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Nicknamed "the eater of faces" for his cannibalistic tendencies, Eduardo Flamingo is a psychotic hitman who works for the mob. Jackanapes []. Jackanapes is a gorilla in a clown costume that wields a machete and sub-machine gun. Max Roboto [] []. Max Roberto is a cyborg with a partially cybernetic face who operates in a futuristic timeline in which Damian Wayne is Batman. Phosphorus Rex [] []. Phosphorus Rex is a member of the Circus of Strange who is constantly on fire. His metahuman abilities make him immune to the harmful effects of fire. Professor Pyg [] [] [] [] [].

Donning a pig mask, Lazlo Valentin is a mad scientist known for kidnapping people and brutally transforming them into minions he calls " Dollotrons ". The Weasel is a man with all canine teeth. He appears as an enemy of Damian Wayne in the future. Batman and Robin 18 January A former girlfriend of Bruce Wayne, Una Nemo received a bullet in her head and survived. Now, she is stalking and killing Bruce Wayne's former mistresses. Big Top []. Batman and Robin 2 September Big Top is a morbidly obese bearded man in a tutu. He is part of the Circus of Strange.

Dedalus []. Batman Incorporated 3 March Otto Netz is a mad scientist and father of Kathy Kane, the original Batwoman. Years go, Netz was defeated by the spy syndicate Spyral and imprisoned; suffering from Alzheimer's disease, he was locked away, but secretly escaped and brainwashed his jailer to take his place. Netz was recruited by Leviathan to build a doomsday device but died at the hands of Damian Wayne in order to save Batman and Nightwing. Heretic []. Batman and Robin 12 April The mysterious Heretic is a clone of Damian Wayne, artificially aged and genetically enhanced by Talia al Ghul.

He is Leviathan's most fearsome soldier, having killed both Knight and his "brother", Damian. Batman Annual 28 February The Id is a French supervillain who could awaken hidden desires in any human being with a mere touch. Sister Crystal turned his head into glass, with his brain always visible. Jezebel Jet []. President of a small African nation, Jezebel Jet was a successful model and philanthropist who became romantically involved with Bruce Wayne. However, she was also a high-ranking member of the Black Glove and agreed to seduce Wayne in exchange for the Black Glove murdering her adopted father and installing her as president.

Her attempt to drive Batman insane failed due to Batman realizing she was a spy; she was ultimately murdered and decapitated by Man-Bat Commandos sent by Talia. King Kraken [] []. King Kraken is an aquatic criminal from Sweden and a deep sea diver known to go up against Batman and Wingman.

Toad [] []. Batman and Robin 1 August Toad is a mutated frog man. Batman and Robin 26 August Ray Man is a French supervillain who can create visual illusions out of a hole in his head. While creating a mass illusion, Ray Man pretends to be a reality-warping god-like superbeing, Paradox. Siam is a name used by conjoined triplets with a specialized fighting style.

They are members of the Circus of the Strange. Sister Crystal is a French supervillainess who has the ability to turn everything she touches into glass. Skin Talker has a unique skin disease that make words appear on his body. He is fully in control of this ability, and the words on his skin have hidden hypnotic effects. Son of Man [] []. As an infant, Norman S. Rotrig was mutilated by his insane father into becoming what his father believed was a living masterpiece of art. The Son of Man now has a permanent Glasgow smile on his face and retaliated against his father by dissecting him and keeping him alive in front a mirror, while still alive but in pieces.

Determined to turn Paris, France into a "work of art", Son of Man is considered to be a French counterpart of the Joker. Son of Pyg [] [] []. Batman Incorporated 4 March Janosz Valentin is the son of infamous Professor Pyg. Janosz wears a similar pig mask to his father, but it is heavily damaged and has red eyes.

He is masochist who claims he can teach others to feel no pain. Swagman [] [] [] []. Batman and Robin 21 April A mysterious being of light who seeks to battle the darkness of Gotham City, White Knight targeted the relatives of Arkham Asylum inmates in order to save their souls by dressing them as angels and forcing them to commit suicide. As a very resourceful and inventive serial killer, White Knight's ultimate goal is to kill Arkham inmates.

Matilda Mathis is the Dollmaker's daughter who initially dressed as a nurse with a ceramic mask stitched into her face as the Dollmaker's right hand henchman. She then turns what is left of their bodies into human dolls that she uses to decorate her garden. Jack-in-the-Box [].

Jack is a member of the Dollmaker's family who has a mutilated, surgically enhanced body with arms seemingly made of rubber. Toxic began as a low level criminal known as "Gas Man", one of several amateur super-villains that the Penguin called upon in order to offer them "protection" for their money. Gas Man eventually became Mr. Toxic and found himself more than a match for Batman.

After Mr. Toxic robbed several nuclear plants, Batman discovered that Mr. Toxic was the dying clone of one of Bruce Wayne's fellow businessmen. Batman was able to defeat Mr. Toxic, who has not been seen since. Orifice is a member of the Dollmaker Family who has various foreign limbs and tissue stitched to his body.

A member of the Dollmaker's family, Sampson is a small man made to look like a toy monkey. A serial killer and former enemy of James Gordon who would take his son, Barton Mathis who would grow up to become the Dollmaker , on "hunting trips" in which he kidnapped and cannibalized human beings. He was eventually killed in a struggle with Gordon, leading to his son's personal vendetta against Gordon. Brute is a prisoner of Santa Prisca who has gone through extensive new experimentations with Venom. The Professor is a scientist who works at Santa Prisca that specializes in Venom experiments for Bane.

