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ID4 levels dictate the stem cell state in mouse spermatogonia.

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Swap70b is required for convergent and extension cell movement during zebrafish gastrulation linking Wnt11 signalling and RhoA effector function. Developmental biology. Heterogeneity in histone 2B-green fluorescent protein-retaining putative small intestinal stem cells at cell position 4 and their absence in the colon. HEY, F. DEF6, a novel substrate for the Tec kinase ITK, contains a glutamine-rich aggregation-prone region and forms cytoplasmic granules that co-localize with P-bodies Journal of Biological Chemistry.

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  • Marc Hotfilder , Diplom Biol. Betina Marquardt , Diplom Biol. Emerson R. King , PhD, University College London Analysis of the lyl-1 null mutant mouse - a possible role in haematopoietic progenitor cell mobilisation. Paul Martin , PhD, The University of Nottingham Analysis of DEF6, a novel guanine nucleotide exchange factor showing dynamic regulation in vitro and playing an essential role in zebrafish development.

    Santosh Patlola , MRes, The University of Nottingham Id4 knockdown during zebrafish development revealed its functional role in neural stem cell survival.

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    Xiaoou Xu , PhD, The University of Nottingham Swap70b acts downstream of Wnt11 signaling to regulate zebrafish convergence and extension cell movements. CHEN, S. LYL-1 deficiency induces a stress erythropoiesis. Experimental Hematology. Def6 is required for convergent extension movements during zebrafish gastrulation downstream of Wnt5b signaling PLoS One.

    LYL activity is required for the maturation of newly formed blood vessels in adulthood Blood. Id4, a new candidate gene for senile osteoporosis, acts as a molecular switch promoting osteoblast differentiation PLoS Genetics. Chromosome research : an international journal on the molecular, supramolecular and evolutionary aspects of chromosome biology.

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    • Adult hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells require either Lyl1 or Scl for survival Cell Stem Cell. CHAN, W. Gene Expression Patterns. Multiple roles of Id4 in developmental myelination: predicted outcomes and unexpected findings Glia. Efficient delivery of Cre-recombinase to neurons in vivo and stable transduction of neurons using adeno-associated and lentiviral vectors.

      BMC Neuroscience. Cre-mediated transgene activation in the developing and adult mouse brain Genesis. Assignment of the murine def-3 gene Rbm6 to chromosome 9F1-F2 and its pseudogenes Rbm6-ps1 and Rbm6-ps2 to chromosome 1 by in situ hybridisation.

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      Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics. Def-2, -3, -6 and -8, novel mouse genes differentially expressed in the haemopoietic system. British Journal of Haematology. Stage- and subcellular-specific expression of Id proteins in male germ and Sertoli cells implicates distinctive regulatory roles for Id proteins during meiosis, spermatogenesis, and Sertoli cell function. Deletion of the IgH intronic enhancer and associated matrix-attachment regions decreases, but does not abolish, class switching at the mu locus. International Immunology. Structure, chromosomal localisation and expression of the murine dominant negative helix-loop-helix Id4 gene.

      Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. Id helix-loop-helix proteins in cell growth and differentiation. Trends in Cell Biology.

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      Cloning and targeted deletion of the mouse fetuin gene. Journal of Biological Chemistry. Inducible site-directed recombination in mouse embryonic stem cells. Nucleic Acids Research. Mutually exclusive expression of two dominant-negative helix-loop-helix dnHLH genes, Id4 and Id3, in the developing brain of the mouse suggests distinct regulatory roles of these dnHLH proteins during cellular proliferation and differentiation of the nervous system. TNT Sat. Freeform Mon.

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