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More Audiobooks By Elizabeth Lowell

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We will send you an email as soon as this title is available. Martin Oprah Winfrey. I loved how much of a grouch tanner seems like at times because it makes him more real. He isn't perfect and it makes it a better book for it. When the two get together it is a beautiful scene.

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The mystery really did keep me guessing for a long time and I liked that. This gives you an insight on how some small towns are. This is a very believable book sure to please. Apr 26, Stephanie G rated it really liked it Shelves: reviews-by-ronnie-guest-reviewer. There are a few authors that bring back a certain sense of nostalgia for me, and Elizabeth Lowell is one of them. I started reading her books as a teenager who just discovered romantic suspense. She manages to write a terse plot without sacrificing character development, and several of her novels involving St.

Kilda Consulting are on my keeper shelves. That being said, I found Dangerous Refuge to be more of a mystery, with romantic and suspenseful threads interwoven throughout the book. Shaye Tow There are a few authors that bring back a certain sense of nostalgia for me, and Elizabeth Lowell is one of them. Shaye Townsend makes her living working for the National Ranch Conservancy and acquiring and protecting old ranches.

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She discovers the body of rancher Lorne Davis and subsequently meets his nephew, homicide cop, Tanner Davis. Sparks immediately fly between the gruff cop and the pretty environmentalist, and I would warn potential readers that the lust and innuendos do go on for quite awhile throughout the book. The romance develops slowly and organically. I thought the heroine, Shaye, was an immensely well drawn character.

I have to say, honestly, the character of Shaye Townsend made the book for me. She was an excellent heroine. I could very easily see why Tanner was entranced. And while he made for a good alpha hero, I was a little less impressed with his character. The pacing does suffer some. Maybe I was reading too quickly, but it happened several times and I had to backtrack to see whose viewpoint I was reading.

Shaye Townsend has come to love the Nevada landscape. Working for the Conservatory, saving historical homesteads and farm land, she gets to save the treasures she loves. Shaye has even come to care for many of these rural farmers as well as their farms. His uncle has died and there is problems with his uncles will. Tanner quickly discovers that his uncles untimely death and the circumstances surrounding how he was found Shaye Townsend has come to love the Nevada landscape.

Shaye and Tanner join forces to discover what truly happened on the Davis farm that fateful night. The fiery attraction between Shaye and Tanner grow during their investigation. The more they discover the more danger they encounter. Some people would do anything for money, including kill. Elizabeth Lowell captivates us with her vibrant writing and strong and relatable characters.

I really enjoyed Dangerous Refuge , it was an extremely engaging murder mystery with a strong a passionate romance. Publication Date April 30, For more reviews check out Tome Tender:. View 2 comments. Feb 21, Vickie rated it liked it Shelves: suspense , upstairs , in-other-words , a-z-dessert , crazy-cover-challenge , jelly-belly-challenge , , aromatherapy , 3-star , challenge. Elizabeth Lowell is a new author to me and I liked her romantic suspense book Dangerous Refuge.

I don't think I would have picked this book up at a bookstore but I had a goal while volunteering at our county-wide annual book sale: find new authors. I enjoyed the writing style and the sassiness of the main characters Shaye and Tanner. It was somewhat predictable: Shaye works for a land conservancy organization and Tanner is a big-city cop coming out to the ranch after his uncle dies under mysteri Elizabeth Lowell is a new author to me and I liked her romantic suspense book Dangerous Refuge.

It was somewhat predictable: Shaye works for a land conservancy organization and Tanner is a big-city cop coming out to the ranch after his uncle dies under mysterious conditions. There were many predictable characters: ditzy blond in charge of organization, hulking intimidating men, etc.

Overall, I liked it and will look for more by this author. Well, I will look for more at next year's book sale!! Go Cards! In fact, I think I mentioned this in the review of the first book I read by her. The description of the Nevada desert and mountains made me want to visit them. The suspense portion of this book was great! For the last pages, I couldn't put it down. However, the romance didn't work for me. I didn't feel them falling in love. Tanner and Shaye met and he was a jerk to her. Then the next time they saw each other the n 3. Then the next time they saw each other the next night they were amazed at how well each other cleaned up and he decided he shouldn't have been a jerk cause he wanted her while she was being wishy-washy about being with him cause of the relationship she had with her ex had burned her badly.

Next thing you know, they're in bed and by the end if the book they're talking about getting married and having children. Sep 11, Teri Stich rated it really liked it Shelves: favorite-author , romantic-suspense. This book, set in picturesque ranch country Nevada, provides that. Lowell once again delivers a great, fun, fast read.

I wanted to like this book far more than I did. EL has brought back the romance into her Romantic Suspense novels after fans complained that they had become suspense rather than romantic suspense. But this book is just missing a certain something. It's a very slow book. The pace is meandering rather than romping. The romance is lovely, and well worth the inclusion. But somehow this book just really fails at the pass. Apr 28, Tempe Lohmeyer rated it it was ok. Sadly, I think I've outgrown Elizabeth Lowell, even as a "guilty pleasure" kind of book. I miss her old way of writing. Mar 05, Melissa rated it it was amazing.