Batman Eternal 18 October Dollmaker [] [] [] []. The leader of his "Family", Barton Mathis is a mad doctor who specializes in organ transplantation. He is responsible for the creation of twisted surgical abominations made of several different limbs and organs, stitched into one being.

He runs an organ trade business and is responsible for cutting the Joker's face off. Eli Strange [] []. Eli Strange is the criminal son of Hugo Strange. Eli Strange collaborated with Catwoman during some of his criminal activities. Emperor Blackgate [] []. Ignatius Ogilvy was the right-hand man of the Penguin, who had aspirations of taking over the Penguin's criminal empire as his operative "Emperor Penguin". Within Blackgate Penitentiary , Ogilvy gained control of the prison's organised criminal activity and took on the name "Emperor Blackgate".

Otto Baxter Kruft, aka "Fishnet", is a henchman for Gotham City mobster Penguin, recognizable for wearing a fishnet stocking over his face. Volt is the Penguin's resident tech genius and creator of many of his weapons. An accident gave Volt electrical powers. Hypnotic is an upstart criminal who works under Penguin's guidance. He uses radio waves to control his victims minds. Imperceptible Man is a seemingly invisible criminal who came to Gotham in an alliance with the Penguin. Jill Hampton works for the Penguin and is Charlotte Rivers' sister.

Charise Carnes was a prisoner at Arkham Asylum when a massive breakout took place in which she watched the other inmates torture and kill others. After getting out of the Asylum, Carnes became a vigilante called Knightfall who torments and murders criminals, eventually becoming an enemy of Batgirl. Merrymaker [] []. The Merrymaker is a supervillain who leads a gang of criminals called the League of Smiles who are obsessed with the Joker. Bloom [] [] [].

Batman vol. Real name unknown, Mr Bloom stole high-tech seeds that allowed him to manipulate his own body, seeing himself as a gardener come to prune the garden of Gotham as a failed experiment. Mister Mosaic is a deformed rich underboss of the Penguin. Batman and Robin Eternal 1 October The sole survivor of a village that was destroyed in the crossfire of a brutal war, 'Mother' sees herself as making children stronger by forcing them to endure tragedy, believing that Batman shares her views in his efforts to "mold" the Robins.

Batman and Robin vol. Morgan Ducard aka Nobody has almost telekinetic powers seemingly based on sound waves. Ducard is the son of Henri Ducard, the detective who once trained Bruce Wayne. He seeks to destroy Batman Incorporated and believes that killing criminals could save more lives than simply putting them in prison and allowing them to live. Talon [] []. William Cobb is the great-grandfather of Dick Grayson. Trickster [] []. Kaiyo is a mischievous New God from Apokolips who can pass between worlds at will. She is responsible for the first meeting between Batman and Superman. White Rabbit [] [].

Batman: The Dark Knight vol. Jaina Hudson is the mastermind behind a toxin known to obliterate all fear from one's mind. Due to her involvement with Bane and the Scarecrow, she once managed to defeat Batman. Real name unknown, Colonel Blimp is a man in a purple and gold uniform similar to that of a German zeppelin pilot. He has twice stolen a submarine, using a blimp he flies armed with magnetic tentacles.

He holds the submarine for ransom, announcing to the city that he will not return the submarine until a certain amount of money is paid. The second time, he is stopped by Gotham Girl. Real name unknown, The Haunter is a malnourished woman with orange hair. She has the ability to kill anyone whose DNA she comes in contact with, causing them to dissipate into black smoke.

She is hinted to be already known to Batman and to be on good terms with the rest of Batman's villains in Arkham. She escapes from Arkham and assists Scarecrow in a plan to release fear gas in Gotham on Christmas Eve, but both are paralyzed with the gas and recaptured by Batman.

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Stag is a mysterious woman adorned in black and yellow, a black horned headdress and a white mask. Not much is known about her currently. She is first seen invading the apartment of Barry O'Neill and killing him with a stab to the forehead. Blackbird is a woman with the metahuman power to drain those of others.

Feeling that metahumans were oppressed, she planned to take the powers of many for herself and use them to create a revolution. She managed to lure in several students under the guise of a training school, forming an association with Roulette. Her students included Gemini and an undercover Black Canary.

Abattoir []. A schizophrenic, superstitious, and cannibalistic serial killer who was convinced that his family was evil , [] Arnold Etchison has thanatophobia fear of death and, due to living in a world where paranormal activities are common occurrences related to metahumans, extraterrestrials, and the supernatural, leads him into an insane delusion that he absorbs his victims' life force when he kills them therefore prolongs his lifespan as an immortal.

Abattoir even wears a makeshift cape to imitate costumed beings such as Superman and Batman. He was apprehended and incarcerated in Arkham Asylum , from which he escaped several times, always being returned by Batman. Actuary is a mathematical genius who applies formulae to aid the Penguin in committing crimes.

Agent Orange [ citation needed ]. Batman and the Outsiders 3 October Claiming to be a Vietnam War veteran, Agent Orange is a supervillain who blames the United States government for his injuries. He attacks the innocent citizens of Gotham City with the help of his followers. Batman April An Indian thief and leader of the Afro-Asian block of Underworld Olympians, Amba Kadiri crossed paths with Batman only to be captured so that her team may go on in the competition.

She is an accomplished thief and martial artist who bears steel-clawed fingertips. Amygdala [] []. Batman: Shadow of the Bat 3 August Aaron Helzinger is a powerful behemoth with a childlike temper. He is quick to anger and turns into a murdering monster after doctors experiment on his brain. He has been stopped by Batman in the past by applying a severe blow to the back of the neck.

