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Ballantine Communications, Inc. Instagram RSS Alexa. On that Friday evening and Saturday, he began to show small bruises under his skin. On Sunday, Tavish bumped his lip and it was hard to stop the bleeding. The next day, the first day of October, his parents, Charles and Maren, took him to see the pediatrician. In the early hours of Tuesday, October 2, Tavish was diagnosed with high-risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia—a cancer of the early blood-forming cells. He then received an additional diagnosis of Mixed-Lineage Leukemia—a particularly difficult-to-treat form of the condition.

He has been separated from his brother Ewan, age 7, and sister Isla, age 5, who went to live with their grandparents in a nearby town the night Tavish went to the hospital. Tavish has since started his 2nd month of chemo and is responding well to treatment. Jaymie Rosmaryn. My name is Jaymie Rosmaryn I am 15 years old almost 16 and I'm a sophomore in high school. I have an older sister who is in college and a brother who goes to the same high school as me but is also in running start.

In my spare time I'm playing soccer or tennis with some of my closest friends. We all play soccer together on our varsity school soccer team and a rec team. I've recently had to take a break from soccer for medical reasons but hope to be healed and ready for tennis season. I also like to cook with my mom and start practicing tennis with my dad. As a family we like to go camping and tell jokes at the dinner table. I like school and hope to do running start next year like my brother and sister. Cassie Powell. Cassie was born June 12th From day one Cassie has been an independent soul with sass and determination.

At the age of 6, she was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Since that time she has had numerous scans, surgeries and treatments, so many in fact that we have lost track of the numbers. Cassie is currently fighting her 3rd relapse and although life is not easy for her, she does her best to not let Cancer slow her down. She is currently a freshman in high school, loves lacrosse, making custom soaps, fishing, swimming and photography. She hopes to someday learn how to play the guitar and plans to become a detective or wildlife game warden. She truly gives the people around her a reason to smile.

Jay Lafratta-Orr. Hi my name is Jay. On the 28th of September I was diagnosed with T-Cell lymphoma. Ilyana Arteaga-Rosas. At 5 and a half months old, Ilyana had been vomiting more than a typical baby. Shayla and Mateo had taken her to her pediatrician where she was diagnosed with acid reflux and chronic colds each time. Ilyana was put on medication to help control the acid reflux. She would take a 6 oz bottle and end up throwing up over half of what she ate.

Over a few days she decreased what she would eat and was only taking an ounce at a time throwing that up to the point of where she had to be seen at the emergency room for dehydration. In a weeks span, they were seen 7 times at clinic and 3 times in the emergency room for the same symptoms. When she was back at the ER, she was about to be released but during a shift change, the oncoming doctor noticed she had weakness in her right arm.

The doctor decided to look further and ordered a CT scan. The doctor noticed a tumor that covered a quarter of her brain and said Illyana needed it removed now. The tumor was compressing her brain stem and cerebellum and causing the vomiting and breathing issues. The surgeons were able to resect almost all of the tumor. The cancer had spread to other regions of her brain and with the resection of the tumor it has caused a leptomenigeal spread. Her team of neuro oncologists have decided to go with an aggressive approach. She will need to be treated with treatments being given over 4 days every 3 weeks for at least 6 months depending on the outcome with this treatment.

With this type of rare cancer, Ilyana will spend the majority of the time at the hospital. Living in Centralia puts them over an hour away. With her still having a virus, Mauricio has been unable to come spend much time at the hospital. Ilyana has fought hard and we know she will continue to fight every day. Please pray for her strength to continue to fight this battle! Yzabella Del Rosario. She has a 9 year old sister who she is very close with.

Being the eldest, she is the more responsible and takes her older sister role seriously. Yzie loves learning in school and playing with friends. She also enjoys traveling and going to the beach whenever possible. Her favorite food are Italian and Japanese.

Having recently relocated to Seattle, she is looking forward to starting 6th grade and making new friends. Unfortunately, this will be delayed until the doctors feel that she healthy enough to go back to school. This is because last June 16, , Yzabella was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma. They found a tumor on her TT11 vertebra body. Initially, the tumor was pressing onto the nerves on her spine which made her temporarily lose the ability to walk. Three days after her diagnosis, she started chemotherapy.

