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Hmmm, ok then. Next morning, I started the motor to charge the batteries a bit as directed lol. It was helpful to shut or bedroom door to keep the heat from escaping to the main cabin. It is not a quiet campground by any means. The commuter trains are close by and they start very early on the weekdays. The rangers drive around in gas powered carts that are noisy as well. It is just off the interstate and there is a lot of traffic noise.

That being said, it is right on the beach. I probably would not stay there again. Perhaps if Mike could have launched his kayak right there at our site, but we had to drive a couple miles away to the harbor for launching, so we spent very little time at the site. Now if you wanted to just play on the beach, this would be an ideal spot, especially for families. It is very convenient for swimming and sunbathing. I can see why people camp here in the summer.

The park area is beautiful. There are a lot of picnic tables, green grassy areas, volleyball nets on the beach, and a little snack bar place. There were a lot of places to walk, a great trail that runs along the San Juan Creek for 6 miles. We walked through a little park that had fitness stations-no, I did not do them, lol.

But, I got some good pictures. Mike spent two days learning to hoop for lobsters with our friends from the Fresh N Salty kayak fishing group, Ted and Lori. He had a great time and caught a ton of lobsters that were all just a tiny bit too short to keep. I did plan ahead and buy some lobster tails so we could be certain to have our ocean front barbeque regardless. Ted made the tails with a siracha and mayo glaze and they came out awesome-as did our steaks! While the guys fished and hooped for lobster, Lori and I got to know one another and toured around the area a bit.

The pier area had lots of fun little boutiques and shops, like most piers do. We also went into Old San Juan Capistrano to tour their little shops and spent one morning tour the mission there. Amazing history and a very beautiful place.

We also found a wonderful little bakery and frozen yogurt shop, Bakery Shop, with the best desserts near the parking garage which is by the Amtrak station. Amazing desserts! It was a busy trip, Mike and Ted hooped 2 evenings and fished our last morning there, while Lori and I window shopped and toured the area-thank you so much for showing me around Lori! I also got a job! I had to get some online paperwork done and schedule a drug screen asap. The company wanted me to start the following Tuesday. We had already made reservations back at Guajome in Oceanside for the weekend, anticipating I may be getting onboarded that next week.

Mike and the dogs hung out at Walmart while I went and took care of my screen. Then we both got fuel and headed to the park. We took the time to hook up the Yeep just outside of the park since we were charged for not towing it in the last time we were here. So, we hooked up and proceeded to the gate……no one manning the desk lol! So, we drove past the guard shack, unhooked and parked in our site. I tried to find rangers a couple of times during the weekend but no one ever manned the gate shack all weekend. So, the dogs stayed for free this time. Weekends are a bit busier at Guajome.

Once those ended, Saturday afternoon and Sunday were peaceful. There are a lot of different trail loops with some great views. Mike had hoped to get some fishing in at Oceanside but the other kayaker had to cancel. Once he gets a feel for the area, all good. He fished a lot at Timber Cover alone but only after he had explored the area with others. So, all in all it was a quiet weekend, getting the laundry caught up, and walking around enjoying the park with the dogs.

Next stop LA! While most of the time at Slab City was depressing for me to say the least. There were some highlights that helped me keep my sanity. I received a couple calls about possible temporary positions in SoCal-one in Oceanside and one in Hollywood- that were very interesting! I should know more this next week. My hope is to work full time February, March, and April, maybe May. The fact that we are already so far south we saw border patrol everywhere is a huge plus! The fewer miles we have to drive to get to a job, the better profit margin to take off for 3 months!

While I would love to see Bees, this is financially a better option than looking up north. I can make due with video chatting. We were also able to set a date with our new friends Ted and Lori to do some lobster hooping in Dana Point! Ted and Lori are from Anaheim. Mike has always wanted to hoop lobsters but I guess this is something you do at night. Definitely not something you want to do alone in your kayak for the first time. I had reached out to Lori and fortunately Ted had some weekday availability.