One of my very favorite books by Ms. So you not only get the sizzle of the physical 'want', but you get that mental meshing of minds Shaye is a representative for The Ranch Conservancy, a group that lets land owners keep their large ranches for a return of receiving the land, to be preserved, in the event of the owners death.

She loves the big, open spaces and slower pace of life, having been raised in wealth and luxury. She's thriving in the simple life Only something goes wrong Tanner Davis, Lorne's nephew, a jaded cop, is suspicous right off the bat about his uncles death. Too many things just don't add up But it soon becomes apparent Shaye is a pawn in a much bigger chess game It's obvious that Tanner is burnt on his city life, and while he maintains that's he's going to return to LA, his dissatisfaction with his life there is apparent. He's rough around the edges to the point he's jagged sometimes, but Shaye is the perfect file for those edges.

As the relationship between them builds Tanner softens and opens up. It's obvious pretty quickly Shaye is gone on Tanner, and again it's like they're made for one another. I loved the dialogue, enjoyed the pace of the romance and while I have to admit I pretty much figured out whodunnit, it was an awesome story getting there!


Apr 03, Amy Lignor rated it really liked it. Yet again, another one-day read from an author who seems to always know what her fans want. Setting up the couple…our hero this time around is, Tanner Davis. Our heroine is Shaye Townsend; this is a woman who cares a great deal about ecology and the environment and works every day for a conservancy.

Shaye wants nothing more than to preserve the Davis property now that the owner has passed on. The couple are brought together because of their separate but soon-to-be-connected goals, and they are definitely not two peas in a pod. There is animosity among the duo, and the heat lying just beneath their anger towards one another is palpable. And while doing so, they uncover a truth that will bring them together.

Shaye is extremely low-key in her approach to situations, and Tanner uses his experience as a homicide detective, making them an unstoppable team. Although this is not a new or complex story, Shaye and Tanner are a good team. The identity of the bad guy builds the story to a climax that fans of Lowell will enjoy. And although everyone knows the ending as far as love is concerned, it is fun to watch them unite. Apr 12, Dianne rated it it was amazing Shelves: galleys-arcs. Dangerous Refuge by Elizabeth Lowell 4. Therefore, I have no way to be able to compare this book to past books.

All I knew was that I really liked the premise — rich girl turned conservationist, and sexy, hunk of a cop who acts like the devil in disguise needs a conservationist specifically Shaye to help h Dangerous Refuge by Elizabeth Lowell 4.

All I knew was that I really liked the premise — rich girl turned conservationist, and sexy, hunk of a cop who acts like the devil in disguise needs a conservationist specifically Shaye to help him solve what may be the murder of his Uncle. I loved the lack of rapport that they showed for each other in the very beginning, I loved that Shaye was a strong woman in her own right, and showed common sense when it was called for.

Of course, for the sake of this being a romance, the man did do most of the saving, but I knew that Shaye could have finished it if she had the chance. I had no preconceived notions about the type of writing it should have been or what past books were like.

This book in my opinion was great. The level of heat between these two was excellent, the romantic scenes are tasteful yet very hot, and the conclusion of the mystery surprised me somewhat. This was quite a satisfying read.

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Feb 08, Cruth rated it it was ok Shelves: contemporary , heroine-divorced , mystery-suspense , hero-divorced , hero-injured , library , heroine-injured. Refuge, near Carson City. Sex : Infrequent, not very explicit. Hero : Homicide detective. Heroine : Conservationist. Our heroine, share has TSTL tendencies. Their history her family, his job is referred to as significant but never explained. The cast of thousands have apparently pivotal but obscure roles.

The irritatingly frequent inner monologues made all the characters appear sch Author : Elizabeth Lowell First published : Length : pages Setting : Contemporary. Jul 17, Shelley rated it it was ok.

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This book was tough to get through. First - I listened to the audiobook.

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I listen to audiobooks all the time, so this was not my first audio experience. The reader could not have been any worse. There was dialogue going on between the two main characters and there was no way to differentiate if she was reading the guy or girl part during back and forth conversation. It's not hard to just slightly lower your voice for the guy or even give him a slightly different way of talking.

S Ugh!!! Second- the book was a beat down to get through with annoying inner monologue that made the characters seem like ridiculous schizophrenics. Lowell is on autopilot. For an audiobook it would be a 1 star. Aug 16, Claire Davon rated it really liked it. This book takes me back to the older Elizabeth Lowell books like Outlaw and such but I am not sure if it is a reissue of one of those.

It takes place in the rural West, as those books do, and has everything you'd expect of her books - action, wide open ranches, alpha heroes and plucky heroines.