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I finally came up with the brilliant idea of putting several pine cones in the plant. I did this in October or November last year. It has worked like a charm, plus they look nice, too! I recently saw a couple of doves in my plant several days in a row, but the pine cones made it impossible for them to build a nest and they gave up. Physical barriers, or removing the nesting place, are the best solutions. Good thinking.

Dove's Nest breakfast and lunch restaurant in Sunderland closes

Just wait until the parents are away and place a few slow-melting cubes under the nest if safely possible so when the cubes melt they will at least moisturize the plant until the birds fledge. Actually, the beer is for you, the money raised from the beer sales is for the dogs and cats. Pints for Paws is set for 2 p.

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Owner Nancy Capen has managed the restaurant for nine years. She said she sold her Whately home and is moving to Connecticut to be near her grandchildren. The restaurant was opened decades ago by blues guitarist Bill "Wildcat" O'Halloran.

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