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  1. Inocencia y belleza (Bianca) (Spanish Edition);
  2. The Choice for Lincolnshire Restaurants...?
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An intelligent mug Ember mugs connect to the Ember app for complete customization. All the tracks are really awesome, I love everything about it, even the old tracks were remade and I think for the better. But my favourite from them all is without a question "Wildfire Within", there's just something about it that makes me want to hear it again and again. I can't wait to see you live whenever I have my chance, thank you for your awesome music, lots of love!

Favorite track: Wildfire Within. SouthernWolf Epic as hell, not a single dull moment, phenomenal musicianship, engaging songwriting, impassioned vocals, and keyboards that add emotion and atmosphere without adding the cheese factor too common in melo-death. This is something special. This is a bold declaration of might. Joao Speedy Santos.

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Joao Speedy Santos The strong keyboard presence, the killer riffs, orchestrations and good vocals turns this into a great album. Together with Aephanemer, these are the new Wolves of Melodic Death. Arrogant Bastard. Arrogant Bastard Aether's epic melo-death EP caught my attention and the promise of a full length was tantalizing. The single presents itself very well, with quintessential melo-death aesthetics, hearty bass and boasts a fantastic production value.

Very well done! Kaapo Kilponen. Joshua Simon. Tatsuya Hirose.

  1. Embers, Gibraltar.
  2. Jay Imotion: The Tony Driver Sr. Collection.
  3. Despertando al dios dormido (Spanish Edition).

Caleb Kicklighter. Evan Wang. Matthew Ivans. Rowan Robinson.

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Maciej Pecka. Anders Hallsten. Derek Lindsey. Brandon F. Bernhard Ott. David Coulson.

James Hoets. John Hawkins. Asanovici Mihai. James Parry-Smith. Purchasable with gift card. If you're a fan of physical copies just as we are don't hesitate and grab one yourself! Some of them may have an additional crowdfunding artwork on the back which looks even more sick! Golden Eyed Fox