprio ruolo professionale in una dimensione personale e corporea, per orientare al meglio le proprie risorse nelle relazioni di cura in ambito educativo e psicoterapeutico.

Workshop on professional role. Improvised love music and movement exploration in spontaneous attitude. Care relationships let us very often in unusual communication systems, difficult to decode. We try to anticipate answers with impulsive actions, to hand on symbolic meanings, blended to somatic processes in a sort of proto-menthal area. Expecially in disability, non-verbal elements become central about acting out behaviours. During the workshop we focus on those key elements, working on consciousness somatic processes effecting on care relationship. Professional role will be discovered in the somatic as much as in personal aspects, to better direct professional expertise in therapeutic and educational work.

In private practice with neurotic patients and in the public with psy-chotics, Jungian psychodrama returns a significant therapeutic experi-ence to body, movement, action. Psychotic patients — whose ability to express themselves verbally can be reduced, inadequate or compromised by delirious contents — return to co-municate from bodily expression as a vehicle of thought.

We had strong transformations in many countries: economic crisis, traumatic migrations, unemployment, climatic change, environmental disasters, terrorism, wars! How is the Anima Mundi? We will share together dreams, memories and expectations to investigate personal and collective unconsciousness reactions to these phenomena and what suggestions the wisdom of dreams will give us.

He will demonstrate the dream incubation technique according to the ancient medicine of Asclepion and the utilization of opening and closing rituals to contain the unconsciousness force and elaborate collective trauma. Psychodrama can be used to create a safe place and paths of change for the most severe traumatization.

Psychodrama creates a place to act out unprocessed trauma within the containment of therapy in order to stop the obsessive repetition of the past. Jungian psychodrama can help to play traumatic experience trough symbolic representations and the wisdom of dream-play. Often victim of trauma split out their feelings and in the play it is important to play the role of the heart or the role of the feeling of the protagonist to integrate the emotional dimension.

Two or three dreams will be played. Dreams convey the transformative wisdom of the unconscious, allowing emotionaly charged material to become easly accessibile to the consciousness, activating intrapsychic and intersubjective change. The group will take place within a ritualistic framework, creating a safe space to advance personal and social healing.

Omosessualità & Speranza | Courage Italia

Abbiamo avuto forti trasformazioni in molti paesi: crisi economiche, migrazioni traumatiche, disoccupazione, cambiamenti climatici, disastri ambientali, terrorismo, guerre! Verranno rappresentati due o tre sogni. Forty-five years after his death, J. Moreno will have his name once again uttered by many during this International Conference. Nevertheless, his books are unfortunately still not well known, and his ideas are not always acknowledged.

In the same vein, most of the books already published on the subject continue to favor the definition of the method as therapy. It is about going back to the modern roots of psychodrama and making use of the words of the creator of the method himself. Participants will also be invited to look at the other side of the tree, and will have the opportunity to come into direct contact with the indispensable sociodrama. But we know from our experiments that these two forms of role-playing can never be truly separated. Every role has two sides, a private and a collective side. The impact of early attachment patterns on development of memory systems and restructuring of memories in psychodrama.

The most important early interpersonal patterns are coded on subcortical neural structures which rapidly complete their development soon after the birth. Development of cortical structures takes a gradual process which continue across several years of life. Early mother-child attachment patterns secure or insecure develop mostly in the first year literally before the development of cortical neural systems which are necessary for explicit memory. Since the only memory system is implicit memory in the first year, early attachment experiences are far from conscious and declerative retrieval.

Therefore in order to work on insecure attachment patterns in psychotherapy, it is necessary to track the traces of senses, emotions and actions through a close contact with the body. Psychodrama is a psychotherapy system which fulfills this need because it enables us to work on somatic, psychic and social roles simultaneously. Affective and body reactions from implicit memory are integrated with episodic memory scenes and semantic clarifications of explicit memory on psychodramatic trips.

This is at the same time an integration of memory systems which is possible by means of action insight.

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  • Nine Thousand Dreams;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and International Development: Is Business the Solution?.

This presentation is about power of Psychodrama on integrating different memorial systems in relation with early attachment patterns. It is an interpersonal psychotherapy system which provides us with a secure base for restructuring insecure attachment patterns and forming new healing bonds with life.