Doheny State Beach campground is right on the ocean at Dana Point and pretty easy to get weekday reservations in the winter, but weekends were not looking good. We were able to get four weekdays booked and Ted was available our first 2 days there! This meant we needed to be at Doheny on the 21st, but it was only the 16th when we were leaving Slab City.

We could stay there up to 14 days but I was crazed so we had to leave lol! At least initially. We had been at Slab City for 3 days and Quartzsite for 6 days before that. Tanks were getting pretty full so I needed to plan at least a dump but I was really wanting hook ups. I also wanted cheap!

While it was about 15 miles off of highway 78, it was the most reasonable campground in the area and had full hook-ups. We could dump, fill, shower like fools, do laundry in our own machines, and vacuum. It really was a beautiful drive over to the campground from Slab City. We were pretty far south and had to go through a border patrol checkpoint. There were also fields full of greens and broccoli and cauliflower.

I could smell the cauliflower! There was an area just a few miles outside of the campground with all of these animal monuments erected. They took us by surprise and I was only able to snap a couple of pictures. There must have been around 50 or more. Dinosaurs, elephants, horses. It was such a fun surprise. The journey IS the reward.

If only we could all remember that all the time! I had gotten all the way to the reservation window then took a break to make dinner. By the time I got back to it, the time window had closed.

Keeping Up With the Millennials: Chronicles of a Mid-life Crisis 3.07.18 edition

I knew there were at least 8 sites open and we were traveling on a Thursday so I felt pretty confident we would get a site. The ranger manning the booth was awesome. She highlighted all the open sites and let us drive through to pick whichever one we wanted. We saved the online reservation fee since we were drive up guests as well! The park is really busy on the weekends. Gorgeous palm trees, a beautiful flat area butted up against this huge mountain. It was so clean! My oasis in the desert! My heart felt so light, especially after all the emotions of Slab City! We did meet one gentleman who had a male German shorthair pointer as well.

He and his partner were traveling slowly to Yuma and said they come to this park all the time when making that journey from Grass Valley, CA. We did ask what the draw was for people to come here besides just a stop over-what do people do? It apparently has some really great hiking trails. There were quite a few snowbirds camped here. We were able to get our laundry caught up using our little machines, dump our tanks, and take ridiculously long, hot, glutenous showers.

I swept, vacuumed, and mopped. The dogs got a nice long walk in as well the morning we left. It was the most beautiful little park! They had showers and regular flush toilets as well as the cutest little vault toilets farther out in the dry camping areas. Louie, Kiya, and I walked all through the campground the next morning. They were so happy to get a good walk in with momma and I was feeling so much better. It was a beautiful morning in a beautiful place. I had soaked up some vitamin D and was ready to move on.

As I walked through the campground, I could hear Mike talking from a couple rows away. It sounded as if he was having a nice conversation with a neighbor maybe. Imagine my surprise when we got around to our campsite and found him inside on his computer with the window open. He was video chatting with an old Iowa friend-and practically yelling! He was SOOO loud! He got all pissy because I commented on it which created quite a little tiff between us.

We finished packing up camp in silence after our little battle. When I found this stop, I was on an app and thought I was still looking at places on highway 78, turns out this was going to take us on another highway, S22, 79, and It was actually a more direct route, but crossing the mountains is not something you should take lightly in an RV.

After looking at the map and watching some videos of the roadway, it looked like it was going to be fine to drive. The drive, while fairly silent, was really pretty. We drove around Lake Henshaw and the meadows were all so green from the rainy season. It really was a pretty easy mountain drive with very few steep grades. We arrived at Casino Pauma in a little over an hour. It is absolutely gorgeous here. There is an orange grove surrounding the casino. I had never walked through an orange grove before.

It smelled so good! The hillsides surrounding the casino were full of beautiful avocado trees and everything was so green. We were both feeling better. I think the desert had taken a bit out of each of us at this point. I had found the casino on campendium. I had also seen they had some pretty good perks for new player club members. Boy, did they have perks! We arrived on a Friday, which happened to be lobster night! We got registered and got our camping permit and checked out the casino.

