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The Heiress

Thank you for your support. About Publish Join Sign In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. Her struggle with her loss of control, her inner dialogue, and her actions make for some of the best passages in the story. The author succeeds in making Dark Harvest a very dark and a frequently violent story but perfectly counterbalances it with just the right touch of humour.

Midnight Conquest - Book 1 of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles - Arial Burnz

There is plenty of action and the climactic confrontation with Hallow is explosive. Highly recommended. Though a short story, readers will want to peruse future supernatural fiction by Lynda Hilburn as this is a superb paranormal short story thriller.

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This satirical story introduces us to a great character. The story contains a twist that remains true to the character. Zara is no ordinary heroine, she is egotistical and totally self-centered but somehow we can relate to her and be happy that she is willing to share her thoughts with us as she takes us on a saucy, roller-coaster of a romp.

Very funny at times, and told in a chatty, 'unsinister' manner, the sex is hot enough to be exciting but Lynda Hilburn never oversteps the mark or makes us feel uncomfortable. Towards the end we find that Zara, too, has a heart, and knows the meaning of true love, but then there is the twist!

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A very enjoyable and satisfying read. This no apologies glimpse into the life of Zara, the oh so egotistical vampire, is a thrill ride from start to finish. I can't wait for the next diary entry! In places I was giggling and even laughing out loud. Over her lifetime, she has collected many possessions and much wisdom — not all as a result of her own hard work.

Deciding to write her memoirs, she begins with a fond memory that is more than it first appears. Lynda Hilburn's Diary Of A Narcissistic Bloodsucker is a fascinating novella that had me hooked from the very first page! Told in the first person by Zara, this tale actively engages the reader in the plot in a way that I have yet to come across in other writings. As a character, Zara is brilliantly developed. She is completely selfish and self-absorbed, and whilst not your typical heroine she is nevertheless bound to strike a chord in you; you will love her pure shamelessness and complete lack of inhibitions or modesty.

The plot is well developed and paced excellently, and you know not where Zara will take you next. There are sex scenes and they do get described in detail, but this is not a romance. The entire tale will come as a delightful surprise, and you are bound to read this fabulous tale again and again. I give my congratulations to Ms. Hilburn on concocting this delectable story and shamelessly request further episodes! Or at least that is what she tells us in her diary. This was an interesting vampire tale. Told in first person, it is like reading out of Zara's personal diary.

This story has it all. It is funny, sad, hot and sweet. I enjoyed this story and the rules of this vampire world.

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And hearing it from Zara as it unfolded. Great writing and wonderful characters. I was impressed. This was a truly inspired piece of vampire fiction, certainly one of the most imaginative pieces I've read in a while.

The Heiress

I loved the premises of her vampire world. It's very imaginative. I love it when authors get creative and eschew the traditional mythos. I think the length was perfect — never boring, not too much. In short, Lynda did everything right. The humor is wonderful; the eroticism is likewise superb and perfectly done. Probably my favorite line: "There I was, caught up in the ecstasy of riding a very enthusiastic penis Written in first person, Zara glorifies herself so grandiosely that you can't help but laugh and like her at the same time.

The story itself is smart and fast paced; the sex scene is as funny as the rest of the story, which keeps the mood of the story light and believable. The twist at the end is also perfect; any other ending would have been corny and misplaced, considering Zara's character. The story leaves you wishing it were a full-length novel, which the author cleverly does not mention One can only hope. Wow, was I pleasantly surprised. Zara is a vampire, telling her story in spicy diary form. She's a tough woman.

Confronted with Jeran, the man who created her, while she's enjoying another attractive man, she pulls a prank worthy of her prowess.

Zara is a strong character with a definitive voice. I don't know that I'd exactly call this story a romance, but it is steamy and sensual in its own way. It's unique and sassy. I highly recommend this one to those interested in hearing the myths surrounding vampires busted or confirmed. Hear the truth from Zara herself. Hilburn has created a character that any reader could be attracted to. Her voice comes across as strong, and I found that Zara was a vampire I could see being a reality. This new twist on the vampire genre was quite entertaining and I look forward to more books from Ms.

Hilburn on the subject. Her injection of humor into the paranormal realm is refreshing to this reader. All in all, I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a laugh-out-loud read. Hilburn's heroine truly lives up to the title of this short story. Told in first person, chick-lit fashion, Zara explains all about herself and vampires in general. The heroine's unapologetic, I-am-what-I-am philosophy. For those who like a sassy story and don't need a happily ever after, it should prove an adequate read.

Cinnamon and Roses

The plot kept me on the edge. Malveaux was one dangerous vampire when angered. I would not want to be on his bad side. It was his interesting sense of justice that kept me reading, that and his uncanny ability to give Tempest multiple orgasms. Tempest was big on keeping the upper hand in life and in bed. Meeting up with Malveaux proved challenging for the musician.

Undead in the City surpassed hot and went straight to raging boil. I recommend you read this one at night with your favorite toys on hand. The characters are that sexy. Both Tempest and Malveaux radiate power. It was great to watch their relationship unfold. Two muscle bound gladiators could not have provided as much entertainment as this couple, which made their coming together all the more gratifying. Aubyn did a fantastic job with Undead in the City.

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The characters she created will stay with me for a long time to come. Congratulations to Ms. Aubyn on a novel well written. Malveaux is the sinfully sensual hero that will hold readers captivated. Tempest is the kick butt heroine that believes in going after what she wants and not stopping until she gets it. The plot is packed full of adventure that will keep readers on the edge of their seat. The love scenes are a volcanic eruption of passion that will melt your circuits.

Hera St. Aubyn has done an incredible job of creating characters that are unpredictable and a plot that sizzles. Aubyn will come up with for her next book.

Aubyn draws you into the world of Malveaux and Tempest and will not let go. These two characters have their own agenda; each one thinking the other is prey. Are they in for a surprise and so is the reader. You cannot help but fall into this story with both feet and your eyes wide open. So if you like a story with not a lot distraction from the main theme, SEX, this is your story. Undead in the City gets right to the point. The sex is hard and the characters are strong. If you like the classics and the Victorian era but are looking for a bit of a BDSM twist, The Darker Passions: Dracula, written by Amarantha Knight, published in , is going to be the perfect novel for you.

Knight delivers readers with vivid poetic details in a story that is sexy, dangerous, and beautifully dysfunctional. As an aspiring author, Angela Ferdinardo, has always spent much of her time submerged in a book or with a pen in her hand. Book reviewer and copywriter. Currently working towards her bachelors in creative writing at the University of Arizona.