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Thalys: a TGV train for Belgian international services. I will attempt a repaint when Carbon Bridge. A Bridge made of carbon and acrylic glass. This bridge is available from This bridge is made for the modding contest category futuristic miscellaneous. Bridges my be changed when adding a new brid Moorfleet Freeway Bridge. Large steel arch bridge for rivercrossings. Created by Vlad von Carstein. Usage: 1. Choose the height and the amount of pylons and place the bridge in your ma Additional pillars are added manually.

Arches are twice the size of the normal stone Flying Junction Road Extension. Functional Beach Resort. Introducing the W Hotel Beach Resort. It's functional people will visit it to shop and features two wave shaped towers joined together at the top by a sky bridge. The rosort includes glass fences, lap pool, tennis courts and a large horizon pool wi Hyperloop tubes. Created by julian. For the modding contest "Design the future" in the category "futuristic miscellaneous". Adds a new bridge and tracks for the Hyperloop. The Hyperloop is a battery powered passenger capsule moving through low pressured tubes at almost sonic speed.

Flying Junction. Flying junctions. SF Wegpunkt Modelle. I haven't changed anything model wise, as it From the mid-eighties these carriages were mainly used as train stalls in busy commuter trains, dr Created by Nelso. Support towers. Chicago Transit Authority Logo. Created by StoneE4. The current logo for the Chicago Transit Authority. Start in service since until present. Theres already 7 sets that already running in that line.

Featured -Available in -Changeab Renfe wagons old. Renfe wagons older times, based on Urban Games models. Narrow Gauge Pack. Satisfy your need for the small and budget railway. Build in mm Narrow Gauge. Transport your goods in itty bitty little carriages trough cities, towns and diverse landscape with this Modification. You'll get matching passenger and cargo stations, incl Narrow gauge railway infra pack. Created by JimKnopf Original train stations for the narrow-gauge gondola with mm or mm gauge Spanish Renfe Logo.

Created by nate. Logo used by the national Spanish railway company - Renfe Operadora - from onward. Narrow Gauge Station Upgrade Pack. Compatibility with other station-stat changing Mods is not given, may behave in unexpected ways or even crash. Created by DannyT. Xiamen has been open to westerners since s when China Airport Road Connections. Enables multiple road connections on all three in-game airports and allows road vehicles to use the airport base roads for travel.

Beta version: Play at your own risk. Created by Sparky Annoyingly the default game has a habit of incorrectly placing catenary masts in the middle of rails at junctions. I've tried multiple ways of preventing this but to no avail. As this annoys me far more than it should I've put this simple mod together. DPRK Logo. SkunkWorks Logo. Created by Redsword Fake locomotive. Created by Revyn With this modification an invisible fake locomotive is added to the game. This means that wagons can be routed directly from the depot to the rails and can be parked there.

Stored wagons continue to cause running costs. The idea for this mo Created by markus Created by hugedragonyk. This mod adds the a coach from the Austrian Federal Railways. They are used in high-quality passenger transport. Passenger wagons. Small freight station. Created by Vitaro. North Europe - Megalomaniac. Created by alphaprior. A map extending from London to Gothenurg, Gdansk, Budapest, Milan with many industries pre-installed. Starts on year with 30 Cities in their real life locations and Industries.

Map has been Das Hoc Created by unimatrix I'd like to thank 'Seamon' and 'DarkMo' for the allowance to publish this modification. Selbstentladewagen Fcs Wiebe. Das Hochladen dieser Modifikation auf ander High Cube Boxcar. In recent years high cube boxcars became more common in the USA.

They are easily detectable by a white painted excess height section. A high cube boxcar is a modern American freight car, which was specially developed to transport goods with a large volu Created by Grendil. Covers the Western half of the United States. West Coast to Texas. Lots of towns, lots of industry. Built around resources located in America. Covers the Western half of the United States with no industry. Lots of towns located in America.

GE U23B. The U23B was one of the first successful models of the manufacturer and was marketed as a medium horsepower roadswitcher. It offered a high pulling force compared to other locomotiv CHS4 Skoda 52E. This mod is a package containing various narrow gauge trains and trams. There will probably be more vehicles to follow.

This mod adds the row from the Austrian Federal Railways. Although the locomotives proved themselves, they were not produced in series because of the high price.

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In , she wa Denmark map. Created by Daniel. I really hope you'll like the map and play on it. If you have any critics, problems, questions or feedback, write it in the comments. Italy map with cities. Created by Raven. Florida Map 1. Created by Painful Agenda. South Japan Map. Created by taishi The Islands - [S] [L] Maps. This map is available in two sizes from within the game, the first image above is the small version. It should provide some nice opportunities for shipping. It was created as more of an experiment Big Map - Mega Cities. Created by romonito. You should have 16 GB and processor power.

