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Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. Thrift may go, bad luck may stay, I shall travel far away. The Cauld Lad of Hilton seems to have wanted clothes and to have been grateful for the gift of them, yet still refused to stay after receiving them. Wae's me! The acorn is not yet Fallen from the tree, That's to grow to the wood, That's to make the cradle, That's to rock the bairn, That's to grow a man, That's to lay to me. After the servants presented him with a green mantle and hood, he is supposed to have joyfully sung before disappearing: [9] [33]. Here's a cloak, and here's a hood!

The Cauld Lad of Hilton will do no more good! It is possible that the Cauld Lad may have simply thought himself "too grand for work", a motif attested to in other folk tales, [33] or that the gift of clothing may have been seen as a means of freeing him from a curse. In the nineteenth century, the pothook used to hang pots over the fire was made with a crook in it, which was known in Herefordshire as the "brownie's seat" or "brownie's sway".

Although the name brownie originated in the early 16th century as a dialect word used only in the Scottish Lowlands and along the English border, [38] it has become the standard name for a variety of similar creatures appearing in the folklores of various cultures across Britain. Like brownies, Bwbach s are said to have violent tempers if angered. John Rhys , a Welsh scholar of Celtic culture and folklore, records a story from Monmouthshire in his book Celtic Folklore about a young maid suspected of having fairy blood, who left a bowl of cream at the bottom of the stairs every night for a Bwbach.

The Fenodyree is envisioned as a "hairy spirit of great strength", who is capable of threshing an entire barn full of corn in a single night. Especially in Yorkshire and Lancashire, brownies are known as "Hobs" due to their association with the hearth. Tongue in immediately after he heard it from a woman who lived next door to the inn.

Hobs are sometimes also known as "Lobs". He was often reported to laugh alongside the rest of the family if they were laughing, [36] but he was strongly opposed to the family drinking any beverages with more alcohol content than home-brewed ale. A female spirit known as the Silkie or Selkie , who received her name from the fact that she was always dressed in grey silk, appears in English and Scottish folklore. Silkies were also sometimes believed to appear suddenly on roads at night to lonely travellers and frighten them.

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West , they may be Celtic survivals of goat-like nature spirits from Proto-Indo-European mythology , analogous to the Roman fauns and Greek satyrs. A figure named " Billy Blind " or "Billy Blin", who bears close resemblances to both the brownie and the Irish banshee , appears in ballads of the Anglo-Scottish border. Briggs notes stories of other household spirits from British folklore who are reputed to haunt specific locations. Brownies have traditionally been regarded as distinct and different from fairies.

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Briggs notes that brownies are frequently associated with the dead [13] and states that, like the banshee in Irish folklore, "a good case" could be made for brownies to be classified as ghosts. In seventeenth-century Scotland, brownies were sometimes regarded as a kind of demon. The folklorist L. Newman states that the image of the brownie fits well into a Functionalist analysis of the "old, generous rural economy" of pre-Industrial Britain, [33] describing him as the epitome of what a good household servant of the era was supposed to be.

An entity referred to as a "drudging goblin" or the "Lubbar Fend" is described in lines to of John Milton 's pastoral poem L'Allegro.

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Hogg later wrote about brownies in his short story "The Brownie of Black Haggs" The late nineteenth century saw the growth and profusion of children's literature, which often incorporated fantasy. The Canadian American children's writer Palmer Cox helped promote brownies in North America through his illustrated poems about them published in St. Nicholas Magazine.

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And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. This now infamous act of racist terror was described by Martin Luther King Jr as "one of the most vicious and tragic crimes ever perpetrated against humanity", and proved to be a significant milestone in the growing Civil Rights Movement, provoking worldwide revulsion, condemnation and heartbreak.

Several thousand miles away in the small Welsh coastal village of Llansteffan, the artist John Petts read about the tragedy in his morning newspaper, the Western Mail, and immediately resolved to offer a work of art to the destroyed church. His vision was to create a stained-glass window that the people of Wales would give in solidarity to the oppressed people of Birmingham, Alabama.

From this initial idea started a remarkable journey towards creating a visionary and profound work of art, the Wales Window for Alabama: a radical reappraisal of the crucified Christ as a Civil Rights protestor; and which still to this day stands in the rebuilt 16th Street Baptist Church as a transcendent image of harmony, shared humanity and suffering.

The Wales Window asks what does a work of art contain? What is its story? And can one man's resolution to build a bridge between two nations, and two races, ever truly be achieved? For more information regarding this project, please contact my agent, Nick Quinn at The Agency. JOE A short film. Produced by Final Chapter Productions.

Coming soon in For more info visit the film's Indiegogo page , or contact my agent Nick Quinn at The Agency for a copy of the film or information regarding distribution rights.

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  • Contact my agent Nick Quinn at The Agency for a copy of the script or information regarding rights. The Mothers' Blessings. When I was a child, my father told me that there was a light somewhere near the castle. A light that could only be seen under a full moon. He said if you saw it, it would blind you, temporarily, and then for a short time you would see the Pwca. That time would stop and time would be theirs and they would have you for all that they wanted.

    All they ever wanted… was you. You saw that light. If… you saw that light… Dr Morgan has died leaving his mysterious old wife Mam-Gu in the family home to welcome their scattered children back for the most unusual of farewells and incredible of unexpected returns. The Mothers' Blessings is a Welsh family epic of legends, land and the lies that bind. It looks impossible to get out. We'll get out.

    Two brothers, Big and Small, are trapped at the bottom of a well. They have no food and little chance of rescue. Only the tempting spectre of insanity offers a way out. As Small's wits fail, Big formulates a desperate plan. Contact my agent Nick Quinn at The Agency for information regarding rights.

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    And he says — "You. Brutal and beautiful, Hywel John's remarkable new play glimmers and cuts like a jewel, fusing raw epic romance with guttural urban poetry to tell the story of a secret generational legacy of love, violence and fury. One woman, many women. Directed by Kate Wasserberg and designed by Mark Bailey.

    Book your tickets here. Seanmhair is published by Oberon Books. I know I am not English, but I feel it, is that not enough? Reunited after years apart, Rose and her father, Arthur, try to piece together the fragmented memories of their troubled relationship. But Rose's attempts to uncover the secrets of their past, and to find out who she truly is, meet only resistance from a man reluctant to reveal himself.

    A heartbreaking study of heritage, grief and family, Rose is a powerful drama about a Middle-Eastern immigrant's struggle to raise his daughter 'the English way'. For press reviews, see here. Directed by Abbey Wright. Designed by Richard Kent. Sound by Alex Baranowski.