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Ancient Greece Timeline Timelines. They took their name from the capital city of their land, Mycenae. The Trojan war ended when the Greeks used a wooden horse to invade and overrun the Trojan city of Troy. Mycenaean Greece was invaded by Dorian tribesmen from the north.

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The Dorians had iron weapons which they use to good effect to defeat and conquer the Mycenaeans. Homer composed his poems — the Iliad and the Odyssey. The Iliad is an epic poem set in the Trojan War while the Odyssey tells the story of the adventures of Odysseus on his return from the Trojan war. First recorded Olympic games. A Virgin who is seduced is buried alive near what is known as the Colline gate. These Vestals were buried alive.

The historical record of the early kings of Rome is hostile, the early monarchy was overthrown and banished. The history of this period is a mixture of myth and fact, passed on as oral tradition until recorded centuries later by historians such as Livy and Diodorus. The idea of the Republic became an icon, the honour of which all future leaders would have to publicly ascribe. The Republican Revolution established principles of self government which Romans would nostalgically emulate even in the Augustan age.

That the primary sources recording this important event are largely historical myth is frustrating to the modern scholar, they are more valuable for what they reveal towards the Roman idea of virtue, morality, and the Roman perception of the ideal woman, than actual events. The cause of the revolution is said to be the rape of Lucretia.

According to numerous historians, as well as Roman notables such as Cicero, the spark which ignited the Republican Revolution was the indignation incited when Sextus Tarquin, the son of the reigning Etruscan monarch Tarquinius Superbus, raped the virtuous Lucretia, who Romans idolized as the perfect wife and ideal woman. Livy explains how Roman men came to prove Lucretia as the ideal woman:.

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As the dispute became warm Collatinu said that there was no need of words, it could in a few hours be ascertained how far his Lucretia was superior to all the rest. While other wives were found in various states of lewdness, Lucretia was:. She was sitting at her wool work in the hall, late at night, with her, maids busy round her. The palm in this competition of wifely virtue was awarded to Lucretia. Her virtue only served to make her the target of Sextus Tarquin. Livy goes on to say that:. Sextus Tarquin " went in the frenzy of his passion with a naked sword to the sleeping Lucretia, and placing his left hand on her breast, said, " Silence, Lucretia!

I am Sextus Tarquin, and I have a sword in my hand; if you utter a word, you shall die. By this awful threat, his lust triumphed over her inflexible chastity, and Tarquin went off exulting in having successfully attacked her honour. Lucretia, overwhelmed with grief at such a frightful outrage, sent a messenger to her father at Rome and to her husband at Ardea, asking them to come to her Her husband and father at her side, they attempted to console her, philosophically explaining that: " it is the mind that sins not the body, and where there has been no consent there is no guilt.

Nevertheless, Lucretia could not bear to live with her honour forsaken. Her father and husband raised the death-cry. Later " They carried the body of Lucretia from her home down to the Forum, where, owing to the unheard-of atrocity of the crime, they at once collected a crowd.

Each had his own complaint to make of the wickedness and violence of the royal house Incited by the sight of the dead Lucretia, and spurned on by speeches advocating revolution, the crowd successfully overthrew Tarquinius Superbus, and established a republican government headed by two consuls.

Cicero said that: " Lucretia having been ravished by force by the king's son, having invoked the citizens to revenge her, slew herself. And this indignation of hers was the cause of liberty to the state. Diodorus recorded that Lucretia " who renounced life of her own will in order that later generations might emulate her deed we should judge to be fittingly worthy of immortal praise, in order that women who choose to maintain the purity of their persons altogether free from censure may compare themselves with an authentic example.

In what the Roman annalists cited as the first of three organized class protests by the plebeians, their demands of establishing a political council, called the plebeian tribunate, led by two plebeian tribunes, was realized. Rome's class divisions were clearly identifiable and institutionalized, yet attempting to fit them to a modern parallel only provides unsatisfactory anachronisms.

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On February 14, , the city of Strasbourg, France was the scene of a St. On June 26, , the Roman Catholic Church reached a low point of unity when a third pope was crowned by the Council of Pisa. On October 25, , the Battle of Agincourt was fought between the English personally led by King Henry V and the French, led by representatives of King Charles VI, resulting in a history changing victory by the English over the greater numbers of the French. Okay, so we know Abraham Lincoln created the Thanksgiving holiday on this date in , but what do Wallachians have to be thankful for?

On December 28, , the exiled Gran Maestro of Florence, Piero di Lorenzo de Medici, known as Piero the Unfortunate, drowned in the Garigliano River while trying to escape the advancing French and Spanish armies that had just defeated the Italians in a battle over the control of Naples.

On November 8, , the Stockholm Bloodbath began in which a successful invasion of Sweden by Danish forces resulted in the execution of around people. On April 28, , the armies of Spain and France fought in Southern Italy at a place called Cerignola near Bari , a battle decided by the small arms fire of muskets and arquebuses, one of the first European battles where small arms fire from firearms decided the battle. Religious reformer Martin Luther refused to recant during his trial for heresy on April 18, , but what might you not know about him? On September 7, , in what had to ironically have been one of the most disappointing births in history, the future Queen Elizabeth I of England made her grand entrance onto the world and political stage.

Lawrence River, the gateway into North America for European explorers. On October 24th, , in a cruel twist of fate, Queen Jane Seymour died of complications following childbirth after having just 12 days earlier provided Henry VIII with his much longed-for son and heir. On July 7, , chocolate is thought to have been introduced to Europe from the Americas. On January 23, , China was rocked by a devastating earthquake that resulted in more human death than any other earthquake in recorded history. On October 10, , after a three-day siege, an English army beheaded over Papal soldiers and civilians in Ireland.

Due to the implementation of the Gregorian calendar, October 7th was skipped in Italy, Poland, Portugal, and Spain in Your readership is much appreciated!

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