Mike Patten is an engineer in Gotham City that believed a civilization 15, years ago was wiped out due to a massive earthquake. During the events of Cataclysm , his wife and daughter perished, leading Mike to believe the end of humanity was nigh. He became the costumed Answer to prove his theory to society through robbery and murder. Batman: Gates of Gotham 1 July Zachary Gate is the descendant of Nicholas Anders, one of the architect brothers who constructed Gotham City's bridges.

Upon his stepbrother's death, Nicholas attempted to avenge him by killing Gotham's founding fathers: the Waynes, Cobblepots, and Elliots, on whom he blamed his death. He was then jailed for the murder of Robert Kane and declared that the forefathers' descendants would suffer for their sins. Zachary comes across this knowledge and name of the Architect from his ancestor's journals and decided to avenge him, setting his goals on eliminating the forefathers' descendants.

Paul Strobe is a scientist who can shoot beams from his eyes that can transmute matter into another form and focuses them through the special lenses of his goggles. Bad Samaritan []. Outsiders 3 January The Bad Samaritan is a highly trained agent of the USSR that became an independent contractor in espionage, terrorism, and assassination working for virtually all major governments. Radioactivity transforms Ned Creegan into a skeletal-looking "living x-ray photo" who calls himself Bag O'Bones and battles Batman and Robin.

Still later, he adopts the name One Man Meltdown and battles the Outsiders. After getting the medical treatment he needs, Creegan goes back to prison, content to do his time in jail and then reform. Batman November Benedict Asp is the brother of Shondra Kinsolving , the trained physiotherapist who meets Bruce Wayne when he is dealing with exhaustion and helps to look after him after he is injured by Bane. He kidnaps her and turns her abilities to evil uses. Asp reveals Shondra's healing powers and, along with his own psychic abilities, uses her to telekinetically kill an entire village.

Bruce eventually defeats Benedict, but the events traumatize Shondra. Titus Samuel Czonka is an unintelligent brute that leaves riddles for Batman to solve similar to Cluemaster. Billy Numerous [] []. Billy Numerous has the ability to make copies of himself, which he uses for criminal activity. He has taken on Slam Bradley and Catwoman. Birthday Boy [] []. Batman: Earth One July In the Earth One re-imagining of Batman's origin, Ray Salinger is a serial killer who operated at the beginning of Batman's career.

Nicknamed "the Birthday Boy", Salinger kidnaps and murders young women who resemble his first victim. His modus operandi is to give the person that he is about to kill a birthday cake with his first victim's name on it and tells them to "make a wish".

World's Finest Comics March Bizarro-Batman originates from the Bizarro World. Batzarro is a Bizarro version of Batman whose origins remain unknown. The first Black Spider is Eric Needham , a hunter of the drug dealers who ruined his life. Batman May He is killed by Crispus Allen during a gang shooting. Birds of Prey 87 December Black and White Bandit []. Batman Gotham Knights 12 February Roscoe Chiara was an artist who was hired to create a portrait with experimental paint.

After doing so, he completely lost the ability to see colour. Chiara began robbing public locations of valuable materials. Blockbuster []. Mark Desmond is a former chemist who experiments on himself and subsequently becomes a mindless brute who possesses super-strength. Roland Desmond became the second Blockbuster after a severe illness forced him to be treated with experimental steroids.

Like his brother Mark, Roland became a child-minded super-strong monster. Batman October The Bouncer is a metallurgist who discovers "an alloy of rubber, steel, and chrome" called "elastalloy", which he uses to create a suit that allows him to bounce "tremendous distances or from great heights—yet not be harmed at all!

He is the father of Teen Titans foe the Disruptor. Batman February The Brand is a cowboy-themed supervillain who uses cattle brands as weapons and as clues for future crimes. Brutale is an expert with all forms of knives and blades, being able to both fight superbly and inflict horrible pain on his victims. Detective Comics 81 November Mortimer Drake is an expert swordsman who speaks in Shakespearean English and dresses in a French musketeer costume.

Initially depicted as craving adventure and riches, the rogue was repeatedly bested by Batman and Robin. The Cavalier eventually lost his mind, and can sometimes be seen as an inmate or escapee from Arkham Asylum. Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 32 June Paul Sloan is a successful actor who is persuaded to impersonate Two-Face by a number of Gotham's villains when Two-Face refused to join their scheme after Two-Face's coin landed with the unscarred side up.

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Paul ends up encountering Batman briefly in the process. He is later tortured and disfigured by Two-Face and experimented upon by Scarecrow. Paul returned years later, attacking the various villains who had recruited him, all in an attempt to get to Batman. He is currently incarcerated at Arkham Asylum. Batman: Shadow of the Bat 7 December Star-Spangled Comics 70 July In Pre- Crisis continuity, the second character to use the moniker of the Clock is a clock-themed criminal who is primarily an enemy of Robin.

Not to be confused with the Clock King II. Colonial Sulphur is a self-styled warrior with a vast knowledge of psychological terror who fights Batman four times in the comics of the s and s. Sulphur also encounters Superman and Supergirl and puts together an Army of Crime. World's Finest Comics June An out-of-work scuba diver, Joseph Meach gained the combined powers of the Legion of Super-Heroes after being struck by the energy discharge of their statues while he slept.

He then desired to defeat Superman and Batman. Later the effect and his memory faded, but his powers were restored by an alien whose father had been imprisoned by Batman and Robin. Joe sacrificed himself to save the superheroes. Condiment King [] []. Batgirl: Year One 8 September Mitchell Mayo is a villain who makes use of various condiments, sometimes capable of causing anaphylactic shock. He is a comedic relief villain that is easily defeated by Robin and Batgirl. A convicted murderer, Derek Mitchel escapes from jail seeking vengeance on Mortimer Kadaver, but is involved in an unfortunate accident on the way that turns him into a literally corrosive man, his entire skin burned with chemical fire which can eat through walls and floors or burn human flesh.