Thankfully, after the first round of chemotherapy her leg movements started to improve and are continuously improving throughout her treatment also with the help of physical therapy. Her team say treatment would last approximately 8 months which will include proton radiation which is scheduled for mid-September. Her prognosis is good as tumor is localized but it will be a long road ahead for her and her family. Nehemiah Ascencio. A spunky, sweet eyed, smart, and playful 9 almost 10 month old baby boy. He was diagnosed at 4 months with b cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Hug Tails – Portraits of Therapy Pets

He's gotten now 3 rounds of chemo therapy, and fingers crossed is now in remission so we can move forward with a bone marrow transplant. He has truly shown his family and friends what strength is. His sister is his best friend and they have the sweetest relationship. We are so grateful to be in a place where he has a real chance to survive this horrible disease.

Solomon Haufano. In a world where Hope is often lost, Solomon has been that shining light of hope. Since the day he was born he has been a living testimony of HOPE. His dad was about to start chemotherapy and would not be able to have kids anymore, so we made a bold move to hold off his treatment and have one more child. And then we were blessed with Solomon. The strongest five year old I know who has tackled multiple weeks of aggressive chemo and just finished major surgery to his stomach and now will undergo radiation. And all the while this is happening you still find a way to dance your life away and be the joy in our home everyday.

Blake Williams. Blake, age 9, is a sweet, silly boy who loves tree kangaroos and all things building, especially Legos. He misses being able to garden and camp, which are things forbidden to chemotherapy patients but has taken up cooking this year. He faces his treatment with such bravery and strength. He is such a hero. Blake is looking forward to being able to return to school in and rejoin his peers.

He has to continue chemotherapy treatment and fight until March 27, Jovany Hernandez-Valdovines. Edgar Jovany is a four-year-old boy, and he prefers to go by Jovany. Jovany is very friendly and he likes to make new friends. He loves and enjoys spending time with his dog. He loves to dance, and play with friends. He loves his sisters so much; they are everything to him. He is very smart and a quick learner. Audrey Su'esu'e-Lefono. Audrey is 10 years old, born June 14th, She is the oldest of our four kids. She loves singing, dancing, all things purple and pink, and is the best older sister to her siblings and cousins.

She was first diagnosed with MDS back in for which she received and bone marrow transplant with her sister as her donor match. This allowed for 2 blessed and beautiful years of health. She relapsed in the beginning of August and is now diagnosed with AML for which she will again need a marrow transplant from God-willing a non-related donor.

She is despite everything, so resilient and brave, she has more courage than I ever will. All the beautiful children who have battled and are battling cancer are true warriors!! Audrey is my hero. Avery Jaques. Prior to her diagnosis she started displaying symptoms in the form of bruises that seemed to appear quickly and take their time to disappear. Avery loves to hang out with her brothers in her free time. Her favorite thing to do is swing or take a bath. She's obsessed with cat and dog videos and absolutely loves My Little Pony.

She's also content watching her brothers play video games. Gracin Casady. Gman is an animal, sports, superhero and fast car loving 3rd grader.

Selected Preschools in Mont Kiara

He has always been very active either playing soccer or football. Even with the diagnosis his spirit is not broken. His tenacity and fight simply moved from the field to the hospital rooms, procedure rooms, and really wherever he is to beat this cancer. He is currently being treated by an incredible team Seattle Children's. Gracin has three years left of treatment and we all know he is going to kick cancers butt and come out on the other side stronger and sweeter.

Ariyana Sanches-Reyes. Her family is very close and includes her three siblings, Alyssia 12, Lexi 7 and Jr. As a family they love to go on camping trips to Boulder Cave, and for a special treat try to come to the Seattle area once a year to see the Woodland Park Zoo, the Aquarium or Wild Waves which Ariyana says is her favorite. Her mother Maria was raising four kids and juggling two jobs as both a hotel housekeeper and seasonal cherry and cranberry picker when Aryiana began to have eye and facial twitches.

