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Poems about God Walking With Us

Daiches principal concern and passion is poetry—specifically the relationship between the poet, their work and the possibility of communicating something of the Divine, and thus the lectures form a compelling investigation of the link between human creativity and spirituality. Beginning with a close reading of the book of Job,. Daiches adroitly draws out the tensions at play between demands of religious belief and the actualities of existing in the fallen world.

Personal Poet of God

Moving forward, Daiches turns to Milton and the direct personal voice of God that Milton seeks to articulate. The poetic attitude towards God is covered in breath-taking historical sweep in the middle lecture that moves from the Psalms and Hebrew poetry all the way to Dante. Daiches finds expression in the American poets, particularly the Calvinist tradition in New England best exemplified in Emily Dickinson.

In his concluding lecture on poetry and belief, Daiches argues that the nature of poetry allows us to respond to expressions of faith which we do not necessarily share. I Testify that God is…. A Morning Prayer by Malcolm Boyd. Seek — to seek God.

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In Hot Pursuit — a poem about pursuing God. To the Lamb of God — a poem for those going through troubling times.

R.S. Thomas: Poet of the Cross

I Thought I was Loving You. The Light. You are There.

Touch Me. Peace and Contentment. Precious Poem. You are an Overcomer. In the Midst. Driven to the Breaking Point.

Personal Poet of God

I Hear Your Heart Cries. He Kept me — a poem about wanting to take your own life. I Miss You. A Blessing in Disguise.

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At the Foot of the Cross. Mary at the cross.

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