His encounter with Kadaver leaves the latter with a handprint burned onto his forehead and leaves Mitchell inert, although he surfaces at least twice more. Cornelius Stirk is an Arkham Asylum inmate who possesses latent psychic abilities, specifically the ability to induce fear and hallucinations in others. A delusional psychotic, Stirk believes that he will die unless he regularly consumes human hearts. Crazy Quilt []. Boy Commandos 15 May—June Paul Dekker is an ex-painter who leads a double life as a master thief and is blinded by a gunshot wound during a botched robbery.

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While in prison, he volunteers for an experimental procedure that would restore his vision. There is a side effect, however: even though he can see, he can only see in blinding, disorienting colors.


This drives him insane, and he adopts the identity of Crazy Quilt. Villains United 2 August Only glimpsed in the background, she has yet to resurface. Detective Comics 77 July Matthew Thorne was a reputable surgeon for criminals, but he would stop his crimes to minister to the sick or injured. He later appears under a new name, Bradford Thorne. Ryan Smith is a brilliant scientist and media personality. He gives detailed plans for robberies to gangs of crooks with the understanding that they would give him a large percentage of the loot.

The Crimson Knight, whose real name is Dick Lyons, is a mysterious, metal-clad crime fighter who appears in Gotham City as an apparent aide to Batman and Robin. The Caped Crusaders suspect the new arrival may have illegal motives. Batman and the Outsiders 6 January Philip was a lab assistant for professor Niles Raymond who developed a cryogenic chamber. Fearful of the threat of nuclear war, Raymond froze himself, Philip, and their wives in in hopes of surviving any oncoming conflict. Decades later, Philip was chosen to be awakened to determine if the world had become a safe place again.

However, Philip's wife was inflicted with a debilitating disease and he subjected themselves to the freeze in hopes of waking up in a time with the medical advances to save her life. Becoming Cryonic Man, Philip sought organs to replace those of his wife which were failing, bringing him into conflict with Batman and the Outsiders. Christina Chiles is a scientist who designed a state of the art robotic suit operated by her brainwaves, bristling with weapons like lasers and rockets.

When Catwoman broke into the lab to steal a microchip, Christina dons the suit herself to stop her as a trial run. After they clash several times, Chiles gets obsessed with hunting down and destroying Catwoman to prove her superiority - a side effect of the suit's mind-link. Eventually Catwoman defeats her after building a robotic suit for herself. Cypher [] [] [] []. Avery Twombey, who works under the moniker "Cypher", is a corporate spy who uses his hypnotic powers to force his victims to commit suicide.

David Rennington is the owner of a blade manufacturing company called Rennington Steel. When facing hard times, Rennington starts masking himself as the Dagger, running an old-fashioned protection racket until being apprehended by Batman. He is later recruited by Ra's al Ghul. Batman: The Cult 1 August Deacon Blackfire is a religious fanatic who forms an army in the sewers beneath Gotham, largely composed of the homeless. Blackfire begins a violent war on crime, which escalates into him taking over the entire city, isolating it from the rest of the country.

Primarily an enemy to Dick Grayson , the Dealer is an auctioneer who sells to the wealthy memorabilia and weapons used or that have formally belonged to reputable super-villains. Doctor Aesop is a criminal who commits crimes based on Aesop's Fables. Aesop is an older man who carries a cane which he wields as a deadly weapon. He keeps a menagerie of dangerous animals which represent some of the fables he seems to cherish. Doctor Aesop was seemingly killed, but recovered from his wounds and later resurfaced in Gotham City Sirens 9.

Detective Comics 29 July Karl Hellfern is a mad scientist who made a few appearances in the earliest days of Batman and is considered Batman's first supervillain. Doctor Death developed lethal chemical gases and threatened wealthy citizens, demanding money and tribute to him in exchange for their safety. Hellfern was disfigured in an explosion. Simon Ecks discovers that human auras could be enhanced to function outside of the body.

When Ecks creates an energy-duplicate of himself, the introverted scientist's unstable mind becomes dominated by the doppelganger Double X. Alexander James Sartorius is a mad criminal with radioactive powers resulting from the meltdown of a nuclear power plant. World's Finest Comics September Theodore B.

Carrigan is a carnival mystic who turns to crime, basing his robberies on horoscopes. In his first outing, he is apprehended by Batman, Robin, and Superman. Later, he steals a dozen coins from Atlantis , each bearing a Zodiac symbol, which bestow him with various powers. Once again, Batman and Superman thwart his plans. Robin March Michael Lasky was just a kid who wanted to be a hero. He ran into Robin a few times and tried become Robin's partner, but Robin refused since he just got in the way and told him to go home. One night as Robin was trying to stop some kidnappers, Dodge interfered and his teleportation belt got damaged.

Dodge was left in a coma after the battle and Robin took him to a hospital. Robin, feeling responsible for Dodge's condition, visited regularly until one day he disappeared. In the future, Dodge would return, but not as his former self; his skin had been turned to a shimmering red and he was furious with Robin. He had fallen into a life of crime, selling a dangerous drug that turned normal people into meta-human murderers. His criminal enterprise built upon the hope that he would eventually meet Robin again and kill him.

During a battle with Robin, Zatara, and Rose Wilson, his body inexplicably vanished and he is presumed dead. Daedalus Boch is an artist who believes he receives visions of inspiration and then compulsively recreates them on whatever canvas they indicate, including people. Danny the Dummy, a pint-sized ventriloquist in a top hat and suit, has a hit act in which he plays the dummy to a normal sized "ventriloquist", Matt, who is revealed as the real dummy at the end of each show. The fact that people invariably refer to Danny as "the Dummy" infuriates him, and inspires him to use dummies for crime to make dummies out of the law.