Child Abuse Survivars Children involved physical, emotional and gender violence beleive that, they have no way out. It is possible to empower them by group therapy. We planned a group with 12 girls between years old and had 14 group sessions with them. It was an encounter group. We used psychodramatic warming up techniques. After four meetings they started to talk each other about their life. They helped each other to gain power. They shared solution technigues.

Group was a safe place for them. At the end, they felt more strong themselves to solve their problems. My presentation involve all this process, techniques used and successfulness. La messa in scena nello psicodramma delle immagini oniriche, sorte spontaneamente dalla nostra psiche, in questa fase di stagnazione mentale ed energetica, consentono di aggirare il pantano del malessere costantemente sentito, ri-contattando le forze vitali presente in noi. The laboratory proposes an experience of psychodrama connected to the dimension of the dream, able to remove the continuous brooding of the thought towards the fragility of the person in front of the torment of detachment.

The staging in the psychodrama of dream images, spontaneously arose from our psyche, in this phase of mental and energetic stagnation, allows us to get around the quagmire of constantly felt malaise, re-contacting the vital forces present in us. The group space, the sharing of multiple dreams, the vivacity of the psychodramatic language offer the frame to resume a new feeling.

A daytime scene that preceded the dream to highlight the focal problem that activated the dream 2. The representation of the dream itself with the necessary changes of role to give expression to the perspectives of the inner parts of the dreamer activated by the event 3. One or more scenes that connect the recent event with the analytical path and the identification of the protagonist.

Nello Psicodramma Analitico Individuativo a orientamento junghiano il lavoro sul sogno si fonda su tre pilastri: 1. Una scena diurna che ne ha preceduto il sogno, per mettere in luce il problema focale che ha attivato il sogno stesso 2. Il poster evidenzia le varie fasi del processo di elaborazione durante la sessione ed inoltre i vari scritti inviati via mail al direttore dai partecipanti ausiliari successivi alla sessione, contenenti le reazioni emotive e i sogni stimolati dal lavoro svolto. Poster theme: use of group psychodrama to process trauma in a woman after suffering physical aggression by her companion.

Contents: the poster portrays the network collaboration of social worker, family mediator, therapist, psychodrama therapist helping a mother of three abused by her partner, and a long psychodrama session especially set up with the aid of 20 volunteer auxiliaries familiar with psychodrama. The request for intervention came from a fellow psychotherapist treating a patient with difficulties sleeping and relating to her own daughters after severe trauma. The psychodrama might help the woman access her own emotional sides blocked by the trauma with the reassuring aid of the welcoming group. The poster highlights the various moments of the elaboration process during the session and also the writings sent following the session via email to the director by the auxiliary participants, containing the emotional reactions and the dreams aroused by the work done.

Conduzione di un gruppo di psicodramma analitico freudiano a indirizzo lacaniano secondo la metodologia di G. Emerge nel soggetto un tratto inconscio,un sapere insaputo. La catena dei significanti passa anche attraverso sguardi, gesti, suoni lavorando per concatenazione e successione di scene. Starting with the question about how the clinical intervention with elderly patients is connected with the changing during an old age stage, it wants to explore the contribution of psychodrama to the development tasks and to the typically themes of this life stage, including social isolation, mourning, physical deterioration and changing of social roles.

Qui si scontrano con la scena traumatica. Sociometry is the glue that holds the group together. It establishes the link between individuals in the group setting, creating safety and developing an atmosphere that promotes spontaneity and creativity. It builds a framework to hold the intensity of Psychodramatic action. Group Psychotherapy promotes cognitive integration and the reconfiguration of our intrapsychic roles and interpersonal connections.

This triadic system allows people to address the challenges of living in a world where technology can stand in the way of spontaneity and creativity, not allowing us to become fully human. Through action and didactic presentation participants will have opportunities to learn about and experience this creative and multi-layered process. Theater techniques can help the Psychodramatist to facilitate staging, develop character, guide auxiliaries to expand their roles and find objectives for their protagonists. Theatrical principles can help to create story and enhance the tension between the protagonist and the antagonist in a psychodrama.

Adding more drama to the process helps to intensify the experience of both the protagonist and the group. It promotes greater spontaneity and creativity through emotional intensity as it increases the stakes for everyone involved. This presenter who originally came from the world of theater will use her expertise to help psychodrama directors enhance their directing skills using theatrical tools, techniques and principles to deepen the drama and expand the emotional experience of everyone involved in the process.