She took her to their local clinic in May, and after a few quick tests a whirlwind began. Ariyana needed immediate treatment so Maria had to leave her jobs to be her full time caregiver in Seattle. After two months of almost daily medical appointments and treatment like radiation and adjusting to living in a hotel, they are excited to be going home next week for a treatment break until the next steps in her plan are decided. Ariyana is a resilient patient, with a smile that can melt hearts, and a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

This summer she has arrived for her daily radiation treatment at the UWMC singing, skipping or chasing a sibling with a giggle. Kaya Faye Sanders. Kaya Faye Sanders was born on June 22nd, She is the youngest of 4 and the only girl. She was the sweetest and most pleasant baby ever. She has always been very smart and on the go once she figured out how to crawl. Her favorite color is pink however, she is all boy since she grew up with 3 big brothers. She was always a very healthy child until May of We were at a wedding in Arizona and an someone noticed that her walk seemed to be off.

She had an appointment with the neurologist on a Monday, MRI on Thursday at that point we knew something was there, then met with the brain tumor team on Friday. Her little world was turned upside down. We decided to do the biopsy, so she was admitted and that was completed on Saturday. Simulated radiation Monday, Tuesday she got the day off, Wednesday she got her port placed, and Thursday she started radiation. All this just being 4 years old and not once did she complain. She has yet to let anything hold her back.

She continues to thrive and surprises us everyday with her energy level. She just recently went through her second round of radiation and we pray it works just as long as the first round did. She is such a beautiful kid that loves everyone, and we feel like the world is being robbed. We focus on letting her be a kid. She is now looking forward to starting kindergarten in September. Julian is a happy, extremely energetic, intelligent, loving, God fearing, helpful, smart, handsome, lil "BoyMan" or as others call "gentlegiant".

He loves going to church and being involved, his favorite is listening to music and playing his drums. He is great at reading and school work, He is overall a pleasure to have and be to around. Never ceases to amaze one! Desmond Dez was born with Down Syndrome in May Since the day Dez was born he has been a happy fighter and has overcome many obstacles. He fights with joy and smiles, and most of all with determination. With him every step of the way, are brothers Griffin and Hudson, and his parents, Spencer and Mindy.

Jorge Coy is a 9 year old boy who loves his family, movies, cars, and toys. He is also a very outgoing and strong kid. He was first diagnosed in May of with brain tumors and he did 9 months of chemo and weeks of radiation. In April his tumors have returned he is now receiving chemo. This is Drew! She will be 9 months on July 2nd. She is the sweetest laid back baby. On May 18 Drew was diagnosed with 2 low grade gliomas on both her eyes optic nerves.

She started chemo on June 8th and will continue for 14 months. Anjoleah Sprout. Anjoleah Sprout is 13 years old and lives in Puyallup, Washington. Her favorite things to do are hangout with friends and family, skating, dancing, drawing and doing photography. She is a very respectful young lady that treats everyone she meets with kindness. Being diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma has been a trying time for her and our family but she has a great support system and tons of love to get her through this. Anjoleah is a strong girl and will come out the other side with a new appreciation for life, love and those closest to her.

Anna is a year-old, intelligent, creative, and outgoing young lady. Starting at age 5 she reported to her family she wanted to be a doctor and now has her heart set on being a pediatric cardiovascular surgeon. Right before spring break March 27, Anna told her mom she had a bump on her shoulder above her collar bone that was bothering her. She had felt okay, recently just finishing her wrestling season at school and only slightly noticed minor changes a couple pounds and low appetite.

April 27 started her first round of treatment. She misses her home, two dogs, school, friends, and her family being altogether. Her mom and dad who both work take turns spending three days with her, and each Sunday plan to have a day as a family. Anna will miss out on her youth group summer camp and visiting family over the summer that has been part of her annual routine. But, despite the drastic changes in her life she spends most of her days with a positive mood hoping to grow from her journey.

Rachel Whitworth. On January 19th Rachel was admitted to Seattle Children's Hospital when doctors discovered a golf ball sized mass in her cerebellum. After suffering from debilitating migraines for far too long, the cause had finally been discovered. Within a matter of days, Rachel underwent several surgeries, and was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma. She has since completed an aggressive regimen of high dose radiation and is now embarking on the Maintenance phase of treatment for the next 6 months.

Through all of this, Rachel has shown us all how incredibly strong and brave she is. Rachel is 12 years old and loves animals, math, history, science and adventurous foods. She can't wait for treatment to be over so she can get back to eating her favorite cuisine Carter Gemar. Carter is the sweetest, most polite boy. He is very funny and easy going as well. Carter was diagnosed with Burkitts lymphoma stage 4 after he was taken to the doctor for a swollen tonsil.

