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At first, everything is normal, but soon the shadows around her come alive. As her mind swims with horror stories she heard as a child, a howl breaks the night, and she runs deeper and deeper into the forest. Soon, you will take my But first, my sons must induct you into the My question made the alpha laugh a horrible, strained laugh. The werewolf cursed himself as he found himself back where he started, an empty cave where the breton first fled. Wait, scratch that. Not empty. Appearing from the shadows of the cave was a redhead nord child.

Believe or not, this was his daughter he adopted a few weeks back. And like the first time he met her, she held a fear stricken expression as she asked, "Daddy… why are you chasing Mommy? He averted his gaze away, ashamed.

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She can never understand his condition, she was too young. You see, ever since he found Verona a new mom, he's been having certain Like one time he watched Ella bathe nude in a river where the early sun reflected off of her soft skin like the goddess she is as he watched her silently, hidden from her sight, and got a huge erection.

Okay, so maybe any other male would have the same reaction and he would make sure to get rid of those males , but even with human clothes staining her fair body he still had to hide the boner that suddenly pops out of nowhere every time she greets him. Not to mention the fact that her fresh dirt and carrot scent sent his instincts into overdrive. The instincts to mate to be exact! And he's been holding it inside him for so long, hoping that it would soon pass, but instead it grew bigger and stronger than ever before, gradually destroying his will. The full moon didn't help either because it only increased its maddening effects.

However, his daughter was another factor.

ASMR Roleplay: A promise under the moonlight - Part 1 [Werewolf]

Her pleading emerald eyes quelled the fire within and he whimpered apologetically. If he really goes through with this, who knows how damaged his new family could become. And trust me, he loves his family and would do anything to protect it, but he never thought there would be a day where he had to protect his family from himself! Finally, after giving it some thought, he made his decision.

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For the sake of his family, he's going to-. Ella's terrified screams echoed throughout the forest, startling the two. Without another thought, or rather, not finishing his last thought, the werewolf ran back into the dark forest where the screams became silent. Branch after branch snapped as they barely slowed her fall. Her voice was long gone and was replaced with hardly audible rasps.

Stings of burning pain continued to mutilate her back like wildfire and it wasn't slowing down anytime soon. But maybe it was? Unbeknownst to her, the hard earth was coming up fast and there were no pillows. At least we all love pancakes. But her frail body never reached the ground. A pair of strong black velvet fur arms held her body close. Its chest rumbled like thunder as the beast growled lowly. The breton was scared at first, but soon her murky water eyes met the werewolf's crimson feral eyes as his warm breath wafted onto her His red orbs glinted dangerously in the moonlight, though she can sense no murderous intent in them, but something much worse.

Whatever the werewolf's earlier resolve was, it was completely gone and forgotten.

Reluctant Mate by Lauren Dane

He ripped out her offending human clothes and the shredded fabric spreaded across the forest floor. Then without a moment's hesitation, he drew his large rough tongue all over her neck and coated it in his warm saliva. She protested and pleaded, but that only seemed to increase his lust filled efforts as he trailed his love tongue higher than ever, rubbing her sweat matted face. And just when things were about to escalate out of control, he sensed a new taste.

A tear. Immediately, albeit gently, he dropped the sobbing breton and whimpered an apology. Damn his instincts!

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They almost made him rape her! Her river of tears never ceased. Worried, he rubbed his furry head against her wet cheeks to assure that whatever came over him was gone, at least, for now.

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The hell is he doing? Unlike his earlier actions, they weren't the acts of the sex crazed beast she encountered, but the man who cares nothing but his family. The very man she's fallen in love with.

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And no one will dare call him that. Well, maybe if Ella or Verona called him an adorable little puppy he'd tolerate it at best. The two very different beings stayed in their comfortable positions, enjoying the warmth the other gave. He had no way to tell her that. Somehow, she read his mind. He nodded and carefully placed his clawed hands paws? Crap, what did he do this time? So do you mind carrying me to a creek? I think some nice cold water will help ease the pain. Of course he didn't mind! He would do any for thing his unofficial mate!

Very slowly he lifted her off the ground with only a limited number of curse words and carried her off. It wasn't long before they reached their destination, a small steady flow of water cooled by the night cold air. Gently, he laid her out in the shallow creek, leaving her to revel at the sensation of cool water rush down her damaged back with a sigh of relief.

For a good three minutes, the werewolf just stood there twiddling his claws as his erection and erotic thoughts grew more prominent. Goddammit, not now! He had to banish these sexy thoughts before he loses his mind again! Then, without his consent, his body casted a shadow over her. Ask it above. Adult Erotica. Derick has to present Grace to his four brothers in the pack.

She must do everything they ask her to do. If she can keep up with the four brothers' pace, she may be invited to stay with them. Create Widget. About Luna Lance.