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Don't give your dog all the toys at once. Introduce toys this week, and then rotate the different toys each week throughout this process so your dog always has something new and interesting to play with. Learning commands is essential for dog training. Your dog needs to know how to respond to its owner in order to stay safe.

Start with the more basic commands and once those are mastered, move on to others. Begin teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash. This will teach your dog to safely walk, which is important for both the dog and the walker. Plan on at least one short walk each day during this week to practice this skill. This is a skill that you should continue working on throughout its training.

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If your dog knows many basic commands, you can work on teaching it tricks and more advanced commands in the week after working on walks. This might include fun tricks such as "roll over" or "play dead," or if your dog has a pretty firm grasp on walking on a loose leash, the "heel" command to instill a little more control on walks. Tricks are not essential but can be fun for your dog and allow them to receive praise for good behavior.

After focusing on a technique per week, your dog should be responding well to a number of commands. This does not mean you're done with training.

Rather training must be practiced and reinforced over your dog's lifetime, which "proofs" the behavior. The training will ensure that your dog is a happy and well-adjusted member of your family. Be sure to take 10 minutes at least three times each week to review the commands and behaviors you've already worked on.

Family Friendly Dog Training (book)

Reviewing commands you've taught is always a good way to enforce the behavior. If you are having trouble with the training or a certain step, it can be helpful to sign up for a training class usually with other dogs or speak to a canine behavioral specialist. They can set up one on one sessions with you and your dog and perhaps group sessions , to get to the root of the training issues and come up with long-lasting techniques.

Plan on spending about 5 minutes a few times each day this week working on the "sit" command.

Family Friendly Dog Training : A Six-Week Program for You and Your Dog

Down and Emergency recall : Next, spend a few minutes several times each day this week working on the down command and teaching your dog the emergency recall. Come and Leave it : Once your dog has mastered "sit" and "down," you can move on to these more complicated commands. Stop jumping : You can set aside time each day to practice this behavior, or you can wait until it comes up in your regular day-to-day activities like when your dog jumps up to greet people coming in the door to work on it. Wait : You can practice this in regular training sessions, or you can wait for opportunities to crop up each day.

Dog Training 101: How to Train ANY DOG the Basics

Make sure your dog waits before going outdoors or coming out of its crate. Go to your place : Begin working on teaching your dog to go to a specific place and lie down in your home.

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Some great times to practice having your dog lay calmly in place: during mealtimes or when you're sitting watching television or reading a book. Drop it : In several short training sessions each day, teach your dog the "drop it" command. As importantly, the book emphasizes how to make training fun for those at both ends of the leash, and how to ensure reliable responses while still being your dog's best friend. Includes trouble-shooting tips for what to do when your dog hasn't read the training books and doesn't respond as expected.


Equally useful for training classes or for people who are "home schooling. Rating details. Our customer reviews If you want to have the life you see on tele that others have with their canine friends, then buy all her books they are insightful, hilarious and easy to follow.

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