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A quick tip to explain meditation to kids or teens

Normally you're so chill! Her comment actually surprised me. I'm pretty intense and active when I teach who wouldn't get fired up about European history? If we want students to take mindfulness seriously, they need to see it in action. They need to see us paying attention and handling challenges skillfully. Those millennial Holden Caulfields can spot a phony a mile away. What's in it for Them? Teenagers may see mindfulness as completely unrelated to their busy and connected lives. Here are a few research findings that you could share with them:.

For more information about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, click here. We can teach teens how mindfulness instruction is like getting the owner's manual for their brain. This TEDx talk by Dan Siegel , author of Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain , has a great demonstration that you can use with teens or even younger kids to teach them about the parts of the brain, using their hands as a model.

The demonstration starts at about the mark. The demonstration focuses on three structures of the brain: the brainstem our "reptilian" brain, responsible for breathing, heart-rate, etc. The hand model reveals how close the amygdala is to the pre-frontal cortex, and how mindfulness can help the thinking part of the brain process the raw emotion of the limbic system. And that can lead to better decision-making -- it allows a mindful pause, a skillful response instead of an unthinking reaction. We can teach teens that mindfulness is a form of training for their brains: meditation has actually been shown to increase gray matter in the portion of the brain responsible for self-awareness and compassion.

Mindfulness can play a role in the neuroplasticity of the brain -- our experiences can actually transform our brains, the way exercise can transform our bodies. Teach Teens About Their Mind When I teach mindfulness to my high school students, I use the analogy of the monkey mind, constantly jumping around from branch to branch, thought to thought.

Practicing Mindfulness - Helping Your Child Relax

When I did a mindfulness exercise with my students during a stressful week of finals, I explained that a lot of our anxiety is truly "in our heads" -- our stress comes from our worrying brains ruminating on all the worst possible scenarios. I gave this example: "You may think, 'I'm going to fail the final, my parents will be furious with me, I'll never get into a good college, and I'll never find a job!

When we practice mindfulness, we learn that much of the chatter of the mind is just that: chatter. It's not reality -- it's worry, it's anxiety, it's baseless projection.

What Science Says About Mindfulness Practice with Kids Teens and Grown-Ups

Mindfulness teaches teenagers to be aware of their thoughts, perhaps simply labeling them as "worrying. Adolescents can discover that there are ways to approach the mind skillfully. This is often eye-opening! There's an App for That!

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I realize there's a bit of irony in recommending apps to practice mindfulness, especially to get teens to practice disconnection from their uber-connected cyberworlds. I use the Insight Meditation Timer when we practice mindful breathing in class, and students always want to know what app I am using. They love seeing the map graphic on the Insight Timer that shows all the locations worldwide where people are meditating.

Stop, Breathe, and Think.

Why I Teach Mindfulness To Kids | A Lust For Life

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In children and youth specifically, mindfulness has been found to:

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Meditation and Mindfulness for teens

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Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I bought this book on kindle. Being a practising buddhist I thought it may be useful and interesting to my five grandchildren. I was pleasantly surprised that it was useful for me also. Very nicely written , easy steps to follow , can read it from almost any page and the kids love simplicity of putting the ideas into practice.

Learn meditation – for you and your kids

Well done to the authors for creating this book it really is a little treasure. Dave , Worcestershire. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. It was a good practical book referring to resources then gave no resources as references. That was the only disappointment of the book. The rest was instructive. Wonderful read. If you want to learn something good then I recommend this book.

I love this book because it is so simple and so right. Leave the moment and enjoy it. Magic is in Life, magic is when you still know to see and feel. Easy to follow but a little too basic. Good read. One person found this helpful.