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You have entered an invalid code. Submit Cancel. Thank you for submitting a comment on this article. Nevertheless, one Italian out of four is afraid to be alone on the street in the evening and one in ten is terrified of staying home alone according to ISTAT, the Italian Institute of Statistics. This photographic research aims to investigate why Italy is so scared and how people react to this fear. The opportunity to approach the topic is the forthcoming discussion in the Italian Lower Chamber about the proposal to change article 52 of the Italian Penal Code. Its mission is to create an irrebuttable presumption that an individual who kills or harms another within his or hers private property has acted in self-defence and cannot be prosecuted.

According to Giorgio Beretta, analyst of OPAL Observatory on light weapons and security and defense policies , this new law will bring many Italians to arm themselves. Apparently, the data confirm his concern: in the last 3 years, about thousand people have started to attend shooting ranges and intensive self-defence training courses while firearms licenses have increased by 14 percent. This growing trend was also confirmed by the last edition of Hit Show, the international hunting weapons fair that took place in Vicenza in February , which attracted over 40, visitors.

Interesting data, emerging from the research carried out by the Carlo Bo Faculty of Economics at the University of Urbino, was presented at the show: the production of weapons and ammunition for sport, civil and hunting uses in Italy is worth 7 billion million euro, corresponding to 0. If, on one hand, economic interests of arms factories can influence political programs and public debate, on the other it seems that the Italian justice system has a crucial role if we want to understand the reasons why perception of insecurity is nowadays so widespread.

According to EU Justice Scoreboard, the report published by European Justice Commission, Italy is on the bottom in the European Union regarding efficiency and independence of the courts which highlights alarming problems in the Italian judicial system. Just to mention one of them: in the most up-to-date data available more than days were necessary to reach the third degree of judgment for civil and commercial disputes. In addition to this, 7 out of 10 Italians think that the judicial system does not fully guarantee the protection of the fundamental rights of an individual.

The result of this investigation seems to reveal that Italians tend to react to this frustration by focusing on the idea of private justice and self-defence and the political answer in changing the article 52 indulges to this trend.


It almost look like that the government decided to accept the state of affairs as it is and offer a bypass solution which corresponds the popular opinion, as achieving an efficient judicial system is not possible. It would be interesting to understand if this need of justice could be addressed and re-framed differently. If the political reaction was focused on the solution of justice inefficiency, would Italian feel the need to arm themselves? To conclude: a country in which people can rely on judicial system is a country with less thirst for revenge and private justice?

View on the mountains close to Gardone Val Trompia, a small town of about 10 thousand inhabitants where is concentrated almost all of the production of light weapons in Italy. In , the valley's gunmakers sent , firearms to the United States alone. Emanuele Paniz, 43 years old, the new Director of Banco Nazionale di Prova delle Armi National Proof House , a public body that certifies that firearms comply with safety legislation.

Paniz is a former Lieutenant Colonel of RIS, the Scientific Investigation Department who carry out technical-scientific activities as part of preliminary investigations. Interior of Banco Nazionale di Prova delle Armi National Proof House , a public body that certifies that firearms comply with safety legislation. Gardone Val Trompia, Brescia, Italy. Detail of an interior of Banco Nazionale di Prova delle Armi National Proof House , a public body that certifies that firearms comply with safety legislation. Banco Nazionale di Prova delle Armi National Proof House , a public body that certifies that firearms comply with safety legislation.

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According to him, among the associates of the club, number of people who are interested in self-defence is really low. Most of them are shooting athletes or simply sport passionates.

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He declares to be a weapons enthusiast, but he doesn't keep any arm in his place because he doesn't feel he could ever need it. He is in favour of the new art. Number of crimes are decreasing in Italy. From 1 August to 31 July - according to the dossier presented by Viminale - crimes were 9. According to Italian Law, minimum age for practicing Shooting is 10 years, only with compressed air guns. The use of firearms is allowed from the age of 18 or 14 years, with parental permission. Shooting is included in the Youth Games program.

The result of a test on a bullet. Elisabetta Aldrovandi, lawyer. Aldrovandi is the president of Osservatorio Nazionale Sostegno Vittime and promoter of the amendment of the art. The fair is organized every year in Vicenza, Italy.

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The last edition february attracted 40, visitors. On the afternoon of the first day, the Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini paid a visit. Minors and general public are welcome, unlike in other similar shows in the rest of Europe. Team tactict".