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I think the painting is fascinating to look at. Munch has successfully created a composition which conveys a universal emotion, a feeling that can be recognized and understood by all. I can almost hear that terrifying scream. And there you have it!

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What does the phrase "and there you have it" mean in the above context? What can be used instead of that phrase? And there you go. And now you have it. And that's all there is to it. And that's it! After watching the video, I think the sentence is transcribed in the wrong place.

Instead of it reading like this:. I can feel what he's feeling. Although it is a frightening feeling, I admire the skill of the artist to evoke such an emotional response. Next time you're admiring art at a gallery or museum, just remember — description, analysis, interpretation, judgment. You'll wow your friends with your deep understanding of art, and you might even enjoy yourself! It's grammatically correct in either place. As originally transcribed, it is at the end of the artist's critique on the painting, essentially saying:. However, I think it's really meant to be a lead-in into the concluding statements of the video.

In other words, "And there you have it! Aldo Rossi Member mandarin. What is the different between "Here you go" and "There you go"? If you are using these expressions when you are giving something to another person there isn't really a difference. To me, "here you go" sounds a little bit nicer, though it all depends on the tone of voice, and both could sound very nice if said in a nice tone. You could also say "here you are". Personally, I would prefer 'here you go' but as JessieRugg says, there's practically no difference between the two.

First, it's helpful to know the difference between "here" and "there". You can say "here you are" when you are handing something to another person, or if you are showing something that is nearby to another person. For example, a waiter might say "here you are" when he hands you a plate of food you ordered or shows you the desert tray.

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If you are showing someone the building they were looking for and the building is a few blocks away, you could say "there you are". You can say "there you are" when someone else finds what they were looking for. You can also say it when someone else is presented with evidence that proves you correct about something. Let's say you tell someone that the Eiffel tower is m tall, and the person doesn't believe you. If you both meet a renowned architect who agrees with you, you could say "there you are", meaning "there's the evidence". You can also say "there you are" when you find someone that you have been looking for.

If that person is close to you, you could also say "here you are". Aldo Rossi said:. But I agree with you that "here you are" and "there you are" are interchangeable in their common usage by shop assistants. But when said while handing something to someone else, they are interchangeable, right?

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No, I don't think so. At least that's the way I see it. Perhaps it's different on the other side of the ditch. Sandra Member Kiev, Ukraine. Hello, Sandra. I'd have to see more context to be sure, but "there you go! There you go again, rambling on about something that nobody wants to know". In a different context, it could mean "You have the right idea": Were you referring to Dylan Thomas?

There you go. That's exactly what I was talking about. As is true of many phrases, context is vital for figuring out the meaning. We chatted about my moving to the US and when I negatively answered his question if I ever dreamed to come here, he exclaimed : "There you go! The difference is very subtle though.

Reason - There You Have It (There You Have It)

I tend to use the two expressions interchangeably. I BrE speaker say "Here you are" and "There you are. No matter where you go, there you are. When I first went to England, I was 12 and here you are, LV was what I heard most often from the mother of the family.

All details accurate except she didn't call me LV. LV said:. Pertinax Senior Member Queensland, Aust.

There You Have It

Hi there, I have a quick question on the difference between "here you are" and "here you go". If somebody asks for something, say I am ask to email a colleague a spreadsheet. I will email him the spreadsheet and I will say, in this case, "here you are, spreadsheet attached". But instead, I seem to understand that the 2 expressions "here you are" and "here you go" are synonyms if used, for example in the email context I have just described.

Is that correct? Grady Senior Member United States. Antobbo, this is my opinion from an American English point of view: in business situations, I find Here you are far superior to Here you go. If a client were to send me an email requesting a particular document, I would respond saying Here you are when sending the document, not Here you go. In my opinion and some may disagree with me , Here you go is too informal to use in this situation. If, however, a colleague asked if I had a dictionary as an example , I'd give it to him or her and say Here you go. Hockey13 said:. Yes you can.

Sounds somewhat BrE to me, but it's interchangeable with "here you go.

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I would not say "spreadsheet attached" after "here you go", and if "spreadsheet attacted" is necessary, I would not say "here you go". Echo7 Senior Member Persian.

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Hello Can we use "here you are" in a situation like the following conversation or is it only used when handing over something to someone? A:May I ask you something? B:Here you are. Echo7 said:. I don't think that would be correct. Of course, this type of expression is very personal and so there are no rules attached, just common usage.

Is it very unusual to use it in such situations? Forero said:. Hi, Echo7.

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I don't think it fits the situation given. What do you think it would mean in that context?