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How To Grow

Rubbing lavender leaves with your hands can remove strong odors like garlic or onion. Now you can enjoy growing indoors all year long! Many herbs like dill and sage self sow if the flowers are not removed. Add comfrey to the compost pile. Its leaves are rich in nitrogen and help break down organic materials.

Mints need more water than most herbs. They want fairly moist but not soggy soils. Mulching around herbs will discourage weeds and maintain the moisture level of the soil. In many cases, adding garden compost to the upper surface of the soil in the spring is all the fertilization herbs will need for the year.

Rosemary makes a wonderful grilling addition with meats and vegetables. In general, collect herbs for cooking right before they flower.

Make a container herb garden

This is when they have the most flavor. Seeds often take longer to dry than the leaves, up to 2 weeks for larger seeds. Place seed heads on dry paper cloth. When they really start to dry out, rub the seeds gently between your palms removing dirt and hulls. Then spread the clean seeds in thin layers on cloth or paper until completely dry. Another way you can dry herb seeds is by hanging the plant upside down inside a paper bag make sure its paper!

Plastic will hinder drying. The bag will catch the seeds as they dry and fall from the pod. This material, over time, will absorb all of the aromatic flavor. Quite often the person selling them is the person who grew them in the first place. Anise and basil are just some of the herbs known to attract beneficial insects to your garden. Kids who grow their own herb garden are going to want to take the next natural step, which would be to actually make use of their herb garden. They can do lots of things with their herbs, and my even want to start cooking with them. I only know this because I have a teenage daughter who has no interest at all in cooking until she grew her own herb garden.

Then she wanted to know what each herb was good for and how it tasted. Eventually, she started using her herbs in cooking. That is something I never thought I would see, but it just goes to show how one positive activity can lead to another. Now I can hardly keep her out of the kitchen. She has made some interesting dishes so far and I look forward to what she may do with her herb garden next. My suggestion is to go into your spice cabinet or rack and make a list of what you have in there.

If you actually use the herbs that you find in there, you can start by growing those. As you get more comfortable, start adding more herbs to the garden. I would say to maybe add one or two at a time as you experiment with new recipes and so on. A great advantage of growing herbs is that they grow fast! Certain herbs can grow and be picked 2 or even 3 times a year. Compare that to flowers which typically require a whole year for you to really see the fruits of your labors. I certainly love instant gratification!

This article really provides a lot of great pointers for the beginning herbalist for lack of a better word. The basic steps are all included, like where you will grow the herbs individual pots or in a dedicated garden , how to test and prepare your soil very important and more. The first step is to really decide how to begin. This means determining whether you will grow the herbs in individual pots or in a whole garden. This really depends on how much space you have and your own personal preferences. The next step is to have your soil tested.

This is very important since many parts of the country will be lacking in at least one of the vital nutrients that herbs need to grow. This will also determine if you need to add anything to the soil. Then, pick which types of herbs you want to grow. Number one was what kind of herbs is the person most likely to use. In the case of my friend, I knew they used basil in a lot of their dishes and if I was able to provide them with the additional motivation to grow the plants by wanting to use them, it would be that much more of a success.

Number two, was the ease of which the plant would grow. Herbs are generally more simple to grow than other flowers and plants, but there are still degrees of difficulty that must be considered. The other thing is that since you can use our herbs for cooking, it is really easy to impress people with your potential cooking skills. After all, if you are growing your own herbs, you must know how to use them, right? That may not be true, but apparently people think it is so they are prepared for an awesome meal.

Even if you just know how to cook a little bit, the mind matters. I found that one out on accident the last time I had guests over. I actually suffer from a purple thumb right now. I am very good with domestic things however; I just really do not try when it comes to plants. I have always lived with other people and never really had my own space. Now that I know that I will have my own space soon, I am planning to get into gardening. I love cooking and having fresh herbs is something I have always dreamed of. I was also planning to get some of those upside down tomato and berry plants too.

I am looking forward to growing several things for both personal and family consumption, so this article is a great resource. After reading through it, I actually feel like I have the confidence to start a healthy garden. Sometimes when you live with controlling people, it just takes all the wind out of your sails.

It definitely makes you feel less creative and less motivated. I think fresh herbs are one of the best things you can grow to encourage healthier eating. Being able to season dishes with fresh chives or rosemary gives you excellent flavor without the need for high-sodium seasonings or butter. Dried herbs are concentrated in flavor, which means you need a lot less.

You can find charts online that will tell you how much dried herbs equals fresh herbs, which makes it easier to convert your recipes to use fresh herbs. However, even more important than this shadow factor is the type of climate that you live in.

17 Tips For Starting Your Own Herb Garden

Many climates will support herbs…in the mild parts of the United States. Other locations will not be so friendly. Herbs tend to suffer in hot, dry conditions. You may get some naturals like sage to appreciate a desert condition such as that spreading across most of Arizona, but basil will not last more than a few weeks even with the most careful protection. Herbs simply cannot survive that sweltering heat, they are largely not designed for it. So if you live in an arid region, keep the herb indoors and next to windows rather than trying to transplant them outside.

