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Costa Cruises leads us to discover those roots in the Mediterranean that encompass the cradle of Europe Greece, between history and legend, overlooks a beautiful sea within the grandeur of its monuments.

Italy, with its thousand nuances from the North to South. And then France, with its splendor and its delicate landscapes and the proud and sanguine Spain, and its marvelous islands: the Balearic and Canary Islands.

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Ports featured. The cliffs of Santorini island shine with the bright white reflection from the houses that dominate the Mediterranean from the top of their summit. WG 2: Reducing the environmental-cultural-social impacts of tourism in the Mediterranean region. WG 3: Tourism as a strategic driver for a sustainable and responsible economic growth and prosperity in the Mediterranean region.

WG 4: Governance mechanisms to engage and to include a wide variety of stakeholders in a more sustainable and responsible tourism.

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Since November the BleuTourMed project works transversally to coordinate the activities of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community, which gathers 17 territorial cooperation projects, partners organisations in 13 European Mediterranean countries. The Convention will gather 70 speakers and more than participants from public authorities, private sectors, academic institutions and international organisations, coming from the Mediterranean region. A great contribution to the debates will be given by international organisations developing and promoting standards and certifications on sustainable tourism such as the GSTC — Global Sustainable Tourism Council and the RTI — Responsible Tourism Institute.

Marine Protected Areas: A Winning Card For Sustainable Tourism

In an exhibition area within the Mediterranean Sustainable Tourism Convention , participants will have the opportunity to discover the projects of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community. Particularly the visitors will have the chance to know more on the solutions and innovative strategies that these projects have been developing, designing and implementing as pilot actions in the northern Mediterranean shores within the framework of the Interreg MED Programme.