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Both Christine and Peter are fluent in Swahili. A new Anglican diocese was set up in Kondoa, north of Dodoma, a very poor area and mostly Muslim. The vicars from these two parishes have led teams to Kondoa every year for the last few years. The March 10th Uprising 4.

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The Chinese Fan the Flames of War 5. Imprisoned at the Tibet Military District Headquarters 6.

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Imprisoned at the Norbu Lingka Barracks 7. In Drapchi Prison The Trong-nying Prison Farm Back Home from Prison The Agitation by the Muslims of Woba-ling The Fall of the Panchen Lama The Misuse of Education The Establishment of the Tibet Autonomous Region The first part walks the reader through the process Steve went through told via first-person narrative. The reader sees the perspective of Steve who begins to establish his "new normal," as he states, via a series of happenstance events in his life.

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The second part of the book Steve savors the good times with his father by sharing some of the truly funny moments from his life. It was an ongoing family source of non-stop laughs to reiterate the unbelievable capers Steve's father got himself in. Whether it was bathroom humor, public humiliation or a completely head-scratching decision, the Akester always kept his family and friends in stitches with his hijinks.

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Prepare yourself to laugh out loud as you read the unique moments only the Akester could have gotten himself into! The end result is a loving tribute to a father by a son who can't have another moment with his father, but can relish his life by sharing his story.

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