Batman: Shadow of the Bat 3 [Note 11] August Edgar Heed believes himself to be "the world's smartest criminal", and his crimes usually have an egg motif to them, as well as including egg puns in his speech where appropriate e. The character is an inmate of Arkham Asylum and a patient of Jeremiah Arkham. Eivol Ekdal is a bald, slightly hunchbacked criminal scientist who is described as a "master craftsman, builder of escape gadgets and tantalizing traps for the criminal underground of America. John Dolan was exposed to a leak from an experiment the professor he assisted was working on, leaving him randomly turning into different elements.

Designing a belt to control these transformations, he took to a life of crime as the Elemental Man before Batman was able to restore him. Leonard Fiasco is a professional at covering the tracks of other crimes. For a 20 percent cut, the Eraser will "erase" the evidence of another crime. Erik Hanson is a former employee at a trendy Gotham City nightclub for the city's popular socialites. He organizes a gang to replace them as a ploy to enter Gotham's elite. False-Face is a criminal make-up artist and master of disguise who uses his skill to impersonate wealthy people.

An African-American former soldier and demolitions expert, Joseph Rigger returned to find his family dead due to substandard housing in three separate buildings. As the Firebug, Rigger seeks revenge on the buildings themselves, destroying them regardless of how many innocents die. He later turns to more straightforward crime. His weapons of choice are explosive bombs. Harlan Combs is wanted in the murder of his daughter. Combs had purchased the Firebug costume and armor from Rigger. He is injured fleeing the police and quickly arrested.

An unnamed character won the moniker and costume from an Internet auction. After taking on the Firebug name, he enters the supervillain business. Famine is one of the Horsemen of Apokolips who once posed as Sobek, friend to the Black Marvel family. Burt Weston is a wannabe actor who dreams of getting a big break by playing quirky villains. When each of his plans fails, he fakes his death similar to the movie The Sting. He is later killed by Bane.

Linda Friitawa is an albino geneticist who was stripped of her medical license for her unauthorized, gruesome experiments on human beings. She assisted the Scarecrow with his experiments; however, oblivious to Scarecrow, she was secretly hired by the Penguin to corrupt Scarecrow's toxins and infect Scarecrow with them, causing him to transform into a creature dubbed "the Scarebeast".

In contrast to her deeds and the Penguin, Friitawa always treated Scarecrow with kindness. Elmo Galvan is a murderer, who survived his execution on the electric chair of Blackgate Prison. As a result of his botched electrocution he has become a paraplegic, who is confined to lying in his bed, unable to move any part of his body below his head. However, his execution also had the by-effect of turning him into the human equivalent of a battery: When electricity comes into close proximity of his body, he can absorb it and store it within his cells, not only temporarily restoring the functionality of his body and Galvan's control over it, but also granting him some electricity-based powers like the ability to emit high-voltage electric jolts from his hands.

Due to the changed nature of his body he is in continuous need to find electricity that he can absorb to replace the energy he is spending. In his first story he went on a vendetta, trying to track down and kill all the people who were present as witnesses during his execution, among them Batman's ally James Gordon, Commissioner of the Gotham City Police. If Galvans runs out of energy he collapses like a technical device whose battery is empty and becomes a helpless paraplegic again - until he comes into contact with electricity again.

In later stories he is mostly seen as a permanent occupant in the infirmary of Blackgate Prison, where he is kept - lying in a bed, cynically commenting on his environment - as a result of his disability which makes it impossible to keep him in a regular cell with the other prisoners. In order to prevent him from regaining his powers the authorities try to keep Galvan physically at bay from electrical devices or any other sources from which he may draw new energy.

Nathan Finch had lost his arms and legs when frostbite affected him after a fight with Batman. Customer Service. Bookmark This Site. Here is one of the most riveting first-person accounts to ever come out of the Second World War. In "Helmet for My Pillow" we follow his journey, from boot camp on Parris Island, South Carolina, all the way to the raging battles in the Pacific, where some of the war's fiercest fighting took place.

Recounting his service with the 1st Marine Division and the brutal action on Guadalcanal, New Britain and Peleliu, Leckie spares no detail of the horrors an Products carry manufacturer's warranty only. We have made reasonable efforts to maintain accurate the Product details but Prices are subject to change. All orders are subject to product availability. Site updated:Wednesday 3rd of July of And then you have writers like Cameron, where you simply cannot know, nor anticipate, what will characters say next in their communication with each other, and yet he doesn't deprive you of that, seemingly, clearness where the story goes.

And when on top of all that you add great characters diversity, you'll catch yourself, more than once, reading same dialogues because, well, they simply are really fun to read. View all 20 comments. Feb 18, J. Ashman rated it it was amazing. A friend recommended this to me and oh how well he knows me. The Red Knight is a must for fans of fantasy and medieval history both.

Cameron's knowledge of armour and weapons and knightly accord comes from his historical fiction work as Christian Cameron and it shows. I truly felt like I had stepped back into medieval Europe, but a past of ours that included all the mythical creatures and beings from all those heraldic devices. Wyverns and hulking trolls, demons and wyrms. The battles are gri Wow! The battles are gritty and real, the characters more so.

