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These false teachers are represented as clouds; they have the form and office of the teachers of righteousness, and from such appearances pure doctrine may be naturally expected: but these are clouds without water— they distill no refreshing showers because they have none; they are carried away and about by their passions, as those light fleecy clouds are carried by the winds.

The trees bear no fruit. This is the ultimate disaster. The semicolon after verse 12 shows the thought is not complete. Since they spun out of spiritual orbit, they will never shine like the stars forever Daniel That is the real tragedy. We must not be enticed by the wandering stars that have led the Laodiceans away from God. Verse 13, like verse 6, is about wandering stars—Satan and the demons. They are behind the Laodicean rebellion. These evil beings are out of spiritual orbit—no longer fulfilling their purpose for being created.

They are being led into the blackest gloom by the devil! We are here to conquer the devil as Christ did Revelation We either conquer him or he conquers us. The novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote about the effect of radical ideas on the psyche. He virtually prophesied the Communist movement.

The Lost Book of Enoch

He could see it coming because of the violent political ideas in his time. Jude is warning us to avoid radical and explosive ideas that destroy our stable and joyful spiritual lives. This verse ties in with Deuteronomy , which speak of 10, saints coming from Mount Paran, located in Petra, Jordan. It is a prophecy about Christ personally bringing His people back from a place of safety in the end time.

This book is aimed at the pcg today! A reference for one other time also says 10, This is specifically discussing 10, saints that Christ brings from Paran. So the most accurate figure we could use is 10, However, since this Hebrew expression is translated differently for 3 out of the 15 times it appears in the Old Testament, we should not say it is a precise figure.

Also, the number may be exactly 10, Those called by God today are being invited to be one of those 10, saints. If among them, very soon you should be born as a son of God and helping Christ to put down all rebellion on Earth. What an honor! God sees this as having already happened. That is the kind of vision you and I need!

This is how we keep ourselves positive and inspired. Armstrong did not prophesy about 10, saints. That is because this event unfolds in the Laodicean era, which began after he died. These people are alive when Christ returns. But notice: Jude describes Enoch as being the seventh from Adam.

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How do we explain this? We have to look at this spiritually. Today we are living in the seventh era from that second Adam. There is a type of Enoch today—the seventh from Adam, or in this seventh, Laodicean era. Study what the commentaries write about the seventh from Adam.

Comments On The Epistle Of Jude - Leslie M. Grant

They are confused and cannot explain this verse. But you can understand if you study this booklet. His prophecy applied primarily to the Flood, ultimately to the final judgment. So there must be a prophet today prophesying about the end of the world—not by water, but by fire. Who is prophesying about 10, saints today? You are reading about this prophecy now. But that was only a type and prophecy of the destruction of this world today. Methuselah was the son of Enoch Genesis He was also the grandfather of Noah.

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His inspired father, who had announced the approaching judgment of God for the wickedness of his contemporaries Jude , probably bestowed upon his son the name of Methuselah as prophetic of the threatened flood; and accordingly it is computed that Methuselah died that very year in which the deluge commenced.

The point is, Enoch did prophesy about the end of the known world. And someone must be on the scene in this end time prophesying about the end of the world—a far more cataclysmic event! That is what Jude is talking about. If Enoch made his son a prophecy, surely he knew a lot about the Flood and foretold its coming.

But still, the warning is proclaimed. That is the world we live in today—and it is going to come to a fiery end! This is still talking specifically about the antichrists. They have hard speeches against Christ, and they will be punished for that.

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Noah and his family were saved from the Flood. We are now entering into the hundreds of prophecies about the worst time of suffering ever on Earth. So shall it be when Christ returns. We are the most sinful, lawless people ever! These rebels have insatiable lusts and despise God. God has recently revealed exciting new truth from the epistles of John, which are just before Jude.

In those epistles, God revealed that we are in the last hour of this world 1 John ; rsv. Now Jude gets into the measuring of minutes and moments! God is trying hard to fill our lives with urgency! There will always be a few of these people within the Church, trying to destroy the harmony.

How condemning! We need that most holy faith of Jesus Christ, who should live in us. Pray in the Holy Spirit with that faith—that is truly effective prayer.

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That prayer will always get results. Praying in the Spirit is not just prayer. It is life-changing prayer that gets through to God. It gets marvelous results. This is how we keep building that most holy faith. Can you discern if you are praying in the Spirit? This is a vital question that we all need to answer! Too many of their prayers have become sinful.

Most of the time, they are not praying in the Spirit. We really can make a difference by helping those in the Church who need it. We all need help from time to time. We can also do great damage to our own spiritual lives. How many pcg members have been taken away by dissenters? Not just a few. Fear of God must always be with us. Armstrong and the pcg today. We must wait patiently for God to give us eternal life.

That time is coming fast. I went to Ambassador College in Pasadena in I graduated in After working in the editorial department for one year, I was sent to Norwalk, California, as a ministerial trainee. Then, in , I was ordained a local church elder. Shortly after that, our Norwalk church building burned down. We moved around for months, renting other buildings. For two Sabbaths, we were able to use the Ambassador Auditorium in the morning before their weekly afternoon services.

I was honored to give a sermon in the auditorium on one of those Sabbaths—probably one of the few local elders ever to do so. The only such house on Earth at that time! One of the leading ministers heard that sermon and told me it was very good. They get beaten up, knocked down, end up lying on the mat, and sometimes are down for the count. Likewise, Jude wanted people to contend for the faith. They believed in Jesus Christ as their Savior.

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They had been sanctified by God the Father. But, even though we are called into the service of the Lord, we have to contend for the faith daily, because Satan always tries to get us sidetracked. Vic Batista: Absolutely! You are right, Nathan, this message from Jude is a word to believers. We need to make sure that we understand the times in which we are living. Nathan Jones: Exactly! We live in tremendously wonderful times, but also terribly difficult times. The false prophets and false teachers are out there in abundance. They are trying so hard to get Christians sidetracked in knowing who the Jesus of the Bible really is.

The early Gnostics and other heretics were trying to pull believers in Christ away in order to start their own cults. He wanted to make sure that Christians contend for the faith. He loves the Church. He loves the people he has led to know the Lord as Savior. He is like a father who is worried that his kids are going to go astray and fall into worldly traps. He wants us to know Him as who He is, and not what false teachers imagine He is. So, Jude presents a strong apologetic — a strong defense — of the faith.

He wants to keep Christians on track in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Prophetic Book of Jude: Contending for the Faith (Verses 2-4)

Vic Batista: The Bible tells us in Galatians that if anybody approaches you with any other gospel other than the biblical account, they are to be an anathema. And here again in verse 3, the message is to contend earnestly for the faith which was once and for all delivered to you by the saints. So, there is only one type of faith, one Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Good news is really what we are talking about concerning the Gospel. The Good News covers how Jesus was born of a virgin, how He traveled for three years sharing the message of the coming Kingdom, how He was healing people, and about having faith in God. Jesus also foretold to the people how He would suffer and die for mankind so that our sins along with the guilt and punishment would be removed from us.

Those who believe in Him would be saved. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Jude by Gerald Flurry. Church of God, Philadelphia. The publisher offers this ebook for free at www. Jude wrote his epistle during dangerous, urgent times, much like our own.

Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 42 pages. Published September 14th by Philadelphia Church of God.