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He laughs then he say thats ok we will get moonshine he likes that better anyway. Mar 3, 6. Mar 3, 7. Mar 29, 8. I made it all the way up to Carmel Church Va and I decided to put it to bed. No sooner than I pulled the curtains and layed down, a knock come on the door. I got up only to find it was a Lot Lizard. I rolled down the window and she asked, "You want some company?

I replied, "No. But the driver in that Ploof truck told me earlier that he was. I got up the next morning, forgetting about my visitor, and headed for Kearny. Unloading at the consignee, in comes a Ploof truck. The driver gets out and heads for the office to check in. As he walks by my truck he's looking at the USMC decal on my truck. He aproaches me and asks, "Were you in Carmel Church last night?

By DreadPennies

Tankeryanker71 , Mar 29, Apr 21, 9. Hi, before I start my story I should point out to you that I live and drive in Australia, so most of you if not all won't know where the hell I'm talking about! It is probably also relevant at this point to mention that we don't have interstate highways here like in the US. In fact, I have been told that our major highways are just like the secondary roads over there.

So long-distance driving over here is a completely different ballgame. Anyway, this story concerns one early morning when I was driving from Sydney to Brisbane overnight. Anyway, about 4am or so I was starting to get tired. Really tired. So, I pulled over across the road from the Parkside Cafe a 24 hour cafe that truck drivers frequent , right behind another truck, and because it was the middle of winter, and freezing cold, I left my truck running so I could have the heater on.

Well, I never heard my alarm go off, and I 'snapped' awake about 3 hours later, really disorientated, and the first thing I see is the barn doors on the back of a trailer right the hell in front of me! I thought I was still driving and was about to run straight up the back of the truck in front! Man, I stood on the brake pedal, all the time thinking I'm dead, until the realisation hit me that I wasn't actually moving!

Talk about scaring the crap out of myself! I think I must've taken 10 years off my life that morning! And I know I scared myself good because I decided to walk over to the cafe to get a coffee, and as I walked in the guy behind the counter took one look at me and asked "Are you okay? Thanks to the person who emailed me the following image from the Australian Cemeteries Index , we now know the name of the Princess.

Hi Kathline, do you have a location for the cave. Even now i still remember it clear as day. Back when we walked through the bushes in my daughter back then was only 4 and in the bushes a fair way up the track there was a small car on its roof and it had bullet holes in it and was all rusty as if it had burnt..

I attend the Pilliga regularly. A group of us stay in an old early hundreds farm house in the Pilliga. We go out spot lighting at night. Only on one occasion, around 2am, I was woken by the noise of the back door of the farmhouse opening. It sounded as if someone had attempted to open the door.

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My first thoughts were, it must be one of the other guys up for a leak. But a quick look around the room proved all were in bed. The farm house is very old and the door scrapes the floor when opened. There was no apparent wind that night so this true occurrence remains unexplained. I remember as a child around travelling with my dad who was a truckie telling me with a little grin on his face to keep an eye out on the road for the Pilliga Princess because he may not see her.

When I asked him who she was he said exactly the same thing, old grey haired woman with a shopping trolley walking on the side of the road. I would have my eyes peeled to the road hair standing up on the back of my neck all through the night but I never saw her. I reckon I was about 10 then. Coonabarabran was creepy enough back then, the bush fires on the hills in the distance would light the night sky up orange, the last truck stop before leaving the town had an old circus trailer with a big scary clown painted on it and the door on it was always open and I would see it year after year but I would never dare to go in there.

I think dad did see her once as well but he was up and down that road every 3 weeks for 30 years and if he did see her ghost after that he never mentioned it. I went through there in , the circus trailer was gone and I headed through the the Pilliga, this was at about 2am on a Friday morning heading north but there was no way I was going to stop, my eyes were darting from one side of the road to the other but this was to avoid wildlife and saw nothing.

Or maybe something like this stays with you forever who knows. The other thing he mentioned that was rumored in the area was some big hairy ugly thing but thats another post. My husband had seen the princess who is a truck driver. He said she was white and slowly walked across the rd.

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  • He slowed down, knowing who she was. But it freaked him out, seeing a ghost was certainly a surprise. During the first night i had stuff go on in my truck like the CD player turning on and off the keys where turned off. I seen nothing but glimmers of dull light in the shape of an old lady and it was a rough first night. Second night i managed to move another truck stop away that was 51km away from tge first spot and nothing happened that night. Have hurd many stories about it all as my old man has been a truckie his whole life and most truck drivers wont stop and rest in the pilliga.

    About two years ago my husband and I parked our caravan off the road near one of the truckstops and stayed overnight. We drove down this track about four or five hundred metres from the truckstop so we would be away from the noise of the trucks on the highway. We saw or heard nothing out of the ordinary.

    I had no knowledge of the story of the Pilliga Princess then. My mother told me later. I hunt out there quite regular and have never experienced anything unusual until the last time we went shooting. It was day time, me and a mate decided to walk through the scrub looking for game, the area we walked was a square block of bush. We parked up and walked down the road until we reached the middle, about a km from the car.

    Then we walked right, straight through the middle. Once we was half way we could plain as day hear drums pounding, like tribal drums. It stopped after a few minutes. We continued our walk. Once we got back to the ute we could hear it again. Whatever it was, it was in the scrub between us and the ute. That night we got to sleep. I always zip my swag up tight just to stop the bull ants getting in.

    In the morning my mate woke me up complaining, saying why the F did you unzip my swag. I went to reach the zip and mine had been unzipped down past my feet too. It was definitely shut when I went to sleep. Our fire was put completely out too and we was about 1m from the fire staying warm. My mate refuses to camp out there again. I still go, and walk alone at night sometimes. This subcontractor called me to have it hauled away. And then at night we would sleep in our trucks.

    So this one night we were sleeping there and it was very, very cold. A little snow was on the ground. So I remember about like P. I was laying down with my head somewhat by the window. So I was on the bed, lying down.

    Truck Driver Tales: Best Stories and Favorite Memories From the Road

    And I heard a commotion outside the truck. I felt my truck shaking like it wanted to turn over. It was like the wind was blowing something like sixty miles an hour. All of a sudden the wind just picked up and just started acting crazy. Anyway, I hear the commotion again outside, like folks talking.

    See a Problem?

    I felt a hand touching me on the head. I start throwing my elbow and trying to hit the hand. And the touch went away. Then I heard the wind pick up some more, and then I heard somebody trying my door! My door was locked. I had the windows wound up and the door locked. I had a plastic bag on my brake lever. And I heard, like, the wind coming inside of my truck now. I mean, I hear the wind just howling inside the truck. And it was just making a lot of horrible noise, picking up the plastic bags and tearing at everything I have.

    What is this going on?

    My back was turned to the steering end of the truck, the front of the truck. I had my back turned. I was lying in the back of the truck.

    Convoy of Carnage (Zombie Road #1) by David A. Simpson

    And I felt a pressure come and lay on top of me, trying to pin me down on the bed. The blood of Jesus is upon you. But I was still saying it in my mind. As if a knife was chopping something. It went straight through my door. My friend, who was next door to me in his truck, heard nothing.

    A friend of mine owns it.