From knights to squires and nuns to priors, the way the characters interact is sublime. There are a lot of POVs of all classes and personalities and abilities - and I like that. If you like your knights traditional and authentic, your beasts powerful and horrifying, and your magic system unique, then The Red Knight is for you! I highly recommend it and cannot wait to get the next in this awesome series. View 2 comments. Here we have the beginning of what seems to be another fine, readable, highly enjoyable epic fantasy.

The story draws us in and if it has a weakness and what book doesn't? Of these most of us will probably become more interested in one "storyline" than we are the others I know I did. Still when it boils down to "a" climax actually there might be said to be "multiple climaxes" the author weaves all his threads together an Here we have the beginning of what seems to be another fine, readable, highly enjoyable epic fantasy. Still when it boils down to "a" climax actually there might be said to be "multiple climaxes" the author weaves all his threads together and pulls them into a tight bundle.

I've read a few lukewarm reviews that said things like "well it's a good story but there's nothing new here. Very, very few. Yes you will see some character "types" here. The plot is not some original new never seen before idea, there are wizards, knights, men at arms, fantasy creatures, monsters The world is dark and gritty with as much "real world feel" as you can get into a fantasy novel.

This is a version of medieval Europe or thereabouts with a somewhat twisted version of said "medieval" church yeah, I'm a Christian and found it a little annoying but you can live with it as a story I think. So yeah, good story, good characters, very interesting novel I look forward to the next installment. I rate this one a 5 star read if only barely I don't know, but wherever it falls it rounds up to 5 stars. Recommended, enjoy. View all 21 comments. I couldn't get into it. Oct 28, Lindsay rated it really liked it.

Warning: Goodreads has this as a page paperback. I'm sure that is the case, but I'm also sure the font used in printing must be tiny for this to come in at that. Calibre counts this as , words. In comparison, The Name of the Wind comes in at , words. That translates into a 30 hour audiobook which is mostly how I consumed this. The narrator Matthew Wolf is superb, handling an enormous cast of characters with distinctive voices and suitable accents.

The world is an alternate versio Warning: Goodreads has this as a page paperback. The world is an alternate version of ours set during medieval times with Christianity and Feudalism, but also with magic and magical creatures. The Red Knight and his band of mercenaries have been hired by the nuns of Lissen Carak, a fortified Abbey and town in the North West of Alba, a part of the country that has been steadily reclaimed by the Wild. The mercenaries have been hired to deal with a monster rampaging through the region, but it becomes quickly obvious that this is only the first attack in the largest incursion by the Wild in generations.

Soon, Lissen Carak is under threat of siege and the whole North of Alba is under attack by an enormous and varied army of the Wild led by a fearsome sorcerer. The Red Knight and the Abbess stand firm as the forces of Alba rush to reinforce them. What follows is a long build up to the actual siege and a back and forth of advantage and disadvantage between the two forces.

There's much to recommend in this book. There's also much to criticize. Quite frankly, there's just much. I'm a little out-of-practice at reading the tree-killer tomes that epic fantasy is so well known for. What we have here is a story told through well over thirty different point-of-view characters, although it does concentrate mainly on a few favorites. Where the rest of the bulk comes from is the endlessly detailed description of the weaponry, armor and battles associated with the siege. Another issue with the book is around world-building, and the basis of much of it in our world.

There are world-building shortcuts that don't make a huge amount of sense. In a world with magic, and a world where resurrection and healing is possible through magic, how does Christianity work? What sets the deeds of Christ above those of your average sorcerer? In this book Christianity seems to be very similar to how it is in our world. There's anti-witch prejudice as well, but people with Power are very common especially in the Church itself.

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How does that work? The whole presence of magic feels tacked on, or a vague homage to something like Camelot. Or more specifically, the author seems to have created the world he wants to play in and given only vague thought to how that world came about. I also struggle with how women are treated in this book and in much of epic fantasy to be honest.

Women can be soldiers in this world, although we only get one named character who is a female soldier. But every other female character in the book fits pretty neatly into categories of wife, nun or whore, with a far greater variety of characterization among the male characters. And there's at least one of the female characters that's just horribly written with the male gaze just dripping off her and her very cynically aware of it. But all that being said, this is an epic story that mostly achieves the goal of showing all sides of a siege battle in a fantasy world while making it very clear that even this sprawling conflict is only the first part of a much larger war.

I'm hoping some of the issues I've come across here improve markedly in subsequent books. View all 3 comments. Nov 01, John Gwynne rated it it was amazing. What a fantastic read. I can't remember when I've enjoyed a book so much. Loved the blend of historical with fantasy, the realism of medieval life combined with absorbing characters and a driving plot. I didn't want it to end, and can't wait for book 2. Feb 04, Conor rated it really liked it Shelves: must-read-now.

Promising start to a fantasy series I've heard a lot of good stuff about. There were also several interesting subplots and mysteries and some cool secondary characters. The frequently shifting POV has been criticized quite a bit however I rather enjoyed it although I see how people could be frustrated by it, e 3. The frequently shifting POV has been criticized quite a bit however I rather enjoyed it although I see how people could be frustrated by it, especially in a first installment in a series which is generally more focused.

The main POV, the eponymous Red Knight was overall a pretty strong lead character although he had some whiny emo tendencies that annoyed me a bit "This thing that's happening reminds me of my badass secret past. I better not say what that is though as it's too badass and secret to reveal, even in this internal monologue" every other page. Probably my biggest complaints is the focus on the generic, half-arsed magic system and how it had such a central role in the story.

I also would have liked to see more focus on some of the interesting secondary characters and plots, especially the Queen, Jean De Vraille and their plotting and I would have liked to see some other characters like Amicia fleshed out more.

