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About Publish Join Sign In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. Available for the first time as an eBook--from USA Today bestselling author, Linda Needham, a "passionate, heart-wrenching tale of honor and justice, loyalty and betrayal, and love and forgiveness" Romantic Times. But her generous heart draws him as surely as it does a family of endearing misfits and soon he finds himself yearning for her forgiveness, yet barred by his own harsh code of justice from accepting the love she offers so freely.

But the small, lion-hearted woman soon teaches the stunningly resistant man that mercy is as important as justice-and love and forgiveness can heal all.

Create Widget. About Linda Needham. Learn more about Linda Needham. Also by This Author. He has a dislike for his father, where Kailey loved him. He raised her and loved her, but there are secrets that Simon is keeping from Kailey.

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Kailey lost her parents at a young age when her father was accused of being a traitor and hung, and her mother followed soon afterward. She created her own sense of family, and would do anything for them.

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Now she has a new life with Simon, a life that is unfamiliar to her. But Kailey is curious more about her past, and what Simon has to do with it. Soon her investigation will cause past hidden secrets to become revealed, but will their love for each other to stand against the truth?

Do Angels Know Your Secret Thoughts?

I decided to listen to this one. Especially when the narrator was Anne Flosnik. This narrator is one of my favorites when listening to historical romances because she does the accents so well and I am always impressed when listening to her. Many aspects and the tone of the story seemed familiar to Julie Garwood.

So if you are a fan of Garwood, than Linda Needham is an author you need to try. I have been waiting to read this book for quite some time and I am so glad that I was able to finally get to it.

Her Secret Guardian by Linda Needham,

This is such a fun setting to read or even listen to books that are set in this particular time period. We see the culture of the time, the way people back in this time period viewed laws and law breakers. Simon was quite interesting because he upholds the law to a high standard, has a firm spiritual belief that tie to it, but he also has an another reason. Simon was a character that was very mysterious through most of the story.

Her Secret Guardian by Linda Needham

We see how much he cares for Kailey, and from the beginning he is drawn to her. Simon has watched over Kailey most of her life, he is protective but also confident in her abilities.

Clois: Her Guardian Angel

When we learn the truth behind both of their past and how much they are tied together, it just about breaks your heart. Kailey was quite spunky at times, impulsive and stubborn, but I liked her despite how naive she was at certain times in the story. She does have this certain innocence about her, but in many ways I found it endearing instead of annoying. That was an interesting plot twist in the story and the lengths so goes to, to make sure her friend is proved innocent.

The actual romance that develops between Simon and Kailey is slow going. Its not an insta love connection, it takes a bit of time for them to develop affection and trust.