He is from Helena MT. Where he lives with his mom and dad, Brandi and Keith. Carter also has a little sister that is seven. Her name is Presley. He is in the 5th grade at Jim Darcy elementary in Helena. He also enjoys camping, fishing, playing with his dog and video games. After that he can go home and be a kid again with only having to do some traveling back and forth for checkups. Brisean Robinson. Brisean is 14 years old, in a single parent home with 10 siblings. There are 8 boys and 2 girls, he is very close to them all being the middle child.

He is in 9th grade, he likes Science, Math and Art. He was a very active teen playing basketball, riding bikes and running. His hobbies are drawing, music and hanging with his friends. Brisean has been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, bone cancer and there is a tumor in his right femur. We are unsure that he will be able to keep his leg. We have had different appointments for his biopsy, port in his chest, then his chest xrays and MRI.

Before starting his treatment plan it has been a long process. Jamile Ragsdale. When Jamile was six years old her step-father and I noticed her eyes started to drift apart. We took her to get glasses thinking that would help and maybe cut back on television. A few years later our family moved to Washington state for a new start in life. We went for a regular eye exam; upon examination and questioning the doctor thought it was best to get an MRI to see if its external.

That was December and on February 20, J. J was diagnosed with a low-grade glioma tumor in her brainstem. They cannot surgically remove it so we are currently in treatment. Cecile Snyder. The youngest of five, Cecile has always been a shining star just like all the kids around us. She decided to break our streak of mid-year monthly birthdays by coming into the world a couple of weeks early and sporting an extra chromosome, Down Syndrome.

We spent the first few weeks at Valley General then at Mary Bridge till almost a month old. Loves her time spent with the Jam Club of the Maple Valley Youth Symphony as music is a very important part of her day as she is always dancing, singing and or signing in ASL to all the hip songs of the day. She loves school and is a social butterfly. One of her greatest thrills is being a part of the Tahoma Cheer Sparkles Squad for the past 4 years, and even recruited Coach Mom, as she calls her, for the squad coach. While she has always been healthy, she presented no real symptoms till the day of diagnosis.

Getting out of the shower she felt dizzy and since she was being a little lazy the last couple of days of Spring Break we figured she had a bug or flu. Took her to Urgent Care to get checked out and after a blood test they asked which hospital we wanted to go to. She started chemo treatments the very next day and our first stay lasted 25 days. After another day stay to start Consolidation, we got out in time, so she was home for her 18th Birthday. And now we wait for re-admittance for the second half of Consolidation. Her body has been responding very well to the treatments with minimal problems handling the chemo.

Thankfully her spirits remain good and she draws everyone she meets into her web of happiness. Thatcher Hamblin. Thatcher Hamblin is the 3rd boy of Brandon and Rachel Hamblin. At 18 months old he was diagnosed with a Stage 3 Wilms Tumor on his right kidney. He now has to go through six months of chemotherapy treatments. Thatcher is a fun and sweet boy, with a great sense of humor. Cael Thuotte. Cael is 20 months old, born with Down Syndrome and a blood disorder that predisposed him to leukemia. He is the youngest of 12, with siblings ranging in age from 26 to 4. He has been hospitalized twice previously for respiratory viruses.

He also has a mild, unrepaired heart condition. He is absolutely the most perfect baby. He rarely cries and is always ready with a smile. His favorite toy is people, and he loves pointing, giving fives, clapping with your hand, and playing peek-a-boo. Everyone who meets him falls instantly in love. With the help of the doctors at Seattle Children's, we are hoping to take our son home with us at the end of September cancer free!! Rowen Kalcso. Rowen has always been an active and curious creature!

He has the most magnetic smile and precocious sense of humor that can cure any gloomy mood. This is an uncommon type of leukemia that presented initially with internal bleeding and severe coagulopathy concerns. This required Rowen to receive many different daily blood and blood product transfusions. This ranged from the leukemia sugar coating his spine and meninges, making it difficult for the doctors to treat since they were uncertain of what side of those barriers the cancer lai,d to a very rare reaction in his mandible and at the base of the skull that caused excruciating pain.