We walked back to the RV hand in hand and grinning like little kids. The dogs were happy too. They could run a bit in the orchard and we walked on leash several times during our stay. The weather was perfect. Soaked in that much needed vitamin D and the scent of oranges. Finally got sage brush out of my nostrils!

There was no line. In addition to lobster tails, they had wonderful prime rib at the carving station. The carver was not holding back. She gave us a good ounce slice along with a cup of au jus. Their side dishes were everything lobster-felt like a Forest Gump movie with lobster instead of shrimp lol! Lobster potatoes, lobster bisque, lobster mac n cheese, manicotti stuffed with lobster, pasta with mushrooms and lobster.

It was so good. They also served clams, fried calamari, and mussels that were very good. We definitely filled our bellies! Well worth free boondocking for 2 nights and a delicious dinner. We had originally thought we would stay here 3 nights and head straight to Dana Point on Monday but we realized Mike needed several things to prepare for his lobster expedition with Ted Monday afternoon-duplicate license his was mailed to Chico , lobster stamp, kayak light, etc.

While beautiful, Casino Pauma is up in the middle of nowhere without local access to the stores he would need to get his supplies. So, I got online and found Guajome County Park in Oceanside, not far from the beach-looks like 8 miles. I know parking areas that cost this much. So, tomorrow we will drive 23 miles down the mountain to Guajome Park for one night to prep for Dana Point and lobster hooping.

See ya there! Here is a link to just one video-there are many. Mike and I had watched several videos on the place and I really wanted to check out the culture. It sounded so simple and yet delightful. A group of people living the best the can, helping one another via barter and making useful, beautiful things from materials other discard-so poetic. I believe that I am an unjudgmental, all inclusive person.

I felt that in Zihua. Slab City could be like that, I thought. We arrived late afternoon and it was starting to rain. Salvation Mountain greeted us and it was just like all the videos and pictures I had seen. Several waved as we passed by. We drove further and ended up going down quite a steep dip rather unexpectedly. Our back end had hit! Mike got out to check-the back- left panel by the engine cover had hit hard and was loose with a small crack up at the top. Darn it. He got it put back together loosely so we could get turned around. We were pretty close to some full timers and I was worried that parking there would piss the wrong people off maybe.

Mike was of course, relaxed. There are no campsites. We can park here. We always try to park the Yeep in front of the RV so we can see it from the windshield. I was up three time throughout the night checking the Yeep while Mike slept peacefully. He may be old AF lol now, but he still has a bad man inside of him that I am certain could be summoned should the need arise. I was more anxious about vandalism or theft. The kayak is strapped to the roof of the Yeep.

Someone could make off with that, or do something to our rig. Our new tires cost thousands! I did not sleep well at all. The next morning, I got up and made coffee and took the dogs out to potty per usual. It was going to rain today-most of the day. There was no way Mike could work on the back of Reva Mae today. It would have to wait another day. The sites and smells around me got to me. I also think it may have been the scent of sage brush in bloom more than trash. The only antenna television we could get to come in was in Spanish, but we had great streaming so I escaped into Netflix movies on the computer and tried to think about planning dinner.

He visited with them several times and introduced our dogs to theirs while I sunk further into depression and anxiety, hating this place more by the second. He hung out with them for awhile around the campfire that second night and was hospitable sharing some of our goodies from the RV. I cooked a nice dinner and I felt a little better knowing that at least these people accepted him and maybe our things would be safe. I slept a bit better. Throughout our stay there were many vehicles driving through, taking pictures and recording video as they drove by.

It really is quite a tourist attraction. All I saw was garbage. Mike was able to work on the back end our second morning and got it all fixed up within a couple of hours. A bolt had ripped out of the thin fiberglass of the panel covering the engine back there when we hit. I see many who hit poles when getting fuel and do some major damage. We can definitely live with this until we get a few minutes to arrange a repair.