You can load the map after installing with "load game". Der schnelle Weg zum Transport Millia Created by WGB Created by Somnium. Created by Aloriel Lelyn. Covers Iowa to Pennsylvania, Ontario to northern Florida. Most major cities are reflected. Resources and industry are typically found where medium or smaller cities might be.

A Fictional map with varied landscape and a fair amount of detail created with L3DT. Available in small, medium and large. It will likely create some challenges Two Capitals No industry. Northeast America. Created by mav Indian Subcontinent. A map of India. Created by CCY. Long Island, NY. North America and Europe. Created by Fandazma.

Map of North america and Europe with a small Atlantic between. Made for fun not for realism ; Southeast Asia mainland. A map of Mainland Southeast Asia also known as Indochina with major cities Beartooth Plateau. Beartooth Plateau is a Large 4-K map with 16 cities. Beartooth Plateau has no in-game industries. Subscribe to Beartooth Plateau Ind for in-game random industry placement.

Best played with the Vegetation Increase and Industry placement mods. Don't forget Superior Junction Medium-Ind. The Medium-Size map has 18 towns at game start. This version has auto-spawned indust Superior Junction Large-Ind. The Large-Size map has 20 towns at game start. This auto-industries version will spa Korea 4K. A map of Korean Peninsula and surrounding area. Names of the cities are spelled based on Revised Romanization of Korean Gray Eagle valley. Gray Eagle Valley is a fantasy map made from the eastern united states area then altered.

All industries have been placed around 13 cities, many industries are set for port access. Search the small mountain areas for resources. Real USA. Created by viforeb. Big map x that reproduces real-world USA with major cities and industry The map is made from a sat-map of the Black-Sea area then photo-shopped. A fantasy-map with 18 cities on a 6K map, square. This version This version uses the game's random placed industries.

On the east coast there are several close city areas to get started, then later during game-play, there are plenty of longer rail-lines Western Europe. Created by PointG34 FR. Cities were all placed manually more than 50 Towns. Industries are randomly placed. Los Santos, GTA 5. Created by Valis. Los Santos, Gta 5 map. Realistic Atlantic. Created by BenWhaaa? Realistic Map inspired by Colonel Failure. I am working on providing all the map. The World.

Created by Lightnin. This one is just for fun. I do believe that Europe will end up one Mega City :. No industry has been added, to be honest there's no room for it! You all know the drill by now! No Industry so add the industry mod if thats your pleasure. As always, extra vegetation mod is a must. Ireland Map c. Created by DaveDoesStuff. Map of Ireland circa with 31 towns and cities prominent in that time. Industries are random so there is a measure of replay-ability. Ebooks and Manuals

As such it should be considered a BETA version for Created by Grimes. This type of car was built in series production by the companies Deutz and Uerdingen from This type of wagon was develo S-Bahn Dresden. This modification adds the following waggon from the S-Bahn Dresden to the game. A big thanks goes to Licao New Industry 2. This mod adds new types of goods and new goods production chains. New Industry v2. This mod is translated on 4 languages: English, German, Polish and Russian.

To do list: Add more than 14 new types goods; Add new freight waggons and trailers; Add big car factory; A Heavy Hauling. Created by Flexible Games. Late-game heavy freight hauling. Mod adds new freight options for late-game hauling into large cities. Everything unlocks in the year and includes: Tank wagon, gondola, stake car, boxcar, and a truck. Truck can haul items, each wagon can hau Open wagon Eaos NS Set.

Open four-axle freight car, suitable for non-sensitive bulk goods. For more information Open wagon Eaos FS Set. NSB El Includes the current NSB logo! Support for logos! Created by Terapso. An open-cut station with retaining wall as track asset. The Beluga is a self driving truck by NK Automotiv. The ideas to its construction are from the last 20'. In the time of the electric car revolution and the common use of drones the use of Semi-selfdriving-trucks started. The Beluga is a complet autonomus s Citybus NewGen. Created by YoshiDE. Hexagon Bus and Tram Station. A sleek and modern looking bus and tram station with a modern OLED display on the back wall to monitor where the next bus to arrive is on the line.

Enjoy the view through the energy conserving hexagon windows. Made specifically for the futuristic Adds a futuristic station for busses and trams to the Game available from It has the same size as the vanilla ones and is also largely based on them. The station is available in two sizes large and very large as well as the are versions for buse Levitation harbor. Created by melectro. Levitation harbor, a futuristic harbor availible from year This harbor is, for the moment, only used with the "Peter Pan" a levitation ferry.

