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With that said, below are the top 8 examples that illustrate the difference between loving someone and being in love with them.

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You make a decision based on their personality and you choose to trust their abilities and morals. If things do not work out, then you also have the power to stop loving them and release them from your life.

The same cannot be said if you fall in love with someone. But does this mean that you are willing to make sacrifices to help them reach their goals? You would put the person first and do everything in your power to make sure they succeed. You will do things that would take some stress off the person, like taking more shifts walking the dog or cooking dinner more often.

According to statistics, almost 50 percent of married couples in the United States end up divorcing each other at some point. That just proves my point that love on its own can end. Once the honeymoon phase in a relationship is over, that is when things get tough. Their dreams become your dreams. Heidi McBain, MA, licensed marriage and family therapist, says ,. Something that is often hard for people to understand is the fact that you can be in love with someone and let them go. Loving someone, like your mother or father, is the kind of love that you need. You need them around, you need them to show up for you, you need them to take care of you.

If you give your happiness to someone else, she can always take it away. But being in love, on the other hand, means giving people the space they need, when they need it, regardless of the place it leaves you. When you are in love, you want nothing more than for that person to feel loved. You go out of your way to make them feel at home with you and your every move is about ensuring they know how much you care. Loving someone, on the other hand, is about giving and taking. You can be in love and never get anything in return, such is the way of many relationships that never work out: one partner is in love and one is not.

Some people never have their love returned. Loving someone, like when you love your parents, is about them loving you and you loving them. You know that your feelings are reciprocated, at least, under normal circumstances.

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However, love can be a confusing experience. Lisa Firestone, Ph.

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12 differences between loving someone and being in love

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