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What You'll Need

Make sure you drive to a safe area before you change your flat tyre. Driving a few hundred metres on a deflated tyre to move away from passing traffic and other hazards will ensure you are safe without unduly damaging the wheel rim. Find a hard and flat surface to jack up the car.

6 Safety Tips to Follow When Changing a Flat Tire -

Before you start, put the car in park or in gear for a manual , make sure the handbrake is on and turn on the hazard lights to warn other drivers. If you can, place a chock such as a piece of wood behind a tyre on the opposite side of the car. The tools to change your flat tyre will usually be with the spare wheel and tyre in the boot.

The jacking points are usually also marked with small notches or grooves on the underside of your car.

Once the jack is in place, slowly turn the handle clockwise until you remove some, but not all, of the car's weight from the flat tyre. Continue to turn the jack handle until the flat tyre is about five centimetres off the ground.

How to Remove and Install a Bicycle Tire & Tube

Place the wheel brace on one of the wheel nuts and, with a straight arm and a straight back, apply force to the nut in an anticlockwise direction, to slightly loosen each of them in turn. Statistics show that roughly million drivers experience a flat tire in the United States each year.

How to Change a Flat Tire

What's even more alarming, however, is that one in five drivers don't know how to change a flat tire. As a result, they inadvertently expose themselves to injury when attempting to change their flat tire. The next time you blow a tire while driving, follow these six safety tips to get back on the road.

When you first notice your car has a flat tire, turn on your hazard lights. This will alert other drivers, encouraging them to drive slower and more cautiously while you search for a place to pull over.

This video shows you how to change a flat tire

With your hazard lights flashing, start searching for a safe area to pull over. Don't just pull over on the side of a busy highway.

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Rather, find an unoccupied parking lot or wide shoulder. Countless drivers have been struck by passing vehicles while changing flat tires on the side of road, so you need to find a safe area to reduce your risk of injury. Today's Top Stories. Your Guide to Fireworks Safety.

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The Best Fourth of July Sales. The Tech Guide to the Declaration of Independence. Jae Rew Getty Images. Thump, thump, thump. Step 3: Check and Remove All of Your Tools This step is a moot point if you already perform regular checkups on the spare tire and toolkit that comes with it. Lug Wrench.

Step 2: Find a Safe Spot to Change the Flat Tire

ReVolt Headlamp. Accu-Gage Tire Pressure Gauge.

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With a lifetime warranty, this is the last tire pressure gauge you'll ever need. Katja Kircher Getty Images.

Pull off to a safe area

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