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How to Find Reliable Car Mechanics and Repair Shops - Consumer Reports

Here are 5 steps to help you choose a place to have your vehicle serviced should you have the need. Google and Yelp are currently the top online sites for reviewing automotive service shops. The number of reviews is important as any business can get friends to review them. The more reviews there are, the more likely that rating is true.

Hiring a Contractor

Everyone can have a bad review but how bad reviews are responded to is an excellent indicator of how a shop handles its business. Recommendations from people you know that drive the same type of car are also great if you can find them. Although it can be harder, finding a shop that knows your type of car well can make the difference between your car lasting , miles or , miles before being retired. In a situation without an independent shop available, a dealership can sometimes provide that level of experience although many people have reported other issues with dealership service.

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Some shops are staying on top and others are not. Expos and trade shows such as the Vision Expo and Training are a great way to stay up to date on recent advancements and hone skills. This will cost you more money! Ask what training and certifications they have, especially the technician who will be working on your vehicle. Although we cannot always predict every repair a car will need, shops must be diligent in informing their customers of the need to have their car inspected fully once, preferably twice a year.

We recommend a 5,mile service that includes oil service, tire rotation, and full inspection.

A full inspection saves you money by catching problems before they get more expensive and also lets the customer plan better by knowing more of the complete picture of what the car needs. A common complaint we hear is that a customer has spent money only to find out later that they had to spend a lot more. So many shops are just not recommending or properly inspecting the cars in their shops.

Also make sure to ask if the shop will estimate the manufacturers recommended maintenance. I have a friend who has owned her car since new. Takes Online Appointments. AAA believes the best way to maintain your vehicle is to choose a quality full-service auto repair shop and have service work performed by professional technicians trained to identify potential problems.

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This helps prevent breakdowns and often saves money by allowing you to make a small repair now rather than a much bigger one later. Also, a shop that knows you and your vehicle can better advise you about work that may soon be needed. Repair Shop Types. Photo by: AAA Automotive.

ASE Certified Mechanics

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