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Install Google Play App Store. Save Saved. App Description. The Connecting With the Archangels app features 7 audio tracks, each devoted to two or more archangels. Every audio includes a description of the background of each archangel, and then a guided meditation to connect with their energy and presence.

The Feminine Nature Archangels: Ariel and Haniel - Descriptions and guided meditations to help you connect with the beloved archangels to help with gracious living and manifesting your needs. The Healing Archangels: Raphael, Azrael, and Jeremiel - This track has descriptions and meditations to connect you with the archangels of physical, emotional, and relationship healing. The Intellectual Archangels: Zadkiel and Uriel - Helps you to connect with the archangels of developing a good memory and receiving brilliant ideas.

Call out to Archangel Michael

The Mystery School Archangels: Raziel and Sandalphon - Meet and work with the archangels of esoteric spirituality and answered prayers. The Relationship Archangels: Raguel and Chamuel - Descriptions and meditations to connect you with the archangels to help you to attract and maintain healthy relationships. Read More Read Less. App Store The Connecting With the Archangels app features 7 audio tracks, each devoted to two or more archangels.

The Feminine Nature Archangels: Ariel and Haniel — Descriptions and guided meditations to help you connect with the beloved archangels to help with gracious living and manifesting your needs. The Healing Archangels: Raphael, Azrael, and Jeremiel — This track has descriptions and meditations to connect you with the archangels of physical, emotional, and relationship healing.

That told me that He was there with me. I could almost see him in the room with me. I could feel his wings around me. Then I did the cleansing and clearing guided meditation and it was more of the same. I lost husband 2. Im a only child and my 2 grown girls rarely call! Friends are hard to find the real ones at least but got 2! I suffer from sle lupus. Its challenging and with chronic copd which just found nodules in both lungs…. But no willpower!!

Ive prayed to god and my angels to please help me quit. Not only that i live on very fixed income… things are rough there too and with lupus avoid sunlight and stress? How in world do you do that? Im still grateful tho and im very blessed so many questions and no answers. I just wanna live again and try to smile! Please keep me in your prayers. And do you have any advice to help me please.

Its so hard to raise vibrations everyday n remai. Posstive but thank you always. Angel hugs. Nothing will happen or manifest that way well yes only low Energies and negative things will happen. Just be grateful for what you already have this is where you should put your energy Every single day of your life. Where energy goes energy flows. Trust in God and Angels. I will definitely keep you in my prayers. Remember to continue asking your angels for help and keep taking it one day and one step at a time….

Yesterday my mother in law was going through some papers and came across a photo of the arc angel michael she gets from the church.

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I asked if i could have it. I then took my holy water i have in a angel decanter put a cross on the front and back. Then put in the visor of my car. That night my son used the car came home said some guy ran a red light but he hesitated to go through his green light. I told him to go look in the car and you will know why you hesitated. He came back in with a big smile on his face and said thank you jesus!!!!

I loved reading this. I recently started praying to St. Michael due to a personal life crisis. This was one of deep hurt and concern and I was at my wits end. The other night, I had a dream more nightmare and there 3 evil people in it. I was scared. So I asked for his help. I felt a light and could feel a box surrounding me. There was comfort. And the evil characters in my dreams disappeared as I asked 3 times for him to protect me.

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I realize now that the number 3 is very symbolic as St. Michael is mentioned in 3 different scriptures. The Bible, Torah and Quran. All I can say is thank you. Has changed everything. I was very overwhelmed as i called on archangel Micheal it waa an amazing feeling and very grateful to have found this site im using it as much as i can. Thank you so much.

Connect with archangel energy and presence with this guided meditation

I need him to survive. I have two children are autistic and they need him more. I know every happens for a reason, but i cannot comprehend and We all need him. You wanted to change your life for the better, and you stated this was your first time channeling him, sooooo, how did he come to you, how did he help you??? That first time I connected with Archangel Michael, it was as if an incredible peace and light suddenly washed over me. I felt calm, and reassured… which was further strengthened by the message I received from Michael that everything was going to be OK and I was embarking on a new path of awakening and development with so many blessings in store.