And do we want? Especially in psychodrama? The question is it possible to prove effectiveness of psychotherapy, and in particular of psychodrama, through scientific research is still unanswered. Is it enough just to believe in our method? Do we want to prove its effectiveness scientifically? There are a lot of peculiarities concerning the usual design, randomization, duration, blindness, number of participants, motivation, the role of the therapist, the usage of nosological entities, etc. Key words: scientific research, proving effectiveness, psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, psychodrama.

Di Maurizio Fajeti e Roberta Mineo In questi ultimi decenni si registra un travagliato percorso disidentitario del maschio. Abstract: As we challenge the status quo of the power relations of women and men in different institutions, many things would pop up to our awareness. The binary concept of gender is overcome by a see-saw pattern of masculinity and femininity within the same individual, reflecting the richness of diversity and the complexity of dynamics as well.

This workshop will open the way towards a deeper look at the meanings of gender identity, with consideration of gender stereotypes, gender justice, and gender equality concerns, in addition to gender empowerment. In a here and now experience, and with the use of creative arts, participants will be invited to examine the previous conceptions and to reflect upon their personal attitudes and beliefs.

Possible applications will be discussed. The workshop emphasizes the importance of the work on the adult level: the therapist, the consultant and the educator, which can affect multiple layers of society, down to the children and up to the decision makers. It will be run in English and Italian, but a lot more languages are welcome to join. In the first session sociometry was used to discover and find out more information about group members. A group of 25 out of 50 young men in the ages 18 to 24 who had committed various crimes were chosen through a simple random sampling method.

All the young men who were over the age of 18 and could no longer be housed in the juvenile prison lived in the place called Home of Safety. The room where we did the work had 2 armed guards, the psychodramatist and 3 assistants who helped with translation and any help needed in motivating the group to do the activities. In India juvenile justice board which comes under the ministry of women and child development is responsible for safety and upkeep of children who are in conflict with the law.

Fights between the gangs were quite frequent. The overall objective of the psychodrama session was to build compassion and empathy among the participants. The first session was a beginning of the group showing a little trust towards one another and a little empathy towards each other including the psychodramatist. Byrne, K talked about how Psychodrama seems particularly suited for work with prison inmates since Psychodrama is an action therapy which tends to rely less on the spoken word than many therapies, and gives the convict a chance to do, and then to re-do, those parts of life that cause him difficulty.

Since it is a form of group therapy, even those members whose problems are not being directly considered can benefit. Corsini notes that during his extensive experience in prison systems he has personally tried several methods of group therapy but has finally discovered that only one method, that of psychodrama, even approaches the effect of deep individual treatment. Violence and discrimination is a part of day to day life for most of the LGBT community.

Human Rights Campaign, Studies show that LGBT population are more likely to be treated for anxiety, panic disorder, depression, poor self-esteem, eating disorders or to develop alcohol or drug dependency when compared to the general population Cochran, Mays, Alegria, Ortega, Takeuchi.

These youth are also 4 times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual counterparts CDC, Modern or post colonial India is still awakening to the fact that the LGBTQI community very much exists and is struggling to assert their basic and fundamental human rights. The experience of them dealing with shame, guilt, anger, depression and pain that the community go through are made to express and process through psychodrama and sociometric exercises. The workshop will also take you through how psychodrama helped many members to come out to their close ones through sociometric exercises.

Washington, D. Mental health disorders, psychological distress, and suicidality in a diverse sample of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youths. American Journal of Public Health. Atlanta, GA: U.

tutti i battiti del Quore

Department of Health and Human Services. Mental health and substance use disorders among Latino and Asian American lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Uno studio preliminare ha evidenziato come il tema della morte emerga frequentemente durante sessioni di psicodramma. Psychodramatic psychotherapy with cancer patient: the role of semi-reality.

Psychological support to cancer patients is essential to deal with the physical, psychological and relational sufferance that arises and often persists beyond treatment success. Group psychotherapy has been proven to be effective in reducing sufferance of cancer patients; however only few studies explored psychodramatic psychotherapy.