I broke down that morning while he was doing the repairs. Lying in our bed with all of the shades closed I cried my eyes out, the damn thoughts of being in a landfill-esque area was freaking me out. I had calmed down a bit once Mike came in around but I wanted out! He assured me we would leave first thing in the morning. He was upset with me and my actions and feelings. It was dirty but not horrid and the people were all right.

I dove into my computer finding us our next stop Borrego Palm Canyon Campground and looking at maps and planning our trip to Dana Point. This Slab City was temporary for us. We were the fortunate ones who got to leave. I planned a good dinner and tried my best to pull my crazy ass together. I tried to think about why I was feeling this way. I was not judgmental. I embraced them and tried to help. I expected more from these Americans living in this place. I expected them to keep the land clean and to pick up and try to be as sanitary as possible. Why did I expect more from people just because of their nationality?

I had trash bags and gloves. I could have helped improve their lives just a little, like I had in Zihua. Instead I was appalled, grossed out, and utterly miserable.

7 Must-Read Books For Anyone Going Through A Midlife Crisis | HuffPost

I expect white Americans to be better than this. People are people. There is no hatred in my heart for anyone, but maybe, somehow, I still think white Americans are better, or should be better, than everyone else? I really do not want to believe that this could be true of me. I have worked along side countless nationalities and I love to learn about their cultures, their beliefs, and especially their food!

I have seen intelligence, talent, and brilliance in all nationalities. While I know myself enough to know and take pride in the fact that I will help, love, and accept all easily; it upsets me that there must be a part of me that thinks Americans-white Americans-are or should be better. Mike thanked our neighbors for their hospitality, wished them well, and shared a few goodies we still had onboard. As we drove away, I got out my camera and snapped pictures. Approaching the entrance, everything looked cleaner. There was not as much trash in the sage brush. People with fires burning outside their tents waved as we passed by.

There were nicer rigs and lots of tourists snapping pictures of Salvation Mountain. People were setting up jewelry at the Trade Circle. The sun was out. Silent tears ran down my cheeks again. Tears of regret and shame for my behavior and my feelings. I wish I had processed all of this faster.

I wish I would have forced myself out of the RV and to walk down the road to this area. I wish I would have met one person. I wish I would have picked up the trash I saw instead of just crying about it. My best friends gave me a necklace with a charm that says The Journey is the Reward. While painful, I got a lot out of this stop.

And I thank you for helping me to do some very deep self-reflection. I spent 3 days here in utter misery wishing I could leave. It had been a bit of an emotional trip at Quartzsite and to find what I had poured out once already completely gone was a bit of a downer to say the least! We arrived at Quartzsite On January 8, We then made an RV Pitstop once again to dump, refill water tanks and get propane.

Then off to find a good spot on BLM land. Quartzsite is kind of like Spring Break for Seniors it seems. There is a huge RV show that starts mid-January there and goes for like 10 days to 2 weeks. I believe another one of the draws to Quartzsite is the availability of LTVA areas just outside of town.

While BLM is generally free a visitor must move after using an area for 14 days. This is popular with snowbirds. There are several of these LTVA areas just outside of town. Further out, there are free BLM areas, but again there is a 14 day limit. Since the government was shut down, there was no one to take money or issue passes, so it was free for us! There is a dump station somewhere on this property. We never looked for it. There are a few vault toilets located throughout the area and some dumpsters for trash.

Our first stop after setting up camp was to Discount Solar to look for new batteries. We had met a nice young man named Jake at Craggy Wash. He was driving his cute little green bus through looking for a place to park when we were getting ready to leave. We gave him our site and visited for a bit. He caught our eye, not only because of his green bus with furry walls inside, but because he had crab pots on the roof. Turned out Jake was from Oregon and was spending the winter in Quartzsite working at a solar RV company and had come to Lake Havasu to check it out for the weekend.