The results from the biopsy came back as new bone growth with unknown origin. No infection or inflammation in the bony specimen has been found. Rowen is being discussed around many medical teams nationwide. We are awaiting how we should move forward, knowing there is pain and no idea why his body decided to react this way.

This induction has been seven weeks of unknowns and the unlikeliest circumstances. Still our family is full of life and beaming with support of many friends and relatives! With the challenges to get Rowe Baby healthy, we are determined do to so with humor, love, and compassion!

Kiss Cam by Kiara London, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Our hope is to get Rowen creating art and scootering in the sunshine as swiftly as possible! We cannot wait to get to the beach!!! Mustafa Zaidi. Mustafa is a very dear kid and is just 15 months old. He charms people and make friends faster than his other siblings. He used to run very fast ever since he started walking from 10 months onwards. But, unfortunately, due to sudden spinal cord and brain tumors he has not been able to run or walk - which is very painful for our family. We are now moving into the second session of chemotherapy.

Desperately waiting to see improvements in Mustafa so he can run again and live a happy and healthy life along with other kids.

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She had 5 different surgeries in 2 weeks. Danica Taylor. Danica has an older brother and she will be a big sister in May! Trinity Nevaraz. On January 24, Trinity, a smart, beautiful 12 year old, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. Trinity is one of six kids and is very much missing her siblings and family while she is here. Before diagnosis, Trinity loved and enjoyed sports like running, cheerleading, gymnastics, and riding a unicycle during gym class at school!

She loves the arts, as well, and enjoys water colors, painting, and making slime. So far, Trinity is doing well with treatment but is experiencing side effects like dizziness, nausea, and being tired. She looks forward to being home with her family again! Wendy says that trinity is one tough girl and has been her rock throughout this whole experience giving her strength to deal with all they are going through. Catherine Level.

Before her diagnosis, Catherine was an avid traveler, most recently to the Philippines last summer to visit family and friends. Catherine enjoys books, music, TV, hanging out with friends, and her iPhone—like most kids her age. Last week, Catherine got a puppy which is helping her cope with the isolation that comes with parts of her treatment. She named him Jasper. Alondra Gomez-Gomez. Alondra is 13 and was diagnosed with breast cancer October 13, She has a little sister who lives with Alondra and their mother.

Jedi Minters. Jedi is an amazing two and a half year old little boy. He is full of energy. He loves to play with trucks, cars, and crayons. He knows his alphabet and likes to point out letters wherever we go. Jedi loves watching shows on his iPad, like Paw Patrol and Blaze. We were admitted to Mary Bridge Hospital. After one round of chemo he was not in remission, so the recommendation was a bone marrow transplant.

Jedi struggled quite a bit with skin and stomach GVHD but overall did really well. Unfortunately about four months post-transplant, we found out Jedi relapsed. He is currently doing chemo monthly in hopes of having a second transplant this fall. Emmett Cutway. Emmett is from Anchorage, Alaska and is a sweet and happy boy unless he is hungry. He loves snuggles and minions, his dog Chance and his Big Brother and Sister. By the 22nd it was confirmed that it was Stage 3 High Risk Neuroblastoma.

Emmett had a hard time with his breathing because the mass was so big. He since has done 2 more rounds of chemo. He has been in the PICU for almost 2 months. We have a long road ahead of us, but he has kept his very sassy nature and his dimple smile and wink. Tyson Stollsteimer. Tyson was born in October of He had always been a healthy little boy who loved to play, loved cars and visiting car shows with his grandpa and going to the park with Mommy and Daddy.

He has always been a sweet, gentle and caring little boy who is always offering to give before he gets.

He was given a sister in June and has taken on the role of Big Brother like a champ. He loves his little sister to no end and is always helping mommy and daddy take care of her. In September of this year we found out he had T cell lymphoma after initially being misdiagnosed in June. Tyson is now on a strict and heavy two-year treatment plan which includes lots of chemo days. So far, even though it hasn't been easy, Tyson has been able to stay that sweet little boy we've always known and loved.

He is so strong and an inspiration to all of our family. If he can make it through all of these hard days of sickness and chemo and we can all get through anything. Keegan Bell. Our energetic, sweet girl has been exceptionally brave throughout this massive challenge. We are so proud of her! Jocelyn Leon.

