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Incorporate active listening skills and respond to the new information you receive.

About the author David Baker has worked within the training industry for many years with Prince 2 Training. Do you want to join the conversation?

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  6. Find out more. Related Articles 9 ways to think differently about growing your business There are 1, ways to grow your business, so to make your life easier we've highli Business growth , International trade. Sitting in my office one day, I was wondering whether I'm a good leader for my subordinates. The question got glued to my head and I kept wondering throughout the day.

    Improving Your Leadership Skills

    Being in the development management sector, I understand the need for great leaders and very frequently discuss it with my colleagues. That day I decided to not just speak about being a good leader, but educate my students on building their leadership development skills that will make a difference. Being a good leader depends on how you get things done.

    An effective leader should be able to motivate others and drive them to do their best in the worst situations. Great leaders move us and inspire us to do our best work. The best way to become a great leader is train yourself to become better and better every day; not only help others learn and grow, but also make sure you learn and grow as the organization grows. Some say that some people are born leaders.


    I somewhat agree, some people indeed have inbuilt qualities and a great talent to lead others. But, for me, experience also makes good leaders. We learn and grow every day. We follow and we lead.

    • How to Improve Your Leadership Skills.
    • 1. Offer to Help Someone Out.
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    • How To Build And Develop Your Leadership Skills.

    It all comes around in a circle. If today I am learning from my leader, tomorrow I can be myself a leader and make others learn. A great way to develop your leadership skills is to take on more responsibility: with responsibilities comes more experience.

    2. Set Self-Imposed Goals

    If you have a great leader to look up to, you too can become a great leader whom others will look up to. Communication is one of the most powerful tools. You can solve most problems and overcome most obstacles if you are a good communicator. Even someone who excels in many aspects of leadership will probably hit a ceiling if he or she is not a good communicator.

    7 Qualities That Make a Great LEADER - #7Ways

    A good communicator is not just a great speaker but a great listener too, so that nothing said can get misunderstood or misinterpreted. It's important to schedule weekly meetings to maintain a good line of communication to avoid problems which might occur later due to miscommunication. Remember that if you're a good leader, you must have the ability to overcome unpredictable challenges. You must have a contingency plan ready ahead of any situation or circumstances.