Other types of ships arriving this harbor will have a negative visualization. The harbor can be used at l Traffic Filter. Created by diomidov. Allows you to specify what types of traffic can travel on each lane of a road. Example uses: - Fake one-way roads. Tu mongolia. The first jet entered the Mongolian airline in World Airlines Pack V1. Created by jo3do88y. Hello and thank you for visiting the World Airline Pack! This airline pack aims to bring many realistic repaints for the aircraft of Transport Fever. As there are many airlines in the world it may take some time to see your favourite one added to the pa Reclamation - Rising Seas.

Created by Silky Rough. Cargo loading zone. Created by Robak. The station is available with a 2- or 4-lane road. In addition, a narrow connection can still be switched on either left or right. An upgrade with tram rails is, but only as a passage, without holding possibility Larger Airport 1. Created by Dirkels. Adds a larger airports with multiple, in opposite directions, landing runways The newest and the most reliable member of the Sydney suburban fleet, it was the largest rolling stock order in Australia's history. The carriages make up around half the Sydney Trains fleet, and replaced two-thirds of the S-set carriages.

Cab display channel error. Future Car by Seamon. Adds a futuristic car to the traffic available from Although it's a vehicle, it starts for futuristic miscellaneous as you can't own it. The car comes in six colors and with hovering engine Future Bus by Seamon. This futuristic vehicle modification adds a bus that is located in a fictional future. It was made for the competition. It is completely low-floor and optimized for fast passenger changes. Boeing Lufthansa. A B in Lufthansa livery. Note this is an additional aircraft and wont replace any Boeing or any repaints Created by Mikou.

This mod is a livery pack for the original TGV from the game. This adds the 2 major renovations that happened during their lifetime. Original model by Urban Games, textures Carmillon by Hyperion GE U23B Repaints. Included in this package are paint schemes of the following railroads: - Union Pacific Railroad - Louisville and Nashville Created by OhMySnowball.

Will you engineer a system with express trains whizzing through Manhattan or will y Westchester County, NY. Greater Boston. Created by overcomeon. Boeing Spring Air Livery. A B in Fictional Spring Air livery. This mod only change the capacity value of [AU]A-set Waratah 8 car sets , original mod required. Created by fatfluffycat. Relive the bad old days of American railroading! These cars were run into the ground in daily commuter service, many reaching the ripe old age of 66 before being retired after millions o They provided dependable service until their retirement in This pack contains two skins: th Enviro Southern Vectis Liveries.

The green bus becomes available in and the blue in The Pioneer III was derived from a demonstrator lightweight passenger car which Budd had unsuccessfully attempted to market to various railroads. The Pennsylv XL tram station. Many thanks for this. The original Train Fever mod was motivated by some shortcomings of the original tram stations that are part of t Torpedo car every time the shipme Silverliner V Septa.

One of the operator is Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. Built in South Korea and final assembly in South Philadelphia. Start in service in until now. Theres single car unit i Isle of Wight 4k No Industry. Created by Malevolti. Firth of Clyde. Created by PilotNL. Just west of Glasgow in Scotland, is the beating heart of the industrial revolution in Europe. Since the early 's, Cotton was imported here from the americas and processed on large scale in steam powered cotton mills. After the hot blast process Large Modern Terminal - Airport Eyecandy.

It's a large modern terminal with steel and tinted glass. This is a collision free object and is found in the scenery menu. High capacity road station. Created by [youtube]majuen. You can upgrade this Station with 2 more Streetconnections for example: Trainstation. Bitte beachtet auch das The Netherlands with wide navigatable rivers and four 'oil rig' islands. Created by Putje. Three large x, aspect map of The Netherlands. Workshop FileID: One map has its cities and industries randomly placed, the second map has Dutch cities correctly placed but no industries.

This modification adds the following contral car from the Deutsche Bahn AG to the game. Class waggon Bimdzf InterRegio - 2. Class waggon Bimdzf InterCity - 2. Class waggon Bimdzf InterCity Red - 2. Canadian National Heavyweight. Created by Thad. The Big lake. Created by snake Dies ist meine erste kleine Map. Hofer und Aldi.

Union Pacific The Christmas balls of Lauscha. Created by cpu skully. It is the beginning of November. In the sleepy slate mountains in the south of Thuringia, the first snow fell. While most people come to rest at this time of the year, there is a zealous hustle and bustle in a small town: the glassblower village of Lauscha A autorack freight car, as it is used in the US.