Jocelyn is a happy young girl from Wenatchee, Washington who loves drawing, riding her bike, and playing with her brother. In December, , she was diagnosed with childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia ALL and is undergoing chemotherapy. Her family has been given an approximate treatment time of two and a half years. Jocelyn's mother and 11 year old brother Jonathon have relocated to Seattle to be with Jocelyn while she is in treatment. Orlando Lescas. He found out he had leukemia in August It was harder for him in the beginning, sometimes it still is when he is getting chemo.

Chemo really makes him sick and tired. He has ups and downs. He will be staying in Seattle for hopefully four more months. Aurora Thayse. Aurora is a spunky 2 year old born in June of at Valley Medical Center. Aurora loves camping, playing outside, and swinging at the park. Aurora will not be able to return home until she is cured, she will have to stay close to the hospital. Therefore, Charlene and Nick will stay by her side, putting their family owned business on hold. If Leukemia is still present in the bone marrow after the first found, then the treatment plan will most likely include radiation and a bone marrow transplant.

Having gained confidence now that the camera is on, he begins talking smack and placing bets on how much he can eat. There are two things one should know about Lenny. First, he can't say no to anything. Second, he's the easiest person to make laugh. The first one is relevant in this case. I glance at her and laugh a little, thinking the only strong thing about this girl is her jawline.

Lenny leans down to take a whiff of the concoction but pulls back quickly, trying not to make a face. Lenny leans back while I scoot forward and bring the lens right up to the slightly green and watery mixture.

Prep Spotlight: Kiara Valley sets the tone for Durango girls lacrosse

The pickles, peaches, and fruit snacks make it extra chunky and colorful, while the Jell-O has been mushed into slime. It looks the same way it's going to look when it comes back up. Jasper snatches the camera away from me and looks up at Lenny.

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  4. Keep it down and it's thirty. I have to look away when Lenny dives spoon-first into the hearty-style peach-mayo-and-more soup. Like Allison, I can't watch him take that first bite, swallow, gag a little, and push forward. Unlike Allison, I sneak tiny peeks at Lenny, who struggles to spoon another glob into his mouth. It proves to be too disgusting to watch, though.

    He spits up a little, and I shield my eyes while Jasper cheers. Lenny lurches forward like he's going to puke, and I ram into Allison to get into the splatter-free zone while Jasper closes in on him. Looking around, I can see we've attracted the attention of other students. Some of our peers are actually leaning across their tables to see if he'll spew.

    Jasper and I share a look across the table, hiding smiles. She's always in a foul mood when one of us is doing something stupid. I think she takes the hit for all the embarrassment none of us ever seem to feel. After a few more minutes of filming Lenny groaning and bellyaching, Jasper decides to end the video. Turning the camera around to face himself, Jasper salutes the audience, saying, "Well, folks, this is what we got up to today.

    So, stay out of the way. We're vlogging here. The bed shifts beside me, and I know Lenny sat down as well, leaving all the work to Jasper. My boots really are all right. They got a good scrub-down in the school bathroom.

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    Luckily, Allison had some body spray in her backpack, so I didn't smell like vomit for the rest of the day. After lunch, Lenny went to the health office and then home. He didn't look good before, but now he's looking chipper as ever. Good thing, too, seeing as this is the only night this week we can do our weekly questions video.

    I turn over and watch Jasper bounce from his laptop to his camera, dodging electrical cords as he goes. If it weren't for his video setup, this room would be pretty tidy. We're not the highest quality of video bloggers, yet we're one of the most subscribed-to vlog channels on VlogIt — which also means we've partnered with the site and get paid. We could be a quality vlog channel, but Lenny's laziness, my spending tendencies, and Jasper's fondness for the "kids-next-door" feel keep us doing what we've been doing for three years.

    And, thanks to us being laid-back and random, our channel WereVloggingHere has made leaps and bounds since its start. Our success has enabled us to set up meetings with other vloggers and meet-and-greets with our subscribers from across the globe, but in town we aren't well known at all.

    To our neighbors, we're just an eccentric group of teens with a camcorder. It does a good job of keeping us grounded. One of the most popular things we do on our channel is answer our subscribers' questions on camera. There's a different theme for each ask, and tonight is Truth or Dare. Lenny stares at him blankly for a second and then bursts out laughing.