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Overall though this was a good start to an interesting series with some of the best and most realistically combat and strategy I've seen in a fantasy series dragons and magic aside. Full review to come View all 4 comments. May 10, Edward rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , reviews. Evil is a choice. It is a choice. Doing the wicked thing is the easy way out, and it is habit forming. I have read his entire Chivalry series one of my favourite series , which is some of his historical work under the name Christian Cameron.

There are similarities between Chivalry and The Red Knight, being set in a late medieval land filled with awesome sword fights, epic battles, a vast display of medieval knowledge and authentic grit. But… The Red Knight has Wyverns. And Boglins. The world The Red Knight is based is ripe with life, mercenary companies, foreign knights, courtly competition and a convent of nuns. He fancied that he could tell them apart. Though, through all of the action set-pieces, battles, confrontations and duels there are plenty of opportunities to get to know each character and voice.

This book has multiple POVs, some used more than others and it does take a little bit of time to adjust to the style. But from the first meeting with The Captain, I felt hooked. The description of medieval inspired villages and lives is fantastic. Miles Cameron definitely brings his experience of re-enactment with him to make the reader understand the clothing of the period, weapon details, horse-riding and what it really feels to be in a battle.

They all had moments of joy, sadness, anger and blood-lust. They all felt real. I look forward to delving deeper into the Traitor Son Cycle. Read it! View all 8 comments. I'm giving this book a 4. I don't know why this book is not more popular, because it's a brilliantly executed and well-written story with some very wonderful characters and great moments within its pages! This book focuses mostly on the epic large scale battle of the Humans vs The Wild. The world where these people live is mostly dominated by strange and scary creatures wh I'm giving this book a 4.

The world where these people live is mostly dominated by strange and scary creatures who come from The Wild and have magical and mystical powers. There are various outcroppings of Men and inhabited lands which are ruled by a King, but as the years have gone on the Wild has slowly spread and the number of Men has decreased leaving them more and more vulnerable at the boarder between the Wild and the men's territory.

We focus on a lot of different characters over the course of this story but of course as the title suggests the main one would be the Red Knight. The Red Knight is a young Captain at the head of a large band of sell swords. He is in command of various types of people, some of them criminals, and he and his band hire themselves out for various skirmishes and defensive jobs around the Kingdom. When we meet The Red Knight he has come to Lissen Carak where he meets the Abbess another major character who offers him a contract to defend the Abbey after a vicious attack has happened on one of the further holdings.

The Knight and the Abbess discuss the details but of course he takes this on and from then on he's engaged in much bigger battle with the Wild than he could ever have anticipated. The Red Knight is a kind, honourable and very mysterious character. We don't know who he is, where he comes from, or how he's achieved his current status at such a young age, but these are all things which get revealed slowly over the course of the book.

He's a very interesting character as you never truly know exactly what he can do and the full extent of his power over his men and himself. He's also a very fair character as he also employs women within his group and he has no toleration for people acting up whilst under his reputation. I found him to be a character who grew steadily across the book and learned and developed a lot. He's someone who I was a little confused about how to feel at the beginning, but as the story went on I found I connected with him, rooted for him and looked out for his sections.

Next we have the Abbess as I mentioned before. She is also a very mysterious character who we don't know a huge amount about, but who seems to have her own secrets she doesn't wish to share. Again we slowly get glimpses into her secrets and her past over the course of the story, but one element of her personality I really enjoyed was her intelligence and witticisms when she sparred with The Red Knight. They are both intelligent and have both lived to see some of the dangers of the world, so their teasing and banter was hugely entertaining and we learned a lot from the Abbess as everything went on.

Amicia is a novice at the Abbey and she's another really interesting character because she immediately gains the attention of the Red Knight and many others in the Abbey. She's a fairly quiet and calm character at first, but as the story goes on we get to see more of her personality, and she slowly became one of the more intriguing characters for sure. I liked seeing Harmodius too who is the King's mage and when we meet him he's doing some very interesting experiments with the limits and extent of power within this world.

We learn a lot of the magic and the way it all works from watching Harmodius and he becomes an integral part of the story as it goes on. He was a really intelligent and knowledgeable character who really helped many of the others discover their full potential in the book. He also is a great adversary for the enemy in the book and is pretty powerful! The Red Knight's Squire is called Michael and he made an impression on me because of how sweet and loyal he is. He really cares about his master and he wants to do his best in order to make a name for himself and become something after having left his family before.

He's a very caring and loveable character and I certainly connected more with him as the book went on and his story became more interesting. Thorn is a really interesting character who is actually not on the side of the Men. He's a very powerful person and he's the bad guy of this book for sure. He was awesome, inspiring, dominant and terrifying at various points of the book and his goals and aims are truly scary. He's a very powerful adversary, and he commands some very scary and creepy creatures. I would have to say he made an excellent bad-guy and as we learn more about who he is it all becomes very interesting and the plot thickens!

We also get glimpses of others around the Kingdom such as the King and Queen who both feature in the story in their own way. I certainly connected more with the Queen in this book and I felt that her personality was somewhat feisty and exciting, but she was also very caring and careful in how she looked out for her King and her Kingdom which I loved seeing. The King was also an interesting character, but he just didn't feature as much in the story so I didn't connect as much with him. Jean de Vrailley and his cousin Gaston are characters who don't actually come from the Kingdom they come from the East and they are both really intriguing because not only do they bring trouble wherever they go because they don't know the customs of the land, but Jean in particular is easy to anger and gets into lots of fights.

They believe they are being guided by a divine being and that their quest will lead them to glory unparalleled, and I didn't love them as people, but I liked seeing their story unfold. Peter is a young boy who ends up kind of in the midst of everything and not really knowing what's going on in the larger picture.