After that first meeting it was like I had been illuminated and a weight had been lifted. I dove full force into reading and learning about spiritual development, ascension, and channeling to learn how to increase my connection with Archangel Michael and the angelic realm further as it was so lovely… and I wanted more. A few years ago, I took a course learning how to call upon seven ArchAngels. I felt his vibration immediately and have since called upon him many times. I was glad to read that it is Michael who is closest to our Universe.

The other six ArchAngels that I learned about are wonderful too. Pin Sponsored Links. Share 25K. Boss says May 21, Please i want to talk,touch,feel and see Archangel Michael …but i dont know how. Janice says April 8, I met Michael in a coma. Courtney Blomeen says March 11, Michael is with me. Kayode says August 30, I really Love every guidian and strong prayer meeting over me to change my life entirely but i have never inspired anything and how do i expirence this earlier, is it by dream or revelling me.

Nigeria Reply. Daniel says February 3, Hi there, I was wondering if Archangel Michael or anyone really could shed some light on this question I have? Prinewill Uzochukwu Geoffrey says January 11, How can I hear or speak with my Angel and for my angel to be powerful in my life? Gold Temitemitayo Ralph says January 10, Wow! God bless you melanie Reply. Dennis says October 11, As soon as I began to read the Michael Prayer aloud, I began to get emotional to the point of crying.

I know now that Michael is my special angel. Teresa chase says January 20, I lost husband 2. Melanie Beckler says October 11, I will definitely keep you in my prayers. Goldenfeather Lightdancer says August 14, Please send e-mail updates. It will be easier to find Archangel Michael or Metatron in your consciousness when you are able to look for them in the field of the whole angelic presence that you are connected to.

Archangels: Sitting with Four Archangels Guided Meditation

Know that you can all request to be trained by the angels to become better at communing with them and living your life in sync with the angelic presence. Ask and you shall receive. Just trust that heaven will respond to your request for training, and what I am saying here is just complementary to the training that you are already enrolled in.

Metatron is a vast multidimensional being of light. I once read that Metatron is the Chief of the Archangels, and I personally discovered this to be true. I was first introduced to Metatron by studying the Keys of Enoch by J. I did experience the presence of Metatron while reading the book though and realized I was dealing with a very vast intelligence. Metatron is the Keeper of the Creation Pattern, from which all universes are made. It is helpful to keep this in mind when forming a relationship with Metatron because you are essentially contacting a living vibratory pattern that holds all of the keys and codes of creation as a single matrix of sacred geometry.

The Angel and the Pattern are One. In my recent channeling from Metatron , notice that Metatron speaks as both an I and a We. A being of that magnitude can speak for all angels as one, and yet what I find extraordinary about such a vast, multiuniversal being is that Metatron can personally address beings as tiny as ourselves, delivering information that is relevant to our little corner of creation. So a key for accessing the realm of the Archangels is the understanding that they are a WE consciousness.

The human species is also moving into our WE consciousness. As the WE emerges as a coherent resonant field, we will each be able to switch back and forth between identifying with the I and identifying with the WE. Letting go of the I consciousness will help you to blend with the consciousness of the guides. His presence is in all things. The key to making contact with such vast beings is to be in their omnipresence by not separating yourself and imagining that they are outside of you, or far above you, or distant in any way.

Guardian Archangel Michael – 25 Vital Truths For Connecting With Him

Personally, I have a special meditation corner of my room where I have a plant, crystals, objects blessed by saints, and other things that designate this as a sacred space. That little corner is my temple where I do all of my channeling. This is where I go to make myself available for contact. Your intention to commune with the Archangels will be seen and honored by your angelic guides, who will help you to make the connection, but with channeling, it is always best to let to of attachment to outcomes and be willing to drop expectations. Just practice meditating and being open while welcoming and being grateful for the presence of the angels and Archangels.

Another point comes to mind about really holding a focus on both and not just the Archangels alone. I was walking in the Redwood Forest one day, admiring the beauty of the giant redwoods when I heard the voices of the nature spirits and plants below me. We are special too!