The aim of the present study is to analyse how death is faced during semi-reality representation, in order to explore the functions and the consequences of this condition over both the active protagonist of the semi-reality representation and the other participants. Weekly sessions, of one hour and half each, were provided by the San Paolo Hospital of Milan. Two independent coder analysed the fragments of sessions in which the theme of death was addressed during a semi-reality representation.

Preliminary results suggest that the semi-reality dimension is used to directly address death and to talk about death related themes. Semi-reality dynamics allow to trigger transformative processes in the individual as well as in the group. INCONTRI: caratteristiche Gli incontri, della durata di minuti, hanno cadenza settimanale e vengono proposti dopo i primi incontri di accoglienza del paziente. Gli incontri sono aperti a un massimo di 10 partecipanti e sono condotti in generale con tecniche attive e partecipative.

Il metodo psicodrammatico consente ai presenti di esprimere, attraverso la messa in atto sulla scena, le diverse dimensioni della sua vita e di stabilire dei collegamenti costruttivi fra di esse. Secondo incontro: Professionisti coinvolti: Psicologhe. Terzo incontro: Professionisti coinvolti: Psicologhe. Quarto incontro: Professionisti coinvolti: Psicologhe.

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Starting from the role of the Observer, it was possible to identify in the group its function as a holder of universal emotions associated with the pathology and its function as a stimulus in the redefinition of the existential roles of the oncologic patient. Verranno descritti: il setting , la nascita e lo sviluppo dei gruppi, con alcuni esempi descritti nel dettaglio.

Verranno estrapolate alcune riflessioni sul lavoro svolto. Materiali e metodi: i gruppi sono stati avviati da oltre un anno con incontri settimanali e sono tuttora attivi. Piemonte, Italy Introduction :This work is about experiences of groups in therapeutic psychiatric community in Piemonte Italy. These groups were aimed at people with chronic mental illness, psychic and physical disabilities. This work will be better described, with some more information about setting, birth and groups development, and some detailed examples will be made.

Materials and methods : Weekly sessions of groups, started more than one year ago and are still active. Every meeting has been summarized, also with ego helpers comments. In these sociodrama sessions, a large space was given to warming up, which was about many different kind of drama games , improvisation games, role playing with roles exchanging. And sometimes it was possible to enact a psychodrama with a protagonist. Then, some technical adaptation useful to specific work in therapeutic community with people with psychiatric troubles and disabilities were discussed.

It was observed a gradual increasing of communication and relationships between groups members. Most members have experienced this groups with positivity and trust towards the others and they also learnt to feel the group as an emotional container. There were also observed improvements concerning individual rehabilitation and community life. In doing this work, it came to evidence that it was needed to adapt the setting to a therapeutic community contest, in order to make possible birth and development of the group itself.

Questo simposio desidera ospitare e confrontare esperienze di psicodramma e sociometria applicati nelle diverse organizzazioni. All around the world, psychodrama is an elective instrument, not only for psychotherapy, but also for training and consulting. This symposium wish to host and compare some experiences of Psychodrama and Sociometry applied in several organizations. Emotional satisfaction-warmth,protection,love,sexuality and intimacy- is vulnerable to interference. Our brain is clever enough to remind us what to remember and what to forget about our sexuality and relationships.

Our brain is clever enough to remind us what to remember and what to forget. Mostly in case of ambivalency. The leader being sexual ttherapist and psychodramatist will try to stir up the memories kept in mind and body. Who shall migrate for surviving? A partire da alcuni casi emblematici tratti dal mio pluriennale lavoro nei servizi di accoglienza italiani, alternando momenti di azione scenica e di riflessione ci confronteremo come gruppo internazionale e transculturale sulle metodologie e le risorse utilizzate in altre esperienze e altri contesti. The sociopsychodramatic intervention in pluricultural contexts.

The new migratory flows that have affected Europe over the last decades have produced an urgent need for specific psychosocial intervention in many areas of life and work. This workshop means to be an opportunity for exchange of experiences and knowledge on the application of socio-psychodramatic methods in pluricultural contexts and encounters, in particular working with the migrants in the reception centers and training the social and health workers and teams.

The aim of this workshop is to show how cultural anthropology and socio-psychodrama can cooperate, on one hand to improve the cohabitation and the social inclusion, and on the other hand to develop the competences for intercultural relations. I will present my long-lasting experience in these fields, working out some emblematic cases with psychodramatic techniques, then we will go on reflecting on them.