If you live high in the mountains, take equal care. Often the summers are too hot and the winters are too cold for herbs to survive very long outside. You may be able to encourage a brief crop in late spring and early summer if the herbs are hardy enough, but do not aim for more than that. Herbs such as parsley love wetter climates, but if you live in an area that receives a lot of cloudy weather, you may not have enough sunlight for other types of herbs. Likewise, living on the seashore is rarely conducive to growing herbs, since the salty water transmitted by wind and air will be too much for many varieties.

Also, as your herbs continue to grow well, keep cutting them and using them in cooking. Number one, this is why you should be growing herbs in the first place! And number two, continual cutting your herbs during growing season will encourage them to continue growing.

Jamie Oliver's Secret Herb Garden

When you cut your herbs, wrap them in a damp paper towel and store them in the refrigerator to keep them fresh. If you have any doubts about what herbs may grow in your climate, take a trip to a local nursery and see what they have growing there. One of the most basic things to do to keep a plant alive is to water it. However, there is definitely such a thing as over-watering a plant. I gave a potted flower to my girlfriend once, I forget what it was, but it was potted in small rocks rather than soil. She watered it about three times the first week and it promptly wilted over and died.

Lesson learned, do not water a plant until you know that it needs it. You can do that by either researching what a plant typically needs, or by keeping tabs on how the plant looks and how moist the soil may be. A few times a week, I will usually stick a fingertip into the soil of my plants, just a little bit below the surface and feel how much moisture is still trapped inside and against the roots.

Based on what I feel, I will either water accordingly or let the plant be for a little while. The other, and really only other, thing I can think to tell you about keeping plants alive is to make sure they are in the right place in your house. Plants need sunlight on a regular basis in order to grow and be healthy. However, just as water is a good thing but not in unlimited quantities, so too is sunlight.

Plants need sunlight in order to photosynthesize light into food and without it they will die in pretty short order. If they get too much, they can dry out too quickly and die as well. A place that has some shade and also some good exposure to natural light will give a plant the opportunity to find its own best position.

Leaves and branches will naturally crane themselves into position to get the best amount of sunlight to sustain their growth. My vines are really fascinating as they move themselves around my sun room getting themselves situated. I believe in a more naturalistic approach to raising my plants and I would suspect that doing so with an entire garden would produce good results as well.

I am really looking forward to giving it a try. To begin with an herb garden, you do need to take some planning steps before digging and dropping seeds. The first step is to decide whether to begin with individual pots a single herb per pot or to actually create a full garden. Then, decide where to place the pots or garden. As the author correctly points out, how you begin really depends more on your personality and situation; both methods are equally easy, although they do present different challenges and opportunities.

Also, do not forget to test your soil for the proper minerals. This article was an eye opener for me. I think that possibly the idea of actually starting to grow vegetables or even flowers may have been too ambitious a project for me. The author points out the fact that maybe taking a step back and then considering an herb garden would be an easier goal.

I also really enjoyed the explanation of the various types of herbs which can be grown in such a garden. There are also a number of excellent tips and ideas for how to be successful with such a garden. For example, when combining various herbs in the garden, be sure to place them strategically. So, my solution is going to be to create a sort of greenhouse in my window.

I want to have about ten plants that can produce enough to serve my cooking and basic medicinal needs all year round. Wish me luck on my project and thanks for the advice on the various herbs! I live in the north and we sometimes have long cold seasons. In the winter, I start feeling edgy and cooped up. I would rather be outside working in the yard on a hot day than stuck in the house with no plants to tend on a cold day.

So for me, an herb garden offers numerous benefits. One thing that people have to remember if they are going to raise medicinal herbs is that herbs can have some powerful side effects and may interact poorly with medication. You have to be responsible and educate yourself or you will end up putting yourself and loved ones in danger. You also need to make sure your herbs are out of reach of your animals. Some animals might try to taste them. I am not sure which herbs are dangerous to animals, but it seems like I heard that there were a few that were dangerous to cats.

I have a tray I put my plants on. I just have seeds in there now and I will do more research before the plants get too big so I can keep my animals safe, but I am very much looking forward to enjoying my plants in the window. Of course, once you start using your own herbs, you are probably going to want to grow your own food to use the herbs with.

But, once you have an herb garden, you at least know that you can grow something that you can use in your own kitchen. Doing something like starting a vegetable garden would be the next logical step. When it comes to herbs, you can just pick a few leaves and let the plant continue to do its thing. The most important first step, after deciding where your garden will be, is to take some soil samples and have them tested.

Herb Gardening Tips For Beginners

The reason this is important is that many times the soil is lacking some important minerals or other ingredient. Not having this could cause your garden to have big problems. Knowing the conditions ahead of time can allow you to get the proper supplementation to make your soil healthy and ready to grow all your herbs. Take soil samples from different areas within your garden in order to get a good overall feel for the conditions.