A very nice young man, we were excited to stop in and say hi when we got to Quartzsite. Discount solar had a great deal on Trojan S 6V batteries as well it turned out. So, we scheduled installation and they could get us in same day at pm. Okay, time to go get Reva packed up and get her back to their shop!

During the battery installation, we went down the street to Satellite Advantage to see about getting our tv game going finally. AND he could get it done first thing the next morning. Wow, I think I love Quartzsite! Getting any RV tasks completed is usually a major chore. I had been checking since November and some places had a week wait to get a satellite installed.

This was great! Mike was wise enough to get up on the roof and take pictures prior to the installation. Perforating the roof is a bit deal and not something we wanted taken lightly. Quartzsite does not have a major grocery store. When we returned, the tech had several boxes on the ground and was literally standing next to our RV, pulling on his hair with both hands. This does not look good. At one point the tech took off in his truck and returned with a pack of cigarettes and smoked one shaking his head. He said he could not get the satellite to lock on and asked Mike to turn Reva around to see if that would help.

So, Mike turned her around, no luck. That seemed to help. Once he mounted the satellite, it quit working again. He tried 3 different Pathway satellites with the same results each and every time. He consulted the owner, Paul, and they thought they could put some feet on the mount and be fine. Playmaker only came in white and everything on our roof is black. He said we could spray paint it….. Mike asked if we could just order another Pathway.

Then he asked us to come into the store to look at other satellites. The other models were much more expensive and larger-and they ALL had different mount patterns, meaning more penetrations on the roof. Mike told him to take everything off and that we were leaving-quite calmly I might add. Considering his youth, I was quite impressed with the way he held his temper. Paul on the other hand, came unglued.

We drove back to the campsite and Mike got on the roof to inspect. He even stepped in the caulk and there are caulk foot prints all over the roof. I was so upset.

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Mike refused to let me go to FB or yelp or google. I was ready with my scathing review. I was ready to warn the RV world about this clown. Mike hates that shit. The same man who fought at a drop of hat in his youth, prefers not to rock the boat. How did this happen? The upside to this was I took a very fast paced, and very long walk. So, I did.

That email was beautiful! I even attached our before and after time stamped roof pics! They expressed their regrets and gave me the same list of dealers in the area from their website. So much for any help from Winegard. Back to the drawing board, I guess. Mike and I went to the swap meet the next day. There are a lot of vendors who appear to be permanently set up outside of the annual RV show area. Looked like they were having a good time. There was a discount grocery goods area-lots of expired stuff-and tons and tons and tons and tons of rocks and gems.

The show was still another 5 days away. Had we stayed longer, we may have ended up back at Satellite Advantage with a piece of our mind or more lol!

Chronicles of a Midlife Crisis

So off we go to Slab City,CA. Just breathtaking. So many colors! We stopped in Quartzsite at the RV Pitstop to fill up on propane and water and dump tanks. What a great place! They have sewer hoses set up at the dump sites and hoses at the water fill area. There is a lot of staff. Folks can get in and out really easily.

It was the cheapest we had paid for propane at 2. They do not sell fuel and the stations here were high priced here so we headed on down the road and found fuel a few miles down on I10 for 40 cents a gallon cheaper-woohoo! The drive was easy and we used google maps from the gps location listed on Campendium. It was a very flat not long after Lake Havasu City and then freeway and highway after that.

I saw my first ever cotton fields on the way here. When I took the dogs for a walk our first morning here, I had to sneak over to a field and pick a fresh piece that had been left behind after harvest. It was just like the stuff in the stores, so soft, with a few seeds and pieces of stalk mixed in. Chronicles of a Midlife Crisis proved to be an entertaining read by an author previously unknown to me.

Harding is a new contender in the chick lit world, with her witty dialogue and her ultimately sincere examination of marriage. I have only one gripe: despite the interesting characters and well-rounded plot, the novel gave very few details of setting. Harding lives in Vancouver, Canada, an area that I know little about. To me, setting is an integral part of any book; my favorite novels feature setting almost as an extra character. With a setting outside the United States, I would have loved for it to become a more pivotal part of the book.

