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Before working through the exercises in ATS, I would sometimes ok I would get stuck. With Dusty's guidance through the exercises and games in ATS, I've learned a language related to the tarot that allows me to fluently tell the story the cards are revealing without stumbling, without looking up rigid meanings, without fear. The coverage of spreads is extensive and very clearly presented.

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If you understand what's discussed in the sections on spreads, you'll understand how to extract as much information as possible from beginning to end in a reading, not leaving any content on the table before you tear down the spread. Dusty explains methods that make up a sensible approach that can work for anyone. Building on from the discussion of advanced spread and reading structure, the magic moves into high gear as ATS begins its treatment of things you probably had no idea you could do with the tarot, including dowsing, distant investigation in time or geography , building spreads, illuminating the creative mind, and Yes, the extended content on manifestation with the tarot alone is worth buying and working closely with Advanced Tarot Secrets.

Just over the course of the past year, I've built a manifestation spread to bring myself into a different line of work, become aware of pieces of that spread falling into place, taken steps I needed to take to support the manifestation that was happening, and am now in awe of how in line with that spread my current reality is: new work, activities that are reflections of the cards I chose to build the spread, and signs that other aspects of that spread are coming to fruition as well.


Here are some ideas I have that you may want to take as advice: Purchase the book. Spend time working your way through the exercises and games, and understand what this teacher is saying. Discover what new possibilities there are in the tarot. Learn to be a much better reader, skilled in techniques that few other readers possess in the same way. The knowledge and insight one gains from these two chapters alone is worth more than the price of the book. Your client will be blown away and remember you forever and a day.

Lest I forget, Dusty talks about developing a relationship with the client, not just reading to them. Rather, the relation is important to get their trust and their working with you. What really does believe this as you can see — he does the same in how he works with you, the reader of this book. He does develop and establish that relation of working with you at a peer level.

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It is simple said, marvelous! Bottom line, get it, read it, digest it…whether you are a beginner and an advanced reader, you will no doubt find something of use. I think this book is the best I have ever read on the subject. Each has earned five-star ratings going back to I'm about to add to those. The first book on the series on tarot, taught me more than I had ever known in this subject over the years. I've always relied on memorization of each card as described on the little booklet that comes with most new decks, and these readings have mostly been okay.

I want to do more than that. Dusty teaches you to go beyond the traditional meanings for each card, and to use your own recognition of the archetypes portrayed, to look at what each individual is doing personally and in relation to others, the context of suit and numbers , but more importantly, your own intuitive response to the card and it's placement in the spread.

Somehow when I read, the deck becomes an extension of myself because I've developed some sense of relationship to it. This didn't just come because I read this book, but throughout it has taught me through exercises and practice the living meaning of each spread. This may sound extreme, but for me it's true. The tarot is now more than esoteric and a little spooky, but it's fun.

No longer do I pause in the middle of a reading to look at a book, which makes me feel rather inept and doesn't inspire confidence. An advanced tarot secrets, Dusty goes even farther, with new exercises and games,, to teach what is sort of like a master's class in the topic.

Beyond all that, the author is exceptionally generous by being always available to answer questions and help when you need it. Dusty has regular classes, seminars whatever you'd like to call it on the web, free of charge. When you read this book, follow the exercises and apply yourself, you can become an expert, your readings will be more accurate and professional than ever before.

If you're new to the topic, these are without doubt to me, the best book son the subject. I have got a lot of books on tarot practically collect them. These books almost make them feel like a waste of time. I now feel anxious to read.

Dusty's books on dowsing with the pendulum, astrology, and whatever he conjures in the future. Oh, and did I mention that they are also entertaining t and fun to read? It was with excitement that I recently received my copy of this valuable, insightful book. As the name implies, Advanced Tarot Secrets guides you to deepen your relationship with the cards, sharpen your skills, and further the accuracy and precision of your readings. Hence, the quality of your work with Tarot will multiply exponentially!

This informative, indispensible guide allows you to extract all of the juicy secrets of the Tarot through the use of games and exercises that strengthen your intuition and clarity of vision.

Aphrodite's Secret (Superhero Central #3) by Julie Kenner

The step-by-step instructions, examples, and numerous illustrations simplify complex material and Dusty accomplishes all this with his affable, down-to-earth, approachable manner that makes for easy, fun reading. You will not be disappointed! I have been involved with tarot for over forty years, and in that time I have amassed a staggering assortment of books on the subject; scholarly, how-to, and workbooks of various kinds. I stopped buying tarot books about twenty years ago, because it was inevitably the same book being published over and over, with different covers.

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AS broke me out of my torpor and renewed my interest in tarot by employing a method that is both approachable and fun. A reader is, in essence, a story teller, and every reader will interpret and communicate that story accordingly. Students are encouraged to practice the games and exercises in groups or pairs, and to draw from a pool of personal meanings, rather than relying on the standardized card meanings provided in the majority of tarot books. Dusty White also hosts a website, which is free to join. There are forums where students can discuss tarot in all aspects, and there are additional exercises and other resources available, including free podcasts.

The most refreshing aspect of AS is, in my opinion, that its main point is to demystify the cards. This is accomplished through a series of down-to-earth activities interjected with humor. The longer she keeps her secret, the deeper she slips into denial about its importance, and I really wanted to shake her after a while. The story starts a little slowly but picks up speed as it goes, and the ending just flies, with a number of unexpected twists.

Kenner knows how to write an adventure. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Everything by Jennifer Weiner LeeB.

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