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Alas, like Owen, we, too, are left waiting. Waiting to see how this all plays out. Waiting to see what happens next. I know! But these good-byes are of the non-fatal variety. The first person to go is Eliza Minnick. This is not some type of weird recap wish-fulfillment thing. And it happens at the hands of Bailey! In front of Webber! I mean, doctors should follow protocol and procedure, but sometimes you have to bend the rules.

Like when one of your doctors was last seen with a rapist and now the building is burning down. But not Minnick. So she gets the boot. It is deeply satisfying. We did it, you guys!

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We survived this story line. The second good-bye is much less celebratory. Both Stephanie and Jerrika will be missed. Yes, Steph survives her traumatic ordeal, but not without some close calls. She comes to post-explosion to find little Erin trapped underneath some heavy machinery. Stephanie is on the other side of the room, badly burned with a lot of fire between her and Erin, but what does this queen do? She tosses a wet blanket over herself and jumps through that fire.

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Erin wants her mom, so does Steph. So do we all.

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  5. Stephanie stays the course. Now, they need to find a way out of the fiery hellscape that the hospital hallway has become. Once again, Steph wraps herself and Erin up in a wet blanket and jumps through fire. She is a superhero and we are not worthy. The two ladies end up trapped in a stairwell.

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    The answer is no. Stephanie sees her key card a few flights down, runs through the fire and smoke to reach it, and she and Erin are able to get onto the roof and breathe in some sweet, sweet air. Only, with all the commotion, no one can hear Steph yelling from above … and Erin goes unconscious from blood loss. Things are dire. Erin needs surgery and Stephanie refuses medical attention until she knows this little girl, the girl she jumped through fire for, is going to survive.

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