One reason I love Kathy Reichs' Tempe Brennan mystery series is for the details she gives in the books set in Montreal, a city previously foreign to me. Lucy is shocked when her husband of 16 years, Trent, announces he is leaving her. She knows that their relationship hasn't been the best for a few years, but with careers and their fifteen-year old daughter Sam entering the teenage angst years, she never thought she would actually be heading for a divorce.

Trent is tired of his boring marriage and wants his freedom- and the ability to get one his co-workers into bed. Trent has been eyeing the voluptuous Annika while on the job, but she wouldn't give him the time of day unless he was separated from his wife. Finally on his own, Trent gets his singledom and Annika- but suddenly wonders if that is the life he truly wants. Lucy tries to pick up the pieces of her broken marriage, but when her job throws her together with a teen heartthrob actor also her daughter's biggest crush Lucy's life begins to spiral downwards.

Chronicles of a Midlife Crisis by Robyn Harding is heartfelt novel that draws readers into the lives of the characters by giving both Lucy and Trent a voice. The chapters are written in alternating point of views from both husband and wife, giving us a chance to really understand both sides and why this marriage failed. Deep emotions are revealed, self-doubt and guilt among others, and be prepared for this story to really make you think and feel for all the characters, not just Lucy and Trent.

I really appreciated the ending of the novel as well, which is a rarity for me. A definite recommendation from me! See all 16 reviews. Customers who bought this item also bought. Emily Giffin. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping.

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East Dane Designer Men's Fashion. Great book, I really enjoyed it. Ended differently than I expected. Good book This book was easy to follow. There was some suspense but the bratty daughter drove me nuts. Overall good book that doesn't require a lot of thinking. Sep 17, Jlaurenmc rated it liked it. Sometimes life doesn't turn out the way we planned. In Robyn Harding's newest novel, Chronicles of a Midlife Crisis, married couple Lucy and Trent discover the truth in this statement the hard way.

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After being married for almost twenty years, they've come to know each another better than anyone else. Trent is the first to admit it isn't enough, as he's explaining his leaving to his wife: "We haven't really been connected for years now, Lucy. We work, we co-parent, we pay the mortgage together, b Sometimes life doesn't turn out the way we planned. We work, we co-parent, we pay the mortgage together, but we're not together, not like we used to be. Complicating matters is the couple's teenage daughter Sam, who doesn't really care how her parents feel as long as they stay together like a "normal" family.

Harding uses point of view and narrative voice to lend depth to this light-hearted look at a family in crisis. Lucy and Trent trade off chapters, so that the reader is exposed to both perspectives in the split. The reader learns about Lucy's insecurities, at home and in her job as a prop buyer for a popular WB teen drama.

#BookReview: The Summer Guests …

Harding also illustrates both Trent's immature actions and his immense love for his daughter through the chapters written in his voice. The action intensifies as both Lucy and Trent find themselves in relationships with other people that become too serious too fast. They need time to figure out who they are, not time to build new relationships. Trent gets in over his head with voluptuous coworker Annika, while Lucy finds herself pursued by a teen heartthrob from the television show where she works. Both extramarital affairs spiral out of control, proving that sometimes getting what you want can be disastrous.

Chronicles of a Midlife Crisis proved to be an entertaining read by an author previously unknown to me. Harding is a new contender in the chick lit world, with her witty dialogue and her ultimately sincere examination of marriage. I have only one gripe: despite the interesting characters and well-rounded plot, the novel gave very few details of setting. Harding lives in Vancouver, Canada, an area that I know little about. To me, setting is an integral part of any book; my favorite novels feature setting almost as an extra character. With a setting outside the United States, I would have loved for it to become a more pivotal part of the book.

One reason I love Kathy Reichs' Tempe Brennan mystery series is for the details she gives in the books set in Montreal, a city previously foreign to me. Robyn Harding is also the author of the novels The Journal of Mortifying Moments, The Secret Desires of a Soccer Mom, and Unravelled; one YA novel; a nonfiction book about Harding's hilarious struggles to raise her family in a more environmentally friendly and less hormone-enhanced world; and a story published in the chick lit anthology Girls Night Out.

