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This grammar subject is called inversion and quite broad actually. Hope this helps perfect-english-grammar.

The meaning is: I have never been so glad to see anyone in my life. The speaker is very glad to see someone. Why 'never'?

What is Ludwig?

CowperKettle CowperKettle Thank you for your answer. The person is glad to see someone, isn't it? YuuichiTam - yes.

Understand what prepositional phrases do in a sentence.

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There are so many pitfalls to a show like this, from being overly sentimental to preachy to exploitative There are definitely heartfelt, emotional moments, because that happens in any family. Yeah, I do, I really do. Genuinely, I have always felt that film and TV sets are no place for a child.

But these kids have unique parents, and they themselves are lovely people — and deeply funny. He got the part on his 18th birthday. Watching him grow as an actor, and how much he enjoys it, is really lovely.

Victor Davis Hanson: Elites "Never Subject To The Ramifications Of Their Abstract Ideology"

Yes, a huge amount. Mostly on social media. And I think the humour has broken down that barrier quite a lot. That must take a toll…. So it took a long time for us to get into a swing that was easier.

Embarrassing subject line? Us? Never! - Really Good Emails

It speaks to social inclusivity, to a National Health Service that gives free health care — these things that we fight against in the US. The UK is, Brexit aside, an extremely inclusive place.

Always has been. And I really like it when you have American-British crossover, humour-wise, because when it works I think it is brilliant.

What is the name of the family in Butterflies? Who drives a car with this number plate? What was the name of Austin Powers' dad?