You may be able to find a soil testing lab in your area, but if not, then go to a garden store. Basil is one of the most commonly grown herbs. This guy grows best in direct sunlight and takes around 30 to 60 days to fully mature. The author indicates that such a plant should be around 10 inches tall at this point. Chives are also a nice addition to a herb garden.

They are also very useful since it can be used in a number of dishes as well. This one also requires direct and full sunlight. It should take between 80 and 90 days to mature and be ready for harvesting. Twelve to eighteen inches tall is a normal size for this plant. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Amy Brannan. September 30, pm. Jeff Butler Admin. March 7, pm.

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While soil is important, make sure that your herb garden is also very well-drained. A poorly drained herb garden will soak the roots and quickly kill your plants. You can also take care of this problem when growing plants in pots by making sure you only use pots that have holes in them and being careful to never overwater. May 11, pm. I recently just bought an herb gardening starter kit for my sister on her recent birthday.

She is actually a very educated biologist and a bit of a foodie that has made a strong emphasis on eating more healthy in the past several years. All of those facts together made me think that a small set of potting plants with some herb seeds would be a perfect gift for her and she loved it. She has not potted the seeds just yet but now that I have found this article I will definitely forward it along to her.

July 2, am. Kathy Faust. I think an herb garden is one of the best ways to introduce kids to the world of gardening. They are so easy to grow and can be used for so many different things that a parent can use one without worrying about the child experiencing failure. It also provides the perfect preface to teaching children about good nutrition and cooking. July 5, pm. When I did my first herb garden, I got a little carried away because it was so easy to do and there were so many benefits.

I made the mistake of growing too many varieties of herbs and found that I would gave been better off just starting with the herbs that I commonly use. It was nice to have all the plants, but since I was not familiar with all of them, I did not use them like I should have. I also ran out of the ones I commonly use.

July 9, pm. As someone interested in starting their own garden, you have lots of choices about which direction to take. You could choose to grow flowers or vegetables, or specialty plants or even herbs. Given all of these choices, the best for a beginner may just be to start a herb garden. Flowers and plants can be very complicated, difficult and time consuming.

On the other hand, with just a little bit of basic knowledge which this article can give you! July 10, pm. One of the best and easiest types of gardens to grow is a herb garden. This is a great place to start for an absolute beginner, since it requires just a little bit of effort and the herbs grow very quick. This means that you will be able to see the results of your efforts quite fast. This alone beats vegetable and flower gardens; I am too impatient to wait a whole year to see if what I did actually worked!

July 15, am. When I went out on to the web to look for a good starter kit, I was almost overwhelmed with the options I had before me.

Trying to select the right one was a little challenging but ultimately, I just had to think about a couple things that lead me in the right direction. July 22, am. I love the way they are marketing herb gardens now. They sell these little packets so that everything you need to start an herb garden is right there for you. They are really easy to use and are a great way to get someone started who does not have anything to start with. So the idea of an herb garden package that has it all is just mind blowing for me.

July 23, am. Hey, guys, thank you so much for this article. What a complete and thorough handling of the subject matter! July 30, pm. This is such a wonderful resource. When I was growing up, I planted chives and dill with much success. In fact, when I moved out on my own, I was shocked that these fresh herbs cost so much in grocery stores because they were so easy to grow.

I think the best option for me is to purchase a couple window containers so that I can plant exactly what I need. June 28, pm. Yes, many herbs do like lots of sunlight, and this is a very important factor when raising the sprigs inside when first encouraging them to become strong enough for transplanting. However, there is sunlight and there is sunlight. For experienced gardeners this is an automatic consideration, but if this is your first time trying to grow herbs, be very careful choosing a location. The general rule says six hours of daylight at a minimum.

This means that many herbs will need even more daylight, which makes it difficult to utilize all those tiny pockets or corners where an herb garden would be so perfect. A window box or a bed in open ground where sunlight is frequent may be best if all the areas against your house receive too much shadow. May 11, am. I love the idea of having my own herb garden and this article has inspired me to look into it further.

I currently live in an apartment in the city, so having a full out garden seems a little unlikely in the very near future. However, I do grow several plants here on my sun porch including a long series of vines that are currently wrapping themselves around my windows as we speak. They are all very beautiful, if not simple, and it is highly enjoyable to see them grow and to know that it is how you take care of them that makes them that way.

I have learned a lot by doing this and I would like to share a bit of that now.

How to Grow an Herb Garden

May 13, pm. One of the best ways to get started with gardening is by growing herbs. The author also correctly points out that this is one of the if not the easiest ways to get started. This is actually how I started out; you certainly do not need to have a green thumb in order to do this.

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  8. It is also a very rewarding pastime, since you will actually be able to use what you grow as seasonings for your food. You will definitely appreciate the taste impact that fresh herbs will have on your food! May 31, pm. One of the things that I have always wanted to do is grow a nice little garden. Honestly, I have all of the space needed and also think my soil would be good enough to do so.

    However, for some reason I have just never actually started to put this project together. As I saw this article, I started thinking about why not. It also occurred to me that there must be others who are in the same position. June 1, pm.