Oct 14, Pia rated it really liked it Shelves: women-s-fiction. The book begins when Trent explains to Lucy, his wife of almost twenty years that he needs a break and walks out on their marriage. There seemed to be no big issues except for the fact that he was attracted to his co worker, Annika. Lucy on the other hand was broken and confused but despite the tragedy of losing her husband she tries to balance her career The book begins when Trent explains to Lucy, his wife of almost twenty years that he needs a break and walks out on their marriage.

In addition, Wynn who is a heathrob enters her life. To add to the mix, Lucy's daughter has a big crush on Wynn. The story is presented in both Trent and Lucy's points of view - this provided the reader me great insight especially on how generally speaking a man goes through mid life crisis - and to think they say the that women are complex.

The novel has heart and humor, it is a light and easy read as the story flowed smoothly. Jun 19, Eliza rated it liked it. It took me just 3 solid days to finish it. Couldn't put it down! The best part of this book was the ending - it's one you wouldn't normally expect. I'll be grabbing Harding's first book from the library tomorrow. So happy to have discovered this author on a whim!

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Jul 30, Candy rated it it was ok. This book was a simple beach read. But the story was ridiculous Trent and Lucy have been married for 16 years, and they have built a really good life together. Until one day Trent comes home and decides it's over. He's done. He wants something else.

Lucy begins to pick up the pieces, and tries to deal with their 15 year old daughter, who is taking the breakup hard. Trent becomes involved with another woman, and the fangs come out. However, when Lucy suddenly has a love interets, Trent is furio This book was a simple beach read. However, when Lucy suddenly has a love interets, Trent is furious with her It was totally outlandish.

Apr 12, Jackie Mceachern rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this book much more than I expected to. The author tells the story of a marital crisis, alternating points of view between the husband and wife. There's a lot of humour in the writing but I think the basic marital strife is one that anybody in a long term relationship can relate to. It was a quick and enjoyable read for me. Nov 25, Gabriela Lessa rated it really liked it.

This book is delightful. I literally laughed out loud. The idea of showing both sides of the breakup is great and Harding lives up to the task. There are a few moments where Trent doesn't sound convincing, where he sounds made up by a woman, but those moments don't compromise the story at all.

It's very entertaining. Sep 18, Sarah rated it did not like it. This book strained credulity. And the male character was a complete jerk. So since the book goes back and forth between the husband's and wife's perspective, I spent half the book in the head of a guy I wanted to kick in the nuts. I wasn't a huge fan of her other book, Unravelled. It's a good bet I won't bother with anything else by this author. Jan 11, DeAnna added it. I did finish it, so I can't put it on my "Couldn't Finish" shelf. Maybe I should start a "Shouldn't Have Finished" shelf. Lightweight story about two people who, deep down, are both selfish, shallow and generally unpleasant.

What a waste of time. Sep 26, Kaira Rouda rated it it was amazing. Great story told from the perspective of both the husband and wife, about marriage, life and the fact both men and women can have a midlife crisis. I loved the entrepreneurial spirit in the book, too. Aug 26, Jessica rated it really liked it. This was a fun, quick read. I picked it because I loved my other recent read by this author, "The Journal of Mortifying Moments". While "Chronicles of a Midlife Crisis" didn't make me laugh out loud at all, I still enjoyed the modern and realistic approach to some complicated marriage issues.

Jun 28, Christina maki rated it really liked it. Enjoyed this book. But found Trent to be a real ass. He decided to go for greener pastures and then blames Lucy for her indiscretion that ends up in the tabloids for all that happens. How ironic is that. Apr 20, Tammy rated it liked it. Good for a few laughs and an easy read! Quick easy read I do go back for more books by her. They entertain and are quick reads. I love them for in between heavier stuff.