Since the middle of last century railroads became the primary long-distance transporter of completed automobiles. With using enclosed autoracks, they were able to provide both lower costs and greater prot Transport Fever ReEnvironment: Europe summer pack 1. Created by KittX.


Created by Taurus Boeing Gold Beach Airlines. A B in Gold Beach Airlines livery. South Russia, East Ukraine, Georgia. Caucasus, part of the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. Created by aapsky. Caucasus, part of the Black Lauscha Map. It's just there in case you want to play the map without the mission. Lauscha Satellite image. Projects a satellite image over the map 'Lauscha' to allow exact planning of tracks, streets and forests I am not liable for any damage to software, hardware or savegames.

Regarding latter ones, i suggest backups Created by FloppyCDdrive. BR Created by ennothekid. Das ist eine konvertierte Version von dasmatze aus Train Fever Annamara Southwest. Created by thegametrent These two are the primary city in Southwest Annamara, Jackson City is the 2nd largeset city in Annamara with a population of k. It's Metro population is at 7. Bernese Oberland. Created by R3dNag. Snow Mountains. This is a repaint of the GG1 in various liveries during the transition to Amtrak Renfe series. Siemens Velaro Renfe model, one of fastest trains in Europe.

SSB DT8. Created by WiZz4Rd. There are also options for active and passiv Folding Steps, while the DT8. Release: Cost: 2. The color scheme was created by Urban Games. The Rust Belt with Industry. Created by Captainhawes. Created by BuffHamster. This simple? Maybe about 4 or pm? Only the last preview image shows the changed lighting angle, the rest were taken while fooling around with the "fog Metronom Doppelstockwagen. This modification adds the following metronom double-deck rail cars to the game. Created by Blubb. A curved bus and tramstation. Airbus A Austrian.

Created by eni. The Rust Belt - No Industry. Baujahr: ab Geschwindigkeit Created by TransTrain Gamer. It is compatible with the in game re-coloring option. Caltrain Bi-Level Coach. These are typically run on the Caltrain Express Baby Bullet service. In-game recoloring is currently disabled. Bombardier BiLev Bombardier IC 2 Doppelstock-Set. Created by nilds Hello, here you can see my next repaint. This time it's the IC 2 Doppelstockwagen of the manufacturer Bombardier.

I have recently updated it to be compatible with the in game re-coloring option. All Locos reversed 2. Created by maculator. The mod is able to translate itself. For the german ve Created by Dicapitano. An extra large version map of the United States with industries. Stretched the map to the limits of the game engine and added most important cities.

For the sake of Gameplay, I took a bit of lycense as to choosing which cities to place and moved them ar An extra large version map of the United States without industries. For the sake of Gameplay, I took a bit of lycense as to choosing which cities to place and moved them US Southwest Coast. Created by MexicanMorty. Map s Michigan Map.

Created by mrcarlso. A medium-sized map of the Michigan region in the United States. Includes major cities as well as some minor ones to balance gameplay. All waterways are generally fully navigable to allow long shipping routes as is common in the region. Elevation and cer Western Boxcar Pack. A pack of five boxcars from railroads of the USA's West, from to the present.

Fake Vanilla Locos. Created by Marlus. Typical crossbuck found throughout the USA. Available: -. Golden Horseshoe: Ontario, Canada. Created by Spearin. BETA 3 versi Cargo Container Station. Elevated station. An elevated station minimizing the use of terrain. Class waggon AMz InterRegio - 1. Class waggon ABom InterRegio - 2. Class waggon Bomz InterRegio - 2. Class waggon Bomz InterCity Modern Bus- and Tramstation with Bus-Stops. Created by Kanshi. This is a model of a midsized tram and bus station together with a large and a small bus stop. The design fits well to my mod of a modern train station Moderner Hauptbahnhof.

The station supports the largest trams Cobra as well as large buses double art Samms Railway Station Schwerin. Created by Enno von MacPom. Cargo Asset Set. The set includes containers and tank containers in various sizes and now also truck trailers as decoration. The containers are based on the models of Jansch, revised and rebuilt by Kaleut and MaikC. The truck trailers were created by Kaleut, Tex Tunnel Bauprojekt-Nr8. Das Hochladen dieser Modifikat Kleiner moderner Regionalbahnhof.

Halboffener Tunnel. Station without middle platform. Buffer Stops. Various buffer stops from all epochs Included in the game in assets. Technical Details: - Vmax : mph - Power : 3. For t Amtrak Amfleet Collection. Mercedes-Benz Citaro. Mercedes-Benz Citaro - German city bus. Created by MrIgr. The electric low-floor bus Galaxy was put into operation in and is used for carrying out various tasks for the transportation of passengers within the suburban and urban routes.

