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As an educator, she has served in the United States and China. Michele and her husband, Drue, have four adopted special needs children living at home, and six biological children that have left the nest.

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Praise the Light you were here! This attack If we don't find a way to stop them, we're going to lose everything my father and the other leaders built. Show me the proof. Starting in the throne room, take the northwest entryway leading to the courtyard and destroy the portal there.

Quest:Demons Among Us (Horde)

Go back to the throne room and follow the main corridor down while keeping an eye out for an entryway on your right. Go into the Petitioner's Chamber and destroy the Legion portal there. Return to the throne room.

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    In "The Demons Among Us", I will help each reader to understand the demonic realm and how they affect our lives. Satan was cast out of Heaven and became the ruler of this earth. The Bible describes him as "the great deceiver and the father of all lies".


    It also says that he came to "kill, steal, and destroy". When Satan was cast out of Heaven, he was accompanied by one third of all of the angels in Heaven.

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    • These became Satan's helpers, or demons. The Book explains who the demons are and what their ultimate goal is.

      Demons Among Us

      Can they possess a person? Can they control a person? What about the Christian?

      Could a Christian be possessed or controlled by a demon?