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Silent Sentinel. Stoned 4. Smugglers Cove. Tugging On Heart Strings. Pebble Motes. Cove Cave Mouth. Cove Bay Archway. Stone Pattern 2. Beach Jewels. Cove Bay Sculpted. Rainbow Wall. Cummingston Cradle.

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Mellon Pattination. Bygone Relics. Terrible Eribol. Earth Shadow Bowfiddle. Findochty Harbour. Tidepool Can of Beans. Raw Torrisdale. Shaken To The Roots.

Hopeman Ginger. Findhorn Blush. Beach Bars. Rainbow Tide. Strictly For The Birds. Compression Fit. Bone Yard Square. Portknockie Gloaming. Life Will Find A Way. Super Moon. Jaws Of Duncansby. Castle Varrich. Faded Glory. Findhorn Furrows. Wet Sand Dawn. Blood Red Lossie. Caste Sinclair. Cove Bay Gold. Torrisdale Sunset. Clashach Dawn. High Summer Portknockie. Cummingston Embers. Rough Cut Marmalade. Portknockie Rouge. Jurassic Nursery. An Ear to the Ground. Breaking Dawn Lossie. Bowfiddle Sunset. Bowfiddle Gold. Rock and Roll. Portknockie Cliffs. Dawn Portknockie. Torrisdale Dunes.

Boat In The Window. Cummingston Cliffs. Daisy Rocks. Tempest Portknockie. Crimson Dawn Durness. Blood Red Durness. Can of Beans Beach. Air Dried. Eribol Tombolo. Sharks Tooth Halo. Sandstone Sculpture. Cullen Rocks. Sunrise Tarbert Ness.

Findhorn Fantasy. Birdshit Rock. Portknockie Blue.

Toffee Swirl. Inverness Twilight. Kessock Bridge Inferno. Meander To Morven. Love Over Gold. Rock Sea Sky. Sunrise At Birdshit Rock. Findhorn Graphics. Findhorn Sunset. Melted Gold. Old Boat Shed Mono. Old Boat Shed. Duncansby Twilight. Fire Over Roseisle.

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Dawn Apocalypse. One Step Beyond. Rain Imminent. Duncansby Gloaming. Duncansby Dawn. Duncansby Honey. Ripples Lossiemouth. Wild Light Findhorn. Gold Wash. Hopeman Beach Huts. Blue Velvet. Emerald Drapes. Gentle Maelstrom. End Of Days. Careless Whispers. Flat Broke. Pure Silk. Findhorn Sunrise. Raking Light Findhorn. Promised Light. Blue Rinse. Stress Fractures.

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Cry Freedom. Fading Light. Rose Of Durness. Five Miles Out. Portknockie Bloom. Rough Gold. Portknockie Concerto. Dawn Symphony. Sandstone Wash. Just Stones. Splinters of Light. Storm Horizon.

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Post Sunset Depression. Turquoise Cove. Beach Combing. Art Net. Art Net 2. Wind Shadows. Watersmeet Findhorn. Twilight Rockpool. Tidal Race. The Rock. The Kraken Awakes. Orkney Ferry. The Devil You Say. Tarbert Ness Lighthouse. Tangerine In Pink.

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Sunstar Cove Bay. Burghead Blush. Lossiemouth Sandbar. Lossiemouth Ripples. Strata Orkney. Stone Washed. Stone Embers. Soup Dragons Lair. Sandstone Feet. Ribbons Of Gold. Dinosaur Egg. Resplendent Pine Grove. Rainbow Groyne. Rainbow Cove. Portknockie Sublime. Portknockie Dawn.

Portknockie Cauldron. Portknockie Caramel. Pastel Serenity. Misty Morning Burghead. Midas Touch. Storm Gathering. Lossiemouth Blush. Burghead was previously represented at Moray Council by the Burghsea ward from which one councillor was elected under the first past the post electoral system. The population of Burghead in according to the Census was 1, Males in Burghead make up Males in Burghead do not outnumber females nearly as much over the age of 25 as they do under 25, as the number of males per female is significantly lower over age 25 1.

Republic of Ireland: 0. Source : Scotland's Census Results Online. Burghead and the Moray area in general are heavily dependent on RAF Lossiemouth , a Royal Air Force station, and Kinloss Barracks , a barracks for the Royal Engineers , which are located at roughly equal distances on either side of Burghead. The stations have at one time been responsible for providing, directly or indirectly, 21 per cent of all employment in the Moray area.

In the past fishing, particularly herring fishing, was a very large part of the economy of Burghead. Langoustine fishing, mainly for the Continental market, now contributes very little to the overall economy; in , fishing accounted for just 2. Just outside Burghead there is a large radio transmitter owned by National Grid Wireless , the Burghead transmitting station. Three roads converge on Burghead, the B, the B and the B The town is currently home to two football teams: Burghead Thistle [32] and Burghead United.

The club closed at the onset of WW2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It has been suggested that Burning of the Clavie be merged into this article. Discuss Proposed since May Main article: Burghead Fort. See also: Moray council election, Scotland's Census Results Online. Archived from the original on 24 August Retrieved 1 September Archived from the original on 16 September Retrieved Moray: Province and People. Robert Hale.

Crown copyright leaflet. Retrieved 13 March The quotation marks are his, but no specific citation is provided. BBC News. Retrieved 30 April Moray Council. Northern Scot. Archived from the original on 6 October Edinburgh Evening News. Retrieved 31 August Archived from the original PDF on 21 June Retrieved 14 September Archived from the original on 2 December Archived from the original on 6 December Retrieved 2 October Bannfshire Journal. Archived from the original on 14 May Moray District Welfare Football Association.


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