Due to the use of next generation ultrathin power elements, the floor lev Created by Andreas. This package contains the carriages from the first line which where build after A British Airways. Repaint of default A in to British Airways livery. In game available from when BA added first A in fleet Region D,NL,B.

Created by Skelett. Die Orte befinden sich auf den realen Positionen. Koordinaten Maps Created by Guigui. New Haven - Alco PA. Available Christmas Industry. Adds two new production chains to the game Christmas trees : Are produced in the tree nursery and are delivered directly to the cities industry areas. Baubles : The glass blowing workshop uses quartz sand, minerals and potash to pr Created by bernad. A map with 33 towns and 14 industries. Have fun The Hyperloop.

For the modding contest "Design the future" in the category "futuristic vehicle". Adds the Hyperloop capsule. Features: - animated turbine Flexible Train Stations v1. Created by SoftwareSimian. Train stations with independent curving of each end, additional road connections, sloping, adjustable platform spacing, underground platforms. Created by Skiwee. The all-aluminum MP70 was the first 'double deck' railcar in America, though its method of alternating booth heights both restricted capacity and infuriated passengers. Unpopular for its 'knee-knocker' seating and lack of privacy for female passengers on t Created by dwebster Turkey and Surrounding Areas No Industry.

You need the Industry Tycoon mod for this map. This is the map of Anatolia and surronding areas. And it's cold, bloody cold. The thickness of the blanket on my bed is about the same as a shroud I've never seen one before, but it sounds so good , and that there might be an extra blanket somewhere in the room doesn't occur to me until four in the morning.

Well, guys, you learn a lot about yourself. The wake-up call at point five must also not go unmentioned. So, something horrible sounding, which could be recognized as a choir with some good will, tears me out of my sleep at point five. What is it? An alien attack? The Attack of the Clones? Have zombies risen from their graves? I know how a muezzin sounds like, but not like that. After a few minutes the spook is over could it be the Burmese version of one or more muezzins? The fact is that I am wide awake and look forward to the new day with some bitterness. But the day will be fine, that's for sure.

Alle Rucksack-Trophäen - Fundorte - The Division 2 DEUTSCH / GERMAN

A horse-drawn carriage takes me to the train station. A hundred people have already gathered there and of course tickets for the preferred left side of the train, from where you have a better look on the famous Gokteik viaduct, are already booked up. I make friends with an older gentleman who also travels alone. An American with whom I get along brilliantly right from the start.

In any case, the thing called train jerks off on time, 6 long hours for just under kilometers ahead of us. Every travelguide says train travel in Burma is an ordeal. What could be the reason? Bad seats? They're all right. Overcrowded compartments? Not at all. The real reason shows up a few kilometres after Pyin U Lwin.

The cars start to sway, to the left, to the right, to the top, to the bottom, always against the movement of the car in front of us.

If it moves to the right, ours moves to the left. And so on.

railway-highway tunnel | SpringerLink

For people with sensitive stomachs this is bad, because logically the contents of the car — so we — are pulled along, carried along, thrown along in every direction. Pure physics, of course, but that doesn't make it any more pleasant. However, you get used to it after a while, but taking a nap to catch up on your missed sleep, is definitely out of question. Half an hour before the famous viaduct appears, everybody gathers at the windows, in case not to miss anything.

My car - Upper Class - is exclusively filled with tourists. French, English, Americans, Swiss, Germans, the usual suspects. Slow and comfortable through a wonderful landscape. The ticket for the six-hour trip cost the equivalent of just under 3 francs. But that's not the really nice thing about it. Included in the fare and mentioned on the ticket is a life insurance policy. It just costs 0. What the hell is insured? One of my last hairs?

This is Burma, dear people. Beloved Burma. Somewhere in the pampas, called Naung Hkio, a stop. Time to stretch your legs in the burning sun and admire the locomotive. The Gokteik Viaduct is the most famous railway bridge in Burma, built by the Americans on behalf of the British from onwards. It is almost meters long and meters high. The train drives — thank God - only at walking pace, which gives the clicking and buzzing photo and video amateurs on the train the opportunity to apply their skills.

File:NSG Am roten Steine - Tote Rotfeder dem Hochwasser Juli jpg - Wikimedia Commons

I'm also impressed by the beauty of the landscape, but the Landwasser viaduct in Switzerland is still a bit of But let's leave that alone. And then we arrive, a little tired from the heat. Hsipaw is a nice little town that has developed into a traveller hotspot. And now there they are, the young Travellers, the Backpackers, and now the Hi there, the How are you from all sides. I will enjoy it here.