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I'm a cognitive behavioral therapist --meaning I help people uncover the unhealthy thoughts, feelings , and behaviors that interfere with their goals. I focus mostly on the here-and-now and don't necessarily go digging to uncover unresolved childhood hurts. But whether someone comes into my therapy office to discuss their marital discord, or they want to uncover why they keep sabotaging their chances of success , the conversation inevitably turns to their childhood.

Pick 3 :: The Ohio Lottery

Even the people who walk through the door saying, "I don't want to discuss my past," eventually bring up stories from their youth. But, there's a reason that conversations about adult problems often involve discussions about childhood. You developed three core beliefs during childhood that affect you today. Your childhood gave you a sense of who you are as a person.

The messages you received from your parents, siblings, teachers and peers taught you something about yourself. Your experiences helped you determine if you were kind, smart, socially awkward, shy, or likable. And once you gained a sense of who you were--and how others perceive you--it shaped your interactions and choices.

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Childhood taught you a lot about other people too. Are people inherently good? Do they actively help others? Or do humans hurt one another on purpose? If you experienced a loving, nurturing childhood, you might have learned that it's safe to trust people and it's good to help others. If, however, people weren't so kind, you might have learned that other people will hurt you and abuse you.

1. Your Core Beliefs About Yourself

Kids who grow up in caring environments with relatively few adverse events might believe the world is a relatively safe place. They may look forward to a bright future in a peaceful world.

Kids who experience harsh and unpredictable events and those who endure chronic stress may believe the world is a scary place and no matter what you do, you'll struggle to succeed. When you believe something to be true, you look for evidence that supports your idea. You win more money for 3-way box bets because there is a lower probability of winning with only three possible combinations. The player must then pay for a straight bet on all 6 combinations of the number.

For example, to play the numbers in a wheel means that you are placing 6 straight bets on the numbers: ; ; ; ; and On the other hand, in a boxed bet the amount wagered is divided across all combinations of the number, reducing your wager per number and therefore the payout when you win.

The Pickleball Serve

Pairs betting means you are wagering that the first two numbers or last two number drawn match exactly, left to right, the first two numbers or last two numbers selected by the Lottery in the drawing. If a player bet as a front pair and the numbers drawn are -6, the player wins. If a player wagered 1- and the numbers selected in the drawing were 5- , the player wins on a Back Pair bet. Players can also wager the first and last number of a combination. If 1 3 is bet as a split pair, and the numbers selected are 1 3 , the player still wins on a split pair wager.

Pick 3 wagers can be cancelled prior to the drawing.

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Contact Find A Retailer. Wager Type Odds.

Pick 3 can be played at any Ohio Lottery retailer location or self-service terminal. When can I play Pick 3? Please explain a straight bet on Pick 3? What is a back-up bet? What are the differences between the box bets such as 3-way box, and the 6-way box? What is a wheel wager and why does it cost and pay more than a boxed bet? Please explain pairs betting? Can I cancel a Pick 3 wager?

How to Play

How do I claim my prize? You need the original winning ticket to claim your prize. Powerball tickets purchased in Ohio can only be cashed in Ohio.