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Let's Live For Today

Speaking of facts, let's get back on track. For the week of April 19, , it became the Station's "Long Shot". It was released on Dunhill Records One thing that brought upon my speculation is the fact that the release lacked any writer's credit on that side, which should have read " Mogol - Shapiro - Julien ", though it did note the publisher of the song, Dick James Music. On that, "Mogol" was mis-spelled as "Mogal", which leads me to believe that all the Grass Roots actually had on the song was probably a tape of the Rokes original.

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But again, I'm speculating. He came over here and wined us and dined us mind you we were the ones who paid out the money. He took our single back to England with him. That issue, however, was different from their UK release, having been remixed, as well as chopped off at the end by about 5 seconds.

The remix took away much of impact of what makes the song so special, sounding almost bland in comparison. It, too, suffered a similar fate as the Rokes, that being chopped off at the end by about 5 seconds in the transition. The mix, fortunately, remained intact. Lyric content is right up the alley of the teen buying market.

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If exposed, should prove a smash. No review. I was able to find further background of this US release from chart historian, Randy Price:. IIRC, it eventually reached the top By October of , the song made it's way to Japan, with actual inspiration from the Living Daylights.

Nicolas Jaar - Let's Live For Today

By then, the group had reformed from a quartet into a quintet, having the Watt-Roy brothers as the only common members. They recorded their version in Japanese. I can only imagine what may have happened had things not worked out as they did. Some say the episode of the song and it's history is unfair, but in the end, I feel things worked out for the better. The Grass Roots rescued the song from relative obscurity.

Let's live for today

The bulk of the compositions are by group creators Sloan and Barri, but the new group was allowed to compose four songs and was given some input in the studio instrumentation. The album charted at Unlike much of the group's later material, Let's Live for Today contains no horn or string arrangements.

The songs reflected a new psychedelic direction for the group, but there are still folk elements throughout the record. The band was allowed some input of their compositions and instrumentation in the recordings.

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The charting success of the album and its singles led to greater confidence in the new group's contributions by Dunhill. This led to even more input and a heavier direction in their psychedelic music for their next album titled Feelings. The front cover was designed by Phil Schwartz. The drums are hard left, for those of you who like or dislike that kind of thing.

But nicely, all the instruments come through clearly. Nothing is really buried in the mix. If you like mid 60s stereo, this is a pretty good example. Lots of separation of the instruments left to right. I prefer this to modern mixes, where much of the song is mono, with a couple of items coming through in stereo.

Less strident.

Lets Live For Today Lyrics

This MCA series of hit tunes of 50s and 60s songs contains great music, superbly remastered, often by Hoffman. Bo Diddley is on 4. Search this MCA series out! Like many of the musicians of my youth, Rob Grill died in of a stroke. A sad thing, I like the way the guy sings. Give Rob and the band a listen below! Share this: Share Email Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading