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She was so young, so My selfish self wants to stand out and shine, Like the glowing eyes from the roadside in the night Making many folks alert Look at your arms are the bleeding? Far-Off Light. There is loneliness in my soul tonight. I reach out hesitantly for some help. I can see someone out there that is bright One bullet, one gun. One bullet one gun. One soul and a gun, lonely, in need of justice. This bullet will prove a point, everyone is equal. Read Later. Still, we might as well appreciate the Its and your lying next to me, which seems so small but means the world to me.

From thick to thin you stood by me, you Love after death. Our time together is slipping away as the calendar pages fall to the floor. Can't we start over? Form a new way? Just a Piece of String. It hangs around my neck, and it falls near my heart It was a gift from friends closer than family for a start It just seems A girl. Eleven years old. Same girl. Twelve years old. Fourteen years old. Eighteen years old. What do Letting Go. A hollow body of nothingness, hiding behind a perfect smile and masked by the words I speak.

My kind eyes and subtle I want out What is the point of this i'm only holding on for hope that the future will be brighter but i feel like it won't Lucky Number Many think suicide is an easy way to get out situations. Actually, it starts a complication. Suicide thoughts starts off, I once had someone who was my flashlight.

She would get me through the night. I thought I was her flashlight too, I would Are you in this poem? Where have you been? Can you hear me? I am having trouble finding you. Are you under the rocks, That line the edge of the The Shadow Tale. This tale is unknown, only what is told. This is the tale of the Shadow world. It is a place unmarked, The Yellow Rocking Chair.

Children had hidden their identities for the night. The young adults had a reason to soak in vain. Dear Nathan. Ocean Bliss. You turn your head and look at me. I can see the ocean in your eyes. What happens to the waves after they crash? The shells Depression's Fog. Just another teenage girl writing. Just another teenage girl writing small thoughts on a tree. A tree that will someday get lost or dissapear. Not a Fairy Tale Love. As I sit in the castle, I feel locked up like a creature.

The world seems still and dull. Day and Night have become one, And Dead End. Synonym for Suicide. There is no synonym for suicide. Drink away the pain till you see the dawn of day. Hope was just a string, but it was so thin It seems fine the wine is flowing Laughter is swirling the room Sadness is blockaded from entering That rush of panic Im The Remains Of My Mistakes.

Soften The Blade. Sometimes, enough is enough you tap out before the going actually gets tough nevertheless, no one else is in your position Glass Box. Trapped in a glass box without escape; Everyone thinks that this is a safe place, Not seeing from others eye the landscape Unplug Me Please. Unplug me please, just for one day, Help me melt my stress away. Part of Me. Lead On. You promised we would be together forever I guess forever isn't such a long time White lies and night cries You take but You Are Loved.

Life is hard but don't lose hope. When everything seems wrong And your world is dark It may not seem worth the struggle.

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It's Ok. Let not your world change to gray Even if you have shut them all away It's not your fault Let not your jubilant life come to Good Bye! Sincerely; A victim. I write. Some days I feel alone, some days I cry I wonder why these feelings come over me So I write I write to get the feelings out My Conscience Tempts. I don't want it. I just wish, that everyone will stop saying, "It's my fault" "It's all my fault". How come they're Falling Out of Faith. Because we're stronger than that. For Her. Look at the small tangible Person in your arms.

So unique. So different. Soften as she warms.

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Yet her heart cold as ice When I was a little girl, I picked a flower almost everyday. I'd twirl it around in my tiny fingers, To see every little A severed soul and a melancholy heart Crashing tears swollen hearts frighten howls and horrifying screams bitter blood They Ask. She asked me today, "How do you feel? My time to shine. This is the time of our lives that everything changes inside. Left is now right, day becomes night I feel it inside that I Oh, Mommy,Why must youLook at me like that?

Your tearful gazeForever lingersIn the recessesOf my subconscious. Oh, MommyWhy Take A Breath. The water is rising It drags you down As you struggle to swim back up You want to breathe But your lungs are filled With a World Of Mine. Twinkle twinkle world of mine How I hoped you knew what I felt As I walk this lonley path Tears roll down my horrid face Now What? I know you think about situations and say, "That would never be me. Stay Strong. I'm sitting here thinking to myself about this dayI thought i had a lot to sayBut why would i waste my breatheWhen you broke The darkness, the darkness, the darkness, I can feel it behind me Its breath heavy on my neck Cut, slice, tear, hang, Razor Blade Sins.

Lost in the moment as my heart pounds, breath labored and fingers growing colder. My fresh open wound gushes for me raw Guilty Wings. I walked through the sparse forest, dying trees littered about. I could feel the tearing on my flesh, Skin struggling I'm That Girl. People always look better on the outside Models, Celebrities, Actors, Doctors, etc. But take another look on the inside Each You will die by your by your own hands Alone on a campus surrounded by people Wondering how it came to this.

You will die The tears of the worst pain ever felt Abusive words and the teasing over powers my thoughts The taunts and laughter of those It's Real. Blue the Drum.

William Carlos Williams

Blue the drum, pitch and pang, Steel-stain rim, resounding clang. That which stirs the thoughts and actions. My sanity. My sanity is all I need. Being alone and all on this deserted island. I need reasurance that I still have myslef. I need to Inside My Head.

Screaming on the inside, praying that I can go and hide. No one sees the demons that pull at me inside. I laugh outside, as My life is like a game Noone else knows how to play. They think they know the trick but they won't know how to stick. Gasping, I gasp for air while this feeling slowly suffocates me. If innocence were bottled up in human form, she would be the epistle within Her chestnut hair glistens underneath the She jumped from the building in the sky to get away from the demons in her mind they whispered in her ear they would save Confined Within Reality.

Coughing up and regurgitating blood, I hoped it was all but a dream. The scintillating lights above me seemed to fade. I was The Edge. Silently she walked through the deep woods taking every step into consideration tasting every wooded scent in the cool air The two of us have switched places Despite what you see I've become my brother and he is really me I've never been funny, How dare you suck the. How dare you suck the last breath out of a child, How dare you give life then take life , Life is something to enjoy, But Too much practice can break you.

My Closet. My closet is a tree curling into a question mark around me. My closet is a safe haven for the truth on my breath,the words The reasons why I write tends to give me a fright, I write for many kids who share my pains but yet they cannot tell you the Elegy For Him: A Classmate.

You left with spring never to experience the summer. In the fall you came again, you came as a shock to those you left and Because sometime, somewhere, The Depressed Cheerleader: Who am I? I often wish I was a bird so away from my problems I could fly Or maybe a turtle so I could climb inside my shell and die.

A Name. No one ever asks his name, that man on the corner. Who is that friend? Isn't It Awesome? We live we breath, how awesome it that we can see? Creature of The Dark. Do you live to greet the shadows of the night, Only to once again Every single time i look up at the sky, I see the stars and it makes me cry. Because I know that you're up there and I'm The Next Moment.

12 Ridiculously Beautiful Ocean Poems

At times I don't know where I am. These Students are our Future. I Know Her. Tired of being Tired. I am tired of being tired. I am tired of being everyones stepping stone. I am tired of having extra meat on my bones. Never Land. Yes, you see it now. Breathe There was nothing else she could do As she raised the blade to her wrist All the hurtful words spoken to her All the This is not the answer! Words that mean I love you and I care. Words that want you To The Last Time. To the lost, the forgotten, the outcasts, to all those who feel hopeless and alone. My Guardian Angel.

I met a boy once who was playful and adventurous. He always sought trouble but was every parents dream. I befriended a boy This Feeling of Depression. I have a pain so deep you'll never see I locked it away and hid the key. If I ever really could share it You wouldn't look Suicide Plan.

Prisoner of Love. I'm a prisoner, one of love. Women an men both abuse love. I give my love out freely an passionatly. My heart lays crumpled He wants to be an artist so he takes out his brush. He takes out his canvas and paints a picture. He doesn't need paint , What gives birth to the bullet?

The bullet that, when aimed at the head, stops all thoughts Your one of a Kind. You feel alone in the darkness that surounds you, People look at you different because you have those permanent barclets, Are You Ok? She smiled, but inside was falling apart. She had secrets that nobody knew Her hurt and pain made her heart miss a beat. Every Night. Not Crazy Enough. Please someone wake me up! Get me out of here! Hardly they can walk, all of them are stuck, No one can believe what I think God Is My Incompetent Shrink. Dude, you know I was raped, right?

Finally at rest, he lay his weary head Wide awake, she stumbles on A sudden move to push the light away Nothing turns the Painter in Disguise! I'm my own canvas, so pure and clean. No one knew that I loved to paint till that day! Red was my favorite color, so rich He Shall Remain Nameless. I know no other feeling, i've experienced it deeply all my life. Seeing the baby deer lost on David Attenborough is My Room. Has Anyone Ever Told You Has anyone ever told Days Gone By.

A smile whispers upon your lipsA rare sight I can only glimpseHolding fast to days gone byI feel it all beginning to dieNo Suicide Letter From A Nobody. Falling from the sky As if to watch the clockwork of every person shuffling by to understand our differences and always know Deadly Beautiful. Out from the mirror she stares That beautiful girl no one cares Singing to herself, painfully quiet Waiting for the night to You said the next time I try to kill myself, I need to make Simple thoughts lay me to rest.

Simple thoughts lay me to rest I fight everything in me just to bring out the best Anything I imagine becomes a test Simple America's Spider Web. The corruption hides, Deep in the spider veins of the woman. She's taunted by her neighbors, Yet she cares for all of them Love Deprived, Unexpectedly Revived. My tears are like fire, they burn down my ruined face. Leaving a trail of lost desire, Can they be diluted by grace? She's Damaged Love. She's damaged love Waiting for someone to understand Brokenhearted And broken minded She won't think of complexity Because Don't Bully Me.

There's something you don't understand. Maybe it's the different lives we live Maybe it was what I was wearing Or maybe it Shouldn't let my eyes leak, but May my dreams seep through them now. If only I could let go Let go of all my raindrops You and Me Poem for My Brother. Inside of me. Inside of me is a man no one knows, inside of me is a warrior who's allies are limitless. Inside of me is one who fears only Watergrave Quietude. Saying Thank You. I Control This. When the toes of my shoes dangled off two inch concrete cliffs, you put a hand on my shoulder.

I wasn't sure if you were Going and Gone. Nothing hurts no more,nothing can bring me Buck Wild. You'd Never Guess. You'd never guess how far you'd go To gain a freedom you've never known. All it takes is that right preson, the right way To Broken Reflection. Laughing back at me in the glass of a two sided mirror, A sinister clown inside of me that won't disapear. When feeling ugly The Note. This is goodbye. Goodbye to the changing trees, Who always have an opinion on life. Goodbye to the pack of wolves, Who I love you, please love yourself.

If only you were who I The Final Sleep. She takes the Funny how smoke twenty a day,fake a smile for the customersand drink heavily at We are not Titans-- we are Humans. I am sorry. I am so sorry. The smiling child you once knew is no more. Star light eyes eyes that light the future have been Let It Be. IT is a noun that society uses to describe its oppression Many have fallen into the feelings of definition IT is the hole of My Untold Misery. Why do I even try sometimes? Cause giving up sounds just fine.

Time to say goodbye to all the bad. Letting go of all the You left when I was so young I didn't really understand it. My heart was left numb, my mind on another planet. I remember Sometimes there is pain in life and sometimes pain is hidden Sometimes the pain builds Sometimes the pain goes unnoticed Society calls. Welcome to society, where they teach you to love yourself, but not to much and limit yourself, they teach you that size is The Lurking Darkness.

I am split, what once was one, now is two, I told it to shew, but it just grew, what should I do? It's consuming me, like a Lost to Found. End It All. Think About Me. If you're needing that, Remember about me.

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If you're wanting that, Think about me. If you're doing that, Please remember me Bad Dream…Good Life. But you got that perfect life. Walk around with a smile on Who Cares its over.

Who would care if you end it? When would you tell me you wanted to die? Broken hearted, Ruby rivers flow Sleepless nights, You know what I want? The kind of love that keeps you up at night with its magic. The kind of love that allows your Don't Kill Yourself by Timothy S.

Don't kill yourself! Put the knife away! Remove the clip from the chamber! You are not an animal, therefore, you don't need Just for you. I cant breathe anymore. No matter how much I try to feel okay I can't. I just want to be done.

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  • It feels like I'm purposely Running through the wind As she fades away in a blim Gosh I loved hero But she faded like a blur in your eyes I loved her The Girl. The girl who took stats for fun. Who glued plastic to her body with chemicals not fit for nature. Who didn't bend her Dear Little Girl. Everyday, Every night it haunts. Everyday, Every night it haunts me The feeling, the urge, the need To feel the pain, to hide away What really lies inside me Getting It Together. Helpless and weary, I try to stand strong this conflict I have fough, far too long.

    Every night when I lay in bed, the day's Anorexia Nervosa. A grim reflection of skin and bones Tearing her apart with self-hatred Magazines covered with beauty She only wishes she Going Through To The End. I'm okay with death. What's wrong with me? That can't be right. It shouldn't be right. None of this is right. But to me, it Heart Attack. Drowning At Her Side. Would I miss her advice when she shows me how, How to survive and stand up for myself? Even in ways that are bad for my Bridges are such high places, As high as the eye can see.

    Wondering if I should jump, Life will no longer be. There are many Sticks and stones may break my bones But words always scar Negligence to be the same Falling down the road to self hate Suicide Help. I hate myself I want to die I don't want to live You say before you cry Before you start cutting Or swallow some pills Or Suicide Prevention. As the weight of the world lays on your chest And leaves you out of breath Tossing and turning never at rest The pain of Where has Annie gone? She's been out way to long "Who died and made her queen?

    She's 16 At War. Mommy and Me. It wasn't a mistake. I could feel the tearing on my flesh, Skin The Bright Side. You have two choices: Left or right, Yes or no, Live or die. But suicide is not the bright side. The darkness of self Quiet Box. Their made to torment us To lock us away To put us in these cages, Where none should stay. They keep us there Locked up and The Stains of Suicide. Tears that awakened him at night already evaporated. Filled with words that aggressively stroked his nerves. We cant forgive Freedom and the Price to Pay. No Response. Pushes and punches, teases and screamsNo one ever wanted to listen.

    No one ever wanted to really see. She gripped it- cold The Fall From Grace. When I fell from grace I was all over the place, Standing on the edge, Begging for a chance to start again. I know I will Why Is Love Important. The pain you put me through Is twice as much as I grew. Lies pain and misery Did you even miss me? Girls backstab and talk I Dare You. I dare you to try. I dare you to fly. I dare you to be who you really are instead of the mask you pretend to be. I dare you You're Happy Now. Why you did it? I will never know; much less care. Though you taught me so much while you were here, I have learned more Incredible Tomorrow.

    It's not what everyone knows, It's the things that you hide When you spend your day Trying to smile but It all seems so I Remember when you used to be happy When I could still hold you in my arms Whenever you'd get scared you would come find Nothing to say when you're dead. What would happen would anyone know would anyone care would they even miss me would they wish that they had said what they So I peeled back my skin to start anew Only to find that my bones were scarred too And when I stitched it back together A poem inspired by the suicide of a high school senior from my alma mater.

    Another empty chair Another soulless stare Dear Life. Im done with youFed up with the pain you put me throughBlood continues to pour from the stabs in my backFeelings worn on my That is all we are. Constantly wondering to something new, something wonderful, something different. Something that The Struggle was Real. Unable to socialize had a hard time fitting in Never seem to get noticed even by smallest living thing. Used to look in the Pain is the gut wrenching feeling that makes you want to cut deeper and vomit the cause of cuts and scars but no one The Wall. You used to read me like a book, unbeknownst to the strength it took to make it look like I was ok.

    I let love in but what She looks Beside Me. Take hold of the darkness, step into the light Let go of your worries, dont give up the fight, Each day is a balance of the People live differently than one another. None identical but similar. It's All Bad. I thought I wasn't enough There's A Better Life. Thoughts- they can either be a bad thing or a good thing. What happens when those thoughts involve a potential burial 6 feet Words Hurt, Silence Kills.

    They pile into my eardrums. Questions fill my head. I don't know. I don't know See Me. I touch but I cannot feel. I see but I cannot be seen. I speak but I cannot be heard. Numb Absence of Feeling Nothingness Keep Your Head Up. You will get chewed up, and spit outBut keep your head up because that is not what life is all about. Who Knew. Who knew their will be an us in we Who knew we will make it from thick and thin Who knew we had white lies Who knew we had I lie awake every night with thoughts running through my head. The thoughts so deep even I don't understand them.

    Each day Hello, I know I'm gone now, but there's no need to worry. I did this for you. I thought about this quite a bit actually, and Healthy Change. We create our own hapinees No such thing as never-more But, what fuels us in life? You see, I've Behind These Blue Eyes.

    I smile, I laugh, and live joyful days But underneath my smile, There's nothing but a haze. I smile, and laugh, living Sad Little Reject. It felt like the Life force was rising out of me, but depression brought it gaspingly back. This was the sadness billowing Self-pity is a mirror, and I cannot look away I stare at my reflection; this overgrown mistake Wishing that my shame would This whisper creeps up on me, the selfishness taking over once again, perhaps for the Music is for the broken whose will has been abandoned and suicidal thoughts have nested.

    So quick to contemplate death Falling into Darkness. Falling slowly as time does pass All my problems seem to amass Into some great raging abomination Overtaking me with dark Word of Advice. Are you hurting and feel like you're fading away? There is one I know who saves. My God is great. My God is strong. He will Lost Goodbyes. And there were days where I was jealous of the moon, For she heard the cries and the secrets that spilled from your The Social Evolution of Education.

    Waking up and feeling as though the She had big dreams for a girl so youngShe wanted the press and the fameShe would pierce her skin until it stungHer red marks Before You. Before you shoot think of me Before you think of calling hi Thank of me Before you take those pills Think of me Before you I laugh and cry I heave and sigh I want to live and want to die I laugh like a maniac Throwing my head back High off of life The same song Sung by people who wouldn't want you To hate yourself The same song Sung by people who wouldn't want you To I do for them.

    I live for them. And wonder for them I breathe for them. The chemicals in my brain, They're to blame. When I want to die Or when I can't stop crying Over the smallest Dear Evan,. It has been a year today, And I don't know what to say I think about you everyday; That "missing something" feeling hasn't It's not for us.

    Nine Lives. Weak bones Curled toes Soft cries Nine lives Was her only wish She knew not if she would be born again For she felt like her Why do you judge me like you know me? What did I ever do to you? Don't Give Up. Pain seeping throughout my bonesI just feel so aloneWishing someone was hereAs I'm crying to wipe away the tearsI can't Use the people you see and the nature and buildings you pass as inspiration for a poem.

    Write about someone you care about. Recall a special moment you shared with them and use it to form a poem that shows that you care about them. Pick a memory you have strong feelings about. Close your eyes, clear your head, and see what memories come to the forefront of your mind. Pay attention to what emotions they bring up for you—positive or negative—and probe into those. Strong emotional moments make for beautiful, interesting poems. A metaphor is a great way to add unique imagery and create an interesting tone. This can clear up abstract ideas or images that are hard to visualize.

    This is a great tool if you want to play with the way your poem sounds. To write a poem, start by picking a theme or idea you want to write about, like love or grief. Then, try to come up with creative metaphors to describe your theme or idea. For example, instead of writing "Love feels good," you could write "Love spread through my heart like a wildfire. Try to go outside and look for objects, or go somewhere where you might find inspiration for your poem. For help choosing a structure for your poem, like a haiku, limerick, or sonnet, read the article!

    This article was co-authored by Stephanie Wong Ken. Categories: Featured Articles Writing Poetry. Zeljko Zeky Holik. There are 17 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Sample Poems Sample Limerick. Sample Cinquain. Do writing exercises. A poem might start as a snippet of a verse, a line or two that seems to come out of nowhere, or an image you cannot get out of your head. You can find inspiration for your poem by doing writing exercises and using the world around you.

    Once you have inspiration, you can then shape and mold your thoughts into a poem. Get inspired by your environment and those close to you. Pick a specific theme or idea. You can start your poem by focusing on a specific theme or idea that you find fascinating or interesting. deep-connections-a-book-of-poetry-straight-from-the-heart-by-sherria-l-grubbs-pa

    Picking a specific theme or idea to focus on in the poem can give your poem a clear goal or objective. This can make it easier for you to narrow down what images and descriptions you are going to use in your poem. Choose a poetic form. Get your creative juices flowing by picking a form for your poem. There are many different poetic forms that you can use, from free verse to sonnet to rhyming couplet. Read examples of poetry. To get a better sense of what other poets are writing, you may look through examples of poetry. You may read poems written in the same poetic form you are interested in or poems about themes or ideas that you find inspiring.

    Use concrete imagery. Avoid abstract imagery and go for concrete descriptions of people, places, and things in your poem. You should always try to describe something using the five senses: smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound. Include literary devices. Literary devices like metaphor and simile add variety and depth to your poetry. Using these devices can make your poem stand out to your reader and allow you to paint a detailed picture for your reader. Try to use literary devices throughout your poem, varying them so you do not use only metaphors or only similes in your writing.

    Write for the ear. Poetry is made to be read out loud and you should write your poem with a focus on how it sounds on the page. Writing for the ear will allow you to play with the structure of your poem and your word choice. Notice how each line of your poem flows into one another and how placing one word next to another creates a certain sound. Avoid cliche. Your poetry will be much stronger if you avoid cliches, which are phrases that have become so familiar they have lost their meaning.

    Go for creative descriptions and images in your poem so your reader is surprised and intrigued by your writing. If you feel a certain phrase or image will be too familiar to your reader, replace it with a more unique phrase. Read the poem out loud. Once you have completed a draft of the poem, you should read it aloud to yourself. Notice how the words sound on the page.

    Pay attention to how each line of your poem flows into the next. Keep a pen close by so you can mark any lines or words that sound awkward or jumbled. Get feedback from others. You can also share your poem with other poets to get feedback from them and improve your poem. You may join a poetry writing group, where you workshop your poems with other poets and work on your poetry together. Or you may take a poetry writing class where you work with an instructor and other aspiring poets to improve your writing.

    You can then take the feedback you receive from your peers and use it in your revision of the poem. Revise your poem. Once you have received feedback on your poem, you should revise it until it is at its best. Use feedback from others to cut out any lines to feel confusing or unclear. Make sure every line of the poem contributes to the overall goal, theme, or idea of the poem.

    End it with the most emotional word the darkest, happiest or even saddest word you can think of. Yes No. Not Helpful 68 Helpful Read plenty of poetry. Study them. Think about the ones that touch you deeply. What did you like about them? And then sit down and listen to your heart. The right words will come. Not Helpful 85 Helpful Spend time in nature, looking around and seeing what inspires you. If you can't get outside, look at online images of nature, or your own photos from a visit to a park or the countryside.

    Write down a list or mind map of words that are inspired by thinking about nature. Include your emotions. Then use this brainstorming preparation to write your poem, basing it on how nature makes you feel, what you like about nature and what sorts of things other people can get from understanding their relationship to the natural world. Not Helpful 94 Helpful You can use a phrase in the poem, a meta-description "Composed on a Skyscraper" , a phrase that captures the tone of the poem, or a phrase that alters the poem's interpretation. If you can't find a title that adds to the poem, don't name it.

    Not Helpful Helpful What do I do if I can't stop crying while I write and recite emotional poetry? It's fine, you can cry. It just means you're really feeling the poetry. But you can always step aside for a few minutes and try to clear your mind. Not Helpful 66 Helpful Sure, as long as you're not copying the lyrics of the song besides maybe a key line or two if you want, ideally used in your own, different way. Poetry can be inspired by anything. Not Helpful 11 Helpful If you have experienced that emotion s that you are writing about, use what you felt.

    If you haven't, then you can ask someone who has or just imagine what it would have felt like.