So we will be able to share, as a cross-cultural group, our methods and resources used in various experiences and in different contexts. The aim of this workshop is to show how cultural anthropology and socio-psychodrama can cooperate, on one hand to facilitate the cohabitation and the social inclusion, and on the other hand to develop interculturel competences of relation and communication.

Psychodrama and cientific knowledge production. We will present the research challenges with methods of action and sociometry. We will talk about the epistemology of psychodrama. We will give examples with the research done in the universities of Brazil in the last 15 years. Some research addresses, for example, the issue of AIDS in the country, questions of affirmative action for afro-descendants and domestic violence. This workshop will open the way towards a deeper look at the meanings of gender identity, with consideration of gender stereotypes, gender justice and gender equality concerns, in addition to gender empowerment.

Che cosa intendiamo per teoria e metodologia dello psicodramma? Vi sono diversi orientamenti in questo ambito; numerosi manuali sono stati pubblicati. In tali occasioni, sono emersi due ambiti principali: quello degli assunti teorici di base dello psicodramma e quello delle loro connessioni con altri approcci. Riflettendo sui risultati ottenuti, sulla base delle nostre proprie conoscenze e ricerche in psicodramma, abbiamo pensato di proporre un inquadramento coerente della teoria e della metodologia psicodrammatiche e delle sue connessioni con modelli teorici affini. All over the world, since the last 70 years, many Institutions have been created to train and certify practitioners in psychodrama.

There are various positions in this area; many handbooks have been published. The main instrument used in the past for creating a common theoretical and methodological basis for psychodrama is the Glossary; we can find a number of them available online. Two main fields have arised: the basic assumptions of psychodrama and their connections with other approaches. Reflecting on the outcomes of that work, on the basis of our own knowledge and research in psychodrama, we thought to propose a coherent framework for the psychodrama theory and methodology and their connections to other scientific disciplines.

So we built up two Conceptual Maps, that we will present in this Symposium:. The aims of the two Conceptual Maps are to lay the foundation for a common scientific language in psychodrama and to be a reference tool for training and research in psychodrama. In this view the two Maps still need to be rectified and improved.

The participants at the Symposium will be invited to give their contribution in ideas and suggestions for the realization of the initiative. Is important symbol of resistence to African culture, resilience, overcoming and trasnformation. We propose with the workshop to facilitate that the participants can get in touch with the history of the Abayomi dolls and inspired them, to identify aspects of their relationships that they want to transform.

The public is invited to interact, to find sources of inspiration for creation, using paper, pencils, cand draw, paint, create and recreate, graphically represent the resonance of interactions. Starting from the perspective of the use of the body as an anatomical tool that allows to establish codes of languages and give corporality to something that arises from the interactions. The world is in danger! The sun is going to explode and destroy the whole galaxy!

All civilations have to be transfered to the only surviving Planet. But before they have to unify values and rules to form a new humanity. The rescue star ship is just leaving if all agree. After a nine months long work with Roma women from two villages, living in poverty, doing socio-psychodrama recorded on film a dramaturg wrote a theatre play. The women play their own stories on stage. The performance became a huge success both in Budapest and in the villages where they performed.

The play was selected to an International Theatre Festival in Dresden May Theatre history has been written. The topics of the Sociodrama panel discussion at the International Psychodrama conference in Iseo Monica Zuretti the relationship between the social matrix situation and the themes within small or large groups and its relationship. Malinda Ashley Meyer Research, early group intervention after trauma and collective healing.

  • A Popular History of France From The Earliest Times (Complet)!
  • Abstract in progress - IAGP International Psychodrama Conference .
  • Italian translator.

Si sono cercate nuove espressioni possibili per lo Psicodramma partendo dal lavoro con soggetti provenienti, prevalentemente, dalla dipendenza, a volte con vissuti di violenza. These may be new roles, or transformations of existing spiritual roles. The warmups leading to encounter with these roles will roughly follow the model of the typical Tibetan Buddhist 7-branch prayer.

They will encounter these roles through a variety of methods, such as reciting mantras, insight meditation , empty chair, expressive sound-and-movement, role interview and role reversal. They will explore ways of using these deity roles as supports or models in dealing with difficult relationships or conflict situations.

One or more pieces of psychodrama action will be included.