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For devoted readers of the Imager Portfolio series, "Rex Regis" begins the construction of the Collegium for Imagers on Imagisle, and the beginnings of the world first encountered in "Imager.

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Modesitt writes with skill in creating a world that is believable, and the characters are so nuanced that readers will become immersed in their lives and relationships. Modesitt has a way with words that grips, enthralls and entertains. For those who enjoy a diversion into the world of fantasy Modesitt's writing will fulfill all expectations. James Holt is a senior lecturer in religious education at the University of Chester, in the United Kingdom, and his email is james.

Deseret News Church News Subscribe. Commentaires client les plus utiles sur Amazon. At long last, the story of Quaeryt Rytersen has come to an end, two books later than I expected.

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The previous two books were building to this conclusion, so there were nearly no surprises. Instead, this was a book of methods to bring the reader back to the first book in the series, set guessing years after this one. How was the country of Solidar established in the end , how was the Imager Collegeum built, and why was the government structured the way it was in Rhenn's time? Modesitt is almost a one-trick pony when it comes to writing a series.

The same character types are used repeatedly, the moralizing never changes, and the plot is well established. Like many serialized stories, what brings me to read this next book is the execution of the requirements. The flourishes and deviations, the wording and presentation, what is said and what is implied, are all fun mental exercises for me. Additionally, in this series and particularly in this book, characters from previous books are brought back to complete multiple-book storylines.

I picked it up to complete the series.

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I recommend it to people who are doing the same. But for new people, I recommend starting back at Imager. Well, this was a pleasant eniugh book to end the series with, if not as dramatic as the others.

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In some ways Rex Regis reads like a long denouement to the Imager series. The first half of the book lacks dramatic tension because there is little at stake for the main characters, and little mystery about what Queryt can do. However, it is sort of pleasant to be in that world again, and there is something mesmerizing about the cycle of traveling and imaging, talking and imaging, that forms the first part of the book. The second half of the book does build to a satisfying and original dramatic climax, but then unwinds to a long and leisurely denouement of its own.

Having read many of Modesitt's books, I have noticed that there is a wide variation in quality among them. This one is not quite the quality of the first few Imager novels, yet it is a fairly satisfying end to the series. If you want to see what Modesitt is capable of when he is writing with enough time and attention, I recommend "The Elysium Commission," which I consider one of his best books, it is really complex and delightful.

And he had no doubts he would need it on the return trip to Variana, and most likely even more after he reached the capital city of Bovaria, a land totally defeated, yet, almost paradoxically, far from conquered and certainly a land with more problems, the nastiest of which would likely fall to him—and Vaelora—to resolve. Standing almost at the end of the pier, Quaeryt gestured, then called, image-projecting his voice toward the Zephyr so that Captain Sario could bring the ship back to the pier to tie up.

The quick jab across his skull was a definite reminder that he needed to do no more imaging for some time. While he waited for the schooner to raise enough sail for headway into the pier, Quaeryt lifted the water bottle from his jacket pocket, uncorked it, and took another swallow of the watered lager before recorking the bottle and replacing it. Almost half a glass later, the Zephyr came to rest at the most seaward position at the pier, with the crew making the schooner fast to the pier, and then doubling up the lines.

Sario looked from his position on the sterncastle to the pier, and then to Quaeryt. Sario stamped his boots on the stone.

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It still could be an illusion. It had rotted out. Finally, he straightened and walked back to Quaeryt, shaking his head. Without the support of a ruler, imagers are killed one by one. That is because few have great power. You saw how my undercaptains collapsed after less than a glass of battle.

So we support Lord Bhayar because he has supported us and has pledged to continue to do so. Instead, he smiled and gestured at the reconstructed pier. Your family might do well to open a small factorage here before others come to understand that Kephria will now serve as the port for both southern Bovaria and northern Antiago.

Book review: 'Rex Regis' thrills and entertains

I will talk it over with the others when I return to Westisle. Quaeryt wished he could offer comfort in return, knowing that the captain had lost his beloved wife some years earlier, and still missed her greatly. But they had lost more than either had intended.

His head still throbbed, but the pain had been far worse many times before—and he had redone the pier without tariffing the other imagers, who had more than enough to do in dealing with rebuilding the trooper compound from the ruins. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Compare all 7 new copies. Book Description Tor Books, Condition: New. Seller Inventory M More information about this seller Contact this seller.

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