He finds himself is some tricky situations meeting some new cultures and having to adapt and blend into their customs and ways. I liked seeing him slowly learn more about his situation and what he had to do to fit in, and I think he may be a character to watch as his story seems like there's more to come. We do have various other points of view too and whilst I realise that this is already a lot, it's very easy to keep track of each of them because they're all so individual and unique with their actions and thoughts.

I think that this book is excellent at dealing with characters and giving them believable and connectable roles within the story. Each part was interesting, and no one was a boring one or one I didn't want to read which was brilliant! In terms of this world and the creatures, magic and religion I felt that it was really well done. The story is largely focused on the battle between Man and the Wild, but that doesn't mean it's all guns and fighting, there's many scenes where we learn about the enemy, learn about the world and learn about the characters.

I personally am usually not a fan of books which deal with a lot of large scale fighting, but that wasn't even a slight problem in this book as it was so brilliantly paced and well done with all the elements you could want to see in a great fantasy. There are also some very unique and awesome magic and creatures which I'd not seen or heard of before but could still vividly imagine and that's a great quality of the book. Miles Cameron is actually Christian Cameron when he writes Historical fiction books which is what he's done prior to this series and he's a trained Historian which really comes through in the writing style and brilliant portrayal of this book.

I would certainly be interested in potentially picking up his other series too, but this one was wonderful! On the whole I would highly highly recommend this book and I cannot wait to move on with the story because it's left with some excellent new threads that I want to follow and see where they lead.

Book 2 is already out and I have it already waiting to be read some time very soon. Also I believe book 3 will be out fairly soon so I will certainly be picking that up very soon too once it's released as I believe this is a 5 book series. Oct 05, Bogdan rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , best-fantasy-books.

This is a medieval fantasy world with some influences of K. I like it because the story unfolds very good, with each step we have a small piece of the whole history puzzle of the mysterious past of the Red Knight captain. The battles are very fierce, bloody and numerous, and here I had a little problem. For me this novel was way too long, w This is a medieval fantasy world with some influences of K. Because he had a clear impact on the evolution of the story and our heroes are totally neglecting him. Overall it feels like a new fantasy piece with some fresh ideeas, true, also with some old ones, but in the end, despite some minor flaws it was an entertaining novel with a good pace and action.

After finishing it I had in mind to give it a three stars rating, but now, at the beginning of the second volume, and finding here some other threads in the evolution of the action, new ideeas and characters, but also some of the old acquaintances, i will give it a fully four rating. He was jealous. Jealous of a boy a third of his age, commanding a pretty company of lances. Riding about. All those deeds of arms make wonderful stories, but the doing is cold, wet and terrifying. He sighed. His hands pained him all the time, awake or asleep.

For violence. Where I have reservations is in balance and integration of these quite disparate elements, integration that does not fully work so the book occasionally is less than the sum of its parts, while as mentioned the military aspect becomes somewhat repetitive at the end; also as in most fantasies, the separation of the main hero and his love interest looks really artificial but this is true to some extent in Blood Song and Mage's Blood, only LE Modesitt not shying away from married heroes with children Overall, an excellent debut that I hope will find its audience as it combines a few things that usually stay separate in fiction, while I am convinced the technical aspects will only get better as the series progresses.

View all 11 comments. Historical fantasy brilliantly set in an alternate medieval Europe! The POVs changed frequently, which 1. I considered DNFing, because my schedule was preventing me from reading as much as I wanted, and I felt like I was getting nowhere in the book.

And there will be five books total as it stands, so plenty of time to get to those. The captain: He turned out to be more vulnerable, more caring, and more of a surprise than I expected. I wanted to know what it said! There were lots of great characters, some I didn't care for too much, and others I really loved, but for sake of space and time I've limited it to the few above.

The author definitely highlights his knowledge of medieval warfare and hand to hand combat. Sights, sounds, smells — you are there!

Two authors came to mind while reading: Tolkien and Bernard Cornwell. There were subtle things about it, namely battle scenes and characters that brought them to mind. So anyway, I guess it's fair to say this is a must read!! View all 7 comments. Mar 03, Solseit rated it really liked it Shelves: to-read-on-shelf. Great book. I would even say that the book provides for a straight forward introduction of all the elements and what initially appears to be a good vs evil battle, turns out to be significantly more complicated than that.

I am also impressed by the approach and rendering of spirituality and religion in this book and ag Great book. I am also impressed by the approach and rendering of spirituality and religion in this book and again, not portraying only one side of the story. View 1 comment. This is embarrassing, and I am turning into a picky prick, but I haven't finished this one too. Don't worry, it's not the book - it's me 10 Karma points for honesty, points for not being able to finish a book for a long time.

To tell the truth, I am cursed. The moment I announce the world of Goodreads that I am enjoying the book fingers crossed - I promise to never do it again , it turns into crap. It happened with "The Red Knight" - the beginning hooked me, but everything else is "meh This is embarrassing, and I am turning into a picky prick, but I haven't finished this one too. It happened with "The Red Knight" - the beginning hooked me, but everything else is "meh".

But they felt too generic queen - beautiful, knight - funny and strong, The Bad Guy - really bad and evil and etc. But the stories felt too much apart, without any connection. I know, that is called world and character building, but as action turned into long meaningless dialogues I lost interest. I had 0 interest in was will happen next to the characters. Maybe I am just more into sword and sorcery fantasy than war military epic fantasy? I learn so much about myself with every book I don't finish View all 39 comments.

May 10, Twerking To Beethoven rated it it was amazing Shelves: new-wave-of-canadian-heavy-metal.

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And it's basically the story of a siege. That's all you need to know